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Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 04

by partwolf 04/10/15

It was the smell of her blood that gave him pause.

That smell brought the beast forward with a violent change. Seconds later, a large brown wolf stood over Renee's limp body, whining and licking at her face. When she didn't respond, he sat back and let out a mournful howl before laying down beside her. He pushed he head to the side with his nose and started licking the cut on the back of her head. His mate was hurt, and the beast had not been fast enough to stop it.

Derek and Amanda had come running as soon as they felt Renee's distress. Without hesitation, Derek lowered himself into the pit and walked over to the pair. Gary's wolf recognized his Alpha and exposed his neck in submission as he whined. "I need to get Doc in here to look at her, he will not hurt her." Gary nodded and continued to lick at her head and face as he waited. Her neck was obviously bruised and she was starting to have trouble breathing. Her distress made Gary even more distraught; Derek knew that he had to get him out of the way. Using the bond, he looked in Gary's amber eyes and said, "I need you to shift back to your human form and come over here with me."

"I can't, he hurt her, I have to protect her from him."

"You can't protect her from yourself. You need both your human and wolf sides to come to terms with what is going on here. Where is your human side now?"

"I forced him back and locked him away deep in our mind. He can't hurt her now."

"Is that what you did after your first shift?"

"Yes, the human was scared and wouldn't share. I isolated him until you told me I needed to let him out. I can't take that chance again."

"Gary, do you trust me?"

"I don't know."

"Do you trust that as Alpha I have the best interests of my pack in mind at all times?"


"Let Doc take care of your mate and let me help you. Shift back to human form. You are going to have to learn to share, and you have to let your human side see what is going on with the wolf side."

Doc had reached Renee and was placing her neck in a brace. The swelling on her neck was causing her to wheeze, and so Ann unwrapped an intubation tube and handed it to Doc. Once they had it in place, it held her airway open and her color soon returned. They started to strap her into a stretcher. "Alpha, I have to take her back for monitoring. I can't assess her head injury in this place, and if she needs help with breathing I'd rather be back in my clinic with the rest of my supplies." Gary sat back and howled his grief again as his injured mate was raised out of the pit and taken away.

"Your human side can't hurt her now. Shift and let me talk to him."

A few moments passed before Gary lay in human form again. He looked around frantically, recognizing Derek and not seeing Renee. He wondered why he was still alive after all he had done. "What is going on? Who are you?"

"My name is Derek, I'm the Alpha of the Medicine Bow Pack. You are here because you are now a werewolf like us."

Gary pondered this for a moment. "I remember being bitten, I remember that woman hitting me with the alcohol. After that I don't remember much. Where is she? I hurt her, didn't I?"

"Yes, Renee is with the doctor right now. She will recover, but it may take a few days. You nearly killed her."

"I tried to... but then I couldn't. It's like I knew I was making a mistake but didn't know why. Then everything went black again."

"My sister is strong, she will pull through this trial." Gary went ashen at this, after everything he had done he had followed it up by attacking the Alphas sister. Maybe they were just resting him up for the next round of torture? He could see he was in a pit, and there were some people looking down at them. Derek reached out his hand and placed it on his shoulder. "Do not worry, you are family now." Gary was even more shocked, how could he be family after what he had done? "How much do you know about werewolves?"

"Not that much. This war started my senior year at the Air Force Academy. We watched the coverage, the base was on lockdown. The next day they had officers come down the ranks and shine lights into our eyes. There were a few pulled out of our ranks, we never saw them again. One was a friend of mine, I never suspected a thing. We were told they were werewolves who had infiltrated our ranks. It didn't take long after that before the shoot on sight orders came out. We knew was that they could pass as humans, were incredibly dangerous, and if one got to you and you survived, you would become a monster yourself. I saw the tapes in the hospitals, and I understood what was at stake."

"Then you know that you have that kind of power inside you, but you also know that we can be friends. I have seen and talked to your wolf, we were able to keep him sedated until the worst of it was past. My question is how much YOU know about your wolf."

"Nothing. I have gaps in my memory, and then it's just fleeting images. Like when I saw the blood on her head, I saw an image of her naked and hugging me, and I couldn't understand it. I know somehow she is important to me, but why?"

"You need to understand that for a werewolf, there are two forms in our mind. Our human which you are used to, and our wolf form. The wolf is driven by instinct, not conscious thought. It is fiercely protective and strong. It's driven to mate, to reproduce and to function within the Pack. Wolves mate for life, and the wolf is the one that recognizes their mate by smell. The wolf knows that there is one out there who completes them, who they are meant to spend their life with, and is the only one they can have children with. The scent of their mate comes to them in a dream when they are sexually mature, and it is the hope of every one of us to find that mate and make them ours. My sister, Renee, is your mate. She got close enough to get your scent and claimed you while you were still chained up."

Gary laid back and closed his eyes. He remembered how aroused he was by her that day, how beautiful she was, and then he started crying as he realized how badly he had hurt her. He didn't understand before why she didn't even try to fight him when he was choking her, only now he realized that she couldn't hurt him.

"Your wolf has already accepted her as your mate, even though the actual mating hasn't occurred yet. You survived because of her. Your mate was with you the whole time, never leaving your side. Her smell and touch kept the anger away until your body could heal and your wolf could accept the change. You owe your life to her." Gary knew this to be true. "I want you to relax and close your eyes. Weres are able to communicate mind to mind with their Alpha and their mate. I want to show you some things you missed." Using his bond, he then projected to him the events after he had passed out; how Renee had protected him, cared for him, and healed him. The tears ran freely as he watched; when he first saw her he thought she was perfect, but she was more than that, she was magnificent. His heart ached with the stirrings of love as he saw her holding him.

"Now I want you to look inside your mind for your wolf. He is there with you, he will always be with you, but you have to find a balance between your human and your beast nature. Think of it as a sliding scale, on one end fully human and the other fully beast. One or the other is primary, but you have to share. What both of you have been doing has been to lock the other up and keep it from interacting. This will only lead to madness and destruction."

"But can I let him win?"

"It's not about winning, you can't win against yourself. It's about sharing your mind, each side respecting what the other can provide. You only go to the extremes when you have to, say in battle you give yourself fully to the wolf side, when doing intellectual activities you go to the human side. Your body then follows your mind, when the wolf comes forward your body does the same. Just understand that it is fluid; it's not an on/off switch, it's more like a left/right balance on your stereo. Moving back and forth is easy once you establish trust between the two parts, and your mind can control when that happens."

Gary considered this; he was afraid of his wolf and what his wolf might do. Then again, his wolf had seen what his human side had done. Laying back on the mat, he searched his mind for the place he had locked his wolf. He found him in a cage in a dark room, pacing and snarling. He saw his human form approach and unlock the cage, holding out his hand for the wolf to sniff. Tentatively his wolf came forward, hackles still up, but he could sense the sadness in his eyes as he sat down before him. He hugged his wolf and in his mind tore down the cage that kept him trapped. "We will have to share. I'm sorry about what I did, I hope you can trust me." His wolf rubbed his muzzle against his cheek and showed him their mate's joy when he came out of his drug-induced sleep. "Yes, my wolf, we will have to share our mate too!"

Gary changed over to his wolf form, but this time it was different. He immediately noticed how sharp and bright his vision was, and the smells of the place exploded in his nose. He realized that he was now seeing the world through his wolf, who chuffed and moved around happily. The voice in his head came back. "If you are ready to leave, I'd like to take you to her." He immediately changed back, but this time he could feel the wolf side in his consciousness. Sharing was different, but interesting. He could feel the urging of his wolf to go to her. "Alpha, if you would permit, my wolf and I would like to see our mate." Derek smiled broadly and called for ropes to be lowered. Gary left the pit for the first time in four days and walked back out the cave towards the sleeping areas in the front.

His heart broke when he saw Renee in the bed, tube sticking out of her mouth and Ann watching by his bedside. Ann smiled as they came in. "Alpha, she is stable and breathing well, but she has not regained consciousness yet." Gary fell to his knees beside her, sobbing as he moved the hair off her face and caressed her cheek. The guilt crashed upon him; how would she ever forgive him for what he did? Could he forgive her for torturing him? He traced the scars on his arms and chest as he looked down on her. Forgive? He already had. He had known she was special from the first time he saw her. She was his MATE and he vowed at that instant to protect and love her for the rest of his days as his wolf agreed. He held her hand and whispered into her ear, "My love, come back to me. My wolf and I want to be with you forever."

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