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C.A.T.: Initiation Ch. 01

by CudgelFace 08/09/16

Hey guys, this is my first time writing anything erotic. Gimme some feedback and tell me how I did!


Chapter One

"You are being very brave."

I sat staring down at my lap, gripping the armrests of my chair to keep my hands from shaking, but I looked up when I heard the soft, comforting voice come from beside me. An olive skinned young women stood beside me, her black hair tied behind her head in a neat bun and her slim body covered with a spotless white lab coat.

"I don't feel too brave right now," I replied. I may have been able to keep my hands from shaking, barely, but nothing could keep the fearful tremors out of my voice.

Her lips rose a little in a smile. "The fact that you're here all the same means more than you think. Michael, is it?"

I nodded as another doctor rolled a cart into the room. I leaned forward to see around her, and I spotted a massive syringe sitting on it. No, not one syringe, I realized. Several of them. My palms started to sweat again, and my heart began to race. I tried to count them, but only made it to five before the female doctor stepped in front of me, blocking my view.

"Take a deep breath," she advised me, and put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I fought against the urge to look back at the cart again, and settled instead for looking at the woman in front of me. To be fair, though, that wasn't much of a sacrifice. The doctor was very pretty. Beautiful, even. She couldn't be more than a couple years older than my own twenty five, either. The lab coat she wore was professional and modest, but even that couldn't hide her perfect figure, or the way her ample breasts pushed out the front. She was in terrific shape, like an Olympic athlete, or...

I looked up at her face, and got my answer when I saw her bright green eyes, slitted from top to bottom like a cat's.

"You're one of them," I breathed, my fear momentarily forgotten.

She looked down at me and gave me an amused smirk. "Did you think someone else would be doing this?"

I looked away, blushing. "I don't know," I admitted. "It makes sense when you say it like that, but..."

"You've had other things on your mind," she chuckled.

"It's not just that," I clarified, looking back at her. "You're all so enigmatic. Like, I didn't think I'd see any of you until after the..." I glanced back at the table, and gulped. "The procedure."

"Well, don't worry," she said giving my shoulder one more squeeze while her assistants fiddled with things on the cart. "You're in far better hands with me doing it than any human."

"I'm not worried, not really." I gave a weak chuckle that sounded every bit as insincere at it was. "I just don't like needles."

The doctor smiled at me again, and turned to say something to one of her assistants. In an effort to keep myself from thinking about the table covered in sharp, pointy things, I began to rack my brain for everything my brother had ever told me. Dark skin... black hair... There weren't many of them to get confused in the first place, which meant that this one was...

"Nina Stukson?" I asked out loud.

The doctor turned back to look at me, one of her eyebrows raised. "Do we know each other?"

I shook my head. "No, we've never met. My brother..."

A wave of emotion washed over me before I could finish, and I looked back down at my lap again.

"Oh, I see," Nina murmured under her breath. "So you're the one."

"Yeah," I managed to croak out. "I'm Travis Arghen's little brother."

The other doctors fell silent when they heard that, and I immediately regretted bringing it up.

"I'm sorry," Nina whispered a minute later.

I waved my hand. "Don't worry about it. I'm fine."

I heard her coat rustle, and when I looked up she had knelt down to be at eye level with me.

"Is that why you're here?" she asked in a soft voice. The other doctor's stood with their hands behind their backs, waiting patiently. "Is that why you volunteered to join C.A.T.?"

My eyes started to tear up. Why did I have to bring it up? Why here, why now? I managed to give her a weak nod. "Y- yeah. I'm not here for revenge, though. I just..."

Nina drew a little bit closer to me, so close I could smell her perfume. "You're just proud of him, and want to be like him, right?"

That was all I could take. I squeezed my eyes shut, letting tears roll down my cheeks as I tried to keep the hiccups of grief from getting out of my mouth. I nodded again. I couldn't see it, but I felt Nina's hand brush my face, wiping the tears away.

"I understand," she whispered into my ear. "That's the same reason I joined."

I opened my eyes and looked at her again. She gave me an encouraging smile. "You loved your brother, didn't you?" I nodded. "And you miss him. Never be ashamed to cry about something like that, no matter where you are."

And then, just like that, she stood up again and was back to business as usual. Regarding the table again, she inspected the assortment of syringes and gave a satisfied nod.

"Very good," she said. "I'll handle it from here. Go prepare for the next recruit."

"Yes, ma'am," they said in near perfect unison, and filed out of the room.

Nina closed the door, and drew a curtain across the room, blocking the view of anyone who might wander in. "Disrobe, please," she said without even looking at me.

I blinked in surprise, and a second later my face was burning bright red. "I- I'm sorry, what?"

"Going through the procedure clothed is dangerous," she answered, picking up one of the needles. This one was filled with a clear liquid. She gave it a short pump, sending a little bit of it spraying into the air. "There are some shelves over there. Fold your clothes and leave them there. They probably won't fit after the procedure anyway."

I couldn't move. A beautiful woman was asking, no, commanding that I take off all my clothes right in front of her. I knew it wasn't anything sexual. She was here to induct me into C.A.T., after all. Still...

Nina turned around to see me still sitting in the chair, fully clothed. "Come on," she said with just a hint of impatience in her voice. "We're professionals here, aren't we?"

I swallowed. Yeah. Yeah, professionals. Tentatively, I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head. I tried not to look at Nina as I folded it and placed it on the shelf. My pants came next, leaving me in my boxer shorts. I wasn't in bad shape, far from it. Seven months of intense physical training had finally made me eligible to apply for the C.A.T. Academy. I wasn't at Nina's level, but... well, I don't think any human alive could say they were.

That didn't make stripping in front of a gorgeous woman I barely knew any easier, though.

I heard Nina's foot tapping impatiently on the floor behind me, and I hastened to take my boxers off, throwing them on top of my more neatly folded clothes and turned around. Trying not to think how naked, naked, NAKED I was, I made my way back towards her. She motioned for me to sit back down, and I did. I gasped a little when the cold faux leather touched my skin, and Nina walked back to the cart.

"Thank you," she said absently as she picked up the syringe she tested earlier.

I felt my stomach clench up with dread when I saw the needle on that thing. Five inches long, and more than thick enough to hurt like hell. I started to sweat again.

"F- for what?" I asked, desperately trying to take my mind off the weapon of mass destruction she had in her hand.

"For being civil," she answered. "A lot of the men who join up try to hit on me when I ask them to take off their clothes."

I managed to give her a weak smile. "Well, we're professionals here, right?"

She smiled at me. "Yes, indeed we are."

She went to stand behind the chair, and a moment later she laid a thick strap of leather across my chest. With one hand, she buckled it in and tightened it, securely fastening my top half to the chair. A few more straps followed, and when she was done I was completely immobile. There was a whir, and the chair tilted backwards like I was at the dentist, though why a dentist would want to tie me to a chair, I had no idea.

"Tying me down is starting to make me reconsider what I said about seducing you," I said. I tried to laugh, but my insides were twisting themselves into knots too tight for genuine laughter.

"Quiet, before you ruin the good first impression you made."

Nina came to stand by my side.

"Are you familiar with how the procedure works?" she asked. I shook my head. "Then let me explain. There are thirteen injections you have to receive in order to undergo the procedure. Each one will bring the process closer to completion. They have to be administered in exactly the right order, one at a time but still back to back. If done out of order, or if the procedure is interrupted, the results will be lethal."

I took a deep breath. Not could be lethal, would be lethal. She put her hand on my chest.

"You don't have to be afraid. This is what I'm trained to do."

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to calm my frantically racing heart. When I opened them again, I looked directly into Nina's. So bright, so clear. In just a few minutes, mine would be slitted just like hers, wouldn't they?

"Now," she went on, "how the procedure actually works is another thing entirely. The injections you will be receiving will alternate. I'll give you a shot that will make your body more receptive to the procedure, followed by the injection that will actually change you."

She stepped aside for a second to let me look at the cart, and the rainbow assortment of chemicals on it. I wish he hadn't done that...

"Each of those injections have, amongst other chemicals, traces of every type of feline DNA in the world. When combined with the receptive injections, your body will absorb that DNA and merge it with your own."

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