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Captive Audience Ch. 2

by Anyport 11/05/00

Well, Jerry's visit came and went. Mistress Dianne came very close to persuading him he would enjoy screwing me, but he managed to avoid committing himself each time she broached the subject. Eventually she sent him on his way, after he'd satisfied her sexually of course. Once again she finished him off in front of me and as before she caught his cum in a cup, then she forced me to swallow it later. But she didn't succeed in the two things she'd planned, the loss of my virginity and the subjugation of Jerry.

Mistress Dianne was furious, so much so that, after permitting me to expel the enema she'd given me, she returned me to the alcove and I was forced to spend the night secured helplessly to the wall. Needless to say I managed very little sleep that night, even so Mistress Dianne still insisted I work in the shop the next day. Oddly enough, I'd come to quite enjoy the time I spent there. I was permitted to wear jeans and a sweater, though naturally I had a corset, stockings and panties underneath, and I received the occasional odd look when someone noticed the length of my fingernails, but apart from that I looked quite normal.

Anyway, I was busy helping an old lady decide between a grey and a green cardigan for the winter, when I noticed Dianne chatting with a man. From where I stood I couldn't see very much of him, but she seemed to be enjoying his company and I felt just a tinge of jealousy. As I took my little old lady over to the counter, having helped her decide by offering both garments for the one price - well it was a charity shop after all - I managed to get a full look at Dianne's companion. He was a slightly effeminate looking man in his mid thirties. Quite good looking, medium height and slim. I heard Dianne laugh and say, "Okay Tim, I'll see you then, and don't you be late will you?" Tim smiled almost nervously and replied, "No of course not." Then he turned and walked out of the shop. I was dying to ask Dianne what they'd been talking about, but I knew I'd be wasting my time, if she wanted me to know, she'd tell me, otherwise I'd be left in the dark.

By the time we closed the shop, I'd completely forgotten about Tim. Once I'd cleaned the flat Mistress Dianne made me practice applying my makeup for an hour or so, until it was time for me to prepare dinner. It had become our routine to eat early and then head for the bedroom where I became Mistress Dianne's plaything. She'd dress me up in all manner of outfit's and then tie me helplessly for a few hours, before releasing me so I could satisfy her orally. I have never been granted the privilege of penetrating her, and she assures me this will be the case for the foreseeable future, although she has hinted that I may be given a surprise on my birthday, which is only another three months away. (I can't wait)

I imagine this is hard to believe, but in the time I've been with her I've only been permitted to ejaculate twice and one of those was on the first night. She keeps me in an almost permanent state of arousal, though I can't be certain whether it's intentional or not. For instance, this afternoon I was standing at the counter waiting for a customer to count out a few coins, when she came over and stood beside me. Seemingly she wanted to check on where I'd put some of the new stock that had arrived earlier, but as she spoke to me she stroked my arm gently. To most people this would be an innocent enough action, but to me, in my usual semi erect condition, it was all I needed to achieve full erection.

On other occasions she would 'accidentally' brush the back of her hand across the front of my jeans, or lean a little too close to me and breathe hot breaths on my neck. There were many other instances, all of which would appear trivial when taken in isolation, but if you consider them as a whole, it would be fairly obvious she was teasing me.

But I digress, after I'd washed the dishes on that particular evening, Mistress Dianne allowed me to take an hours nap before insisting that I shower and shave (all over). After which she applied copious amounts of makeup to my face and strapped me into the leather corset she'd used on me on that very first night. Although I was much more used to the restriction of a corset, it was nigh on impossible to get used to this one, particularly since Mistress Dianne decided to pull me in a full eight inches this time.

I was once again secured in the alcove behind the mirror, there were a few differences between my first time and this time. I was now wearing black stockings and four-inch high stiletto heels to add to my discomfort and my face was heavily made up. In addition a shoulder length blonde wig was pulled onto my head and of course, the corset was much tighter than on that first occasion, oh yes, and to my delight there was no enema or gag.

Kissing me on the cheek, Mistress Dianne smiled and reaching up triggered the catch that slid the mirror back into place. I admired her figure as she walked away from the mirror to the dressing table, unfortunately I couldn't move my head enough to see which garments she took from the drawers. Taking a dark blue, velvet dressing gown from the wardrobe, she walked past the mirror on her way out of the room, smiling and blowing me a kiss as she passed.

It was some time later when she returned to the bedroom. She was now wearing the dressing gown, which reached all the was to the floor and was fastened almost all the way up to her throat, thus covering any hint of what hid beneath the gown. "Come in here." She said to someone out side the room. I felt those tiny electric shocks you sometimes get when you're nervous. I had no idea who would enter and was actually quite relieved when it turned out to be the young effeminate man from earlier on. Without any formality Mistress Dianne turned to face him and ordered, "Take your clothes off Tim." To my surprise Tim obeyed immediately, I know that had she spoken to me that way on our first night, I would have at least made some smart remark, like 'You first'. But Tim simply began unbuttoning his shirt.

I was watching him intently and as he slid his shirt off his shoulders, his mouth fell open and he froze in mid action. I followed his gaze and my reaction was exactly the same. Mistress Dianne had slipped the dressing gown off to reveal a superb black, satin and lace corset, which supported black seamed stockings, the seams running ramrod straight up her legs. Five-inch black patent leather shoes and black silk panties completed her sensational look.

Dropping the gown onto the bed she turned and looked over her shoulder, "Why have you stopped?" She asked the still frozen Tim. He reacted instantly, quickly removing his shirt and trousers, shoes and socks and finally his underpants. Mistress Dianne, who was now sitting on the bed, looked him up and down and then smiled. Tearing my eyes away from her I stared at the source of her ridicule, poor Tim, I thought. His cock stood straight out in front of him and was obviously fully erect yet I doubted it measured more than three inches in length and an inch across. It made my six inches look positively huge.

He blushed when he saw what she was smiling at but Mistress Dianne appeared not to notice as she asked, "Do you like my shoes Timmy?" "Yes." He whispered. "Come over here." She indicated the floor at her feet and he rushed to obey her. "It seems I've got a little dirt on my shoe, but don't worry, I've decided to allow you to clean them for me." His next move caught me completely by surprise; he fell to his knees and began licking her shoe from toe to heel. Mistress Dianne took the opportunity to look across at me and smiled blowing me a kiss.

After Timmy had successfully cleaned every inch of her shoes, including the soles, Mistress Dianne stood up and walked over to the mirror where she stood directly in front of me. "Come over here Timmy." She ordered. Timmy scrambled over staying on his knees. She turned sideways and stroked her behind, "Do you think I have a nice arse Timmy?" "Yes of course I do... it's perfect." He added. "You may kiss it." She said simply. Timmy scrambled the few extra feet and slowly moved his face closer to her behind. I felt a pang of jealousy as he neared it; this was something I'd never been asked to do, why should he be allowed? I thought.

Timmy hesitated, "May I pull your panties to one side please?" He whined. "ABSOLUTELY NOT." Mistress Dianne snapped, to my delight. "Only one person is permitted to touch my bare flesh there with his tongue, and it's not you. Now get on with it before I change my mind." She smiled at me again and blew me another kiss. Strangely, my heart leapt at the realisation that I was the person she spoke about. Imagine being thrilled to know you're the only person allowed too lick a woman's backside.

I returned my attention to Timmy and his efforts at licking her behind without actually being permitted to pass the material. The panties were soaked where he lapped furiously in an effort to attain his goal. I was so intent on Timmy, I failed to notice Mistress Dianne reach up and flick the switch that opened the sliding mirror. Timmy once again froze on the spot and stared, this time at me. It took me a few seconds to realise he could actually see me, and when I did I could feel myself blushing from head to foot.

Mistress Dianne was grinning at me as she asked, "Do you like that Timmy?" She bumped his face with her behind. "I asked you a question, do you like that?" "Ermm, yes, ermm, I do yes." He replied. "I'll bet you wish it was you strapped into that corset don't you?" "Yes." He whispered longingly. "What would you give to take Nancy's place?" "Anything, just name it, I'll do whatever you want." He responded anxiously. "Well there is something you might try. You see Nancy hasn't been allowed to climax for quite a few days now, and as you can see he's extremely aroused. I'm sure he'd enjoy it if you were to help him relieve his tension with your mouth."

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