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Cynthia's Story Ch. 03

by LarryArcher 02/22/13

They feel that sex is fun by itself and doesn't have anything to do with personal feelings. Also she reiterated that they don't make love, they fuck, plain and simple."

Kim said, "That makes my pussy tingle to think of being a sex object and just fucking someone for the sake of fucking period. Are you into girls also?"

"I've kind of fantasized about being with a girl but never have except with Foxy tonight and some with Chrissy. Every time I touch a girl, I get so turned on and really think I'm going to like girls a lot."

"Who is Chrissy?" Kim asked.

"She's a red headed Amazon, like Foxy except with huge tits and also over 6 foot in heels. Foxy told me that she used to be a bunny and Foxy was always amazed that she could stuff her melons into that bunny costume. We met at the Hideaway Lounge and she is supposed to come over later," I told her.

Kim asked, "So does Larry like girls with big tits?"

I answered, "Foxy told me, he prefers girls with medium size tits like hers. She became their girlfriend a couple of years ago but only because they like her and not that she has big jugs."

Kim said, "I couldn't believe how sexy Foxy's tits were. They are perfectly shaped and stick straight out. They must feel great to play with. It was kind of hard to tell on the side of the road but doesn't she have pierced nipples?"

I told her, "My first job, when we met, was to hold her up while she came in my husband's mouth. You'll quickly figure out that she takes having a climax seriously! So the natural way to hold her was by cupping her jugs. As I played with those tits and her nipples all I could think about was fucking her. It was so neat to put my fingers in her nipple rings and pull her nipples out. That finishes her off in a second."

Kim asked, "Does she always wear a chain in between her nipple rings? That looks so erotic but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to wear that out in public."

"Larry calls her a prick-teaser and shit disturber because she loves showing off her body. When we were walking out of the mall, she kept reaching inside my top to play with my nipples, while everybody watched. It's a good thing that she is only interested in fucking your husband because you would have some stiff competition, there." I told her laughingly.

Kim said, "But she's not really a prick teaser is she? After all she's sucked off your husband and came in his mouth."

I laughed and said, "For Foxy, being a prick teaser means getting everyone hot and bothered but she is pretty selective in fucking people. Larry said that she doesn't normally get in a pile but typically will get together with one guy or girl and sometimes no one."

Kim asked, "Does getting in a pile mean what I think it does? Is that like a gang bang?"

"No, as I understand it a pile is when a group of guys and girls get together and everyone gets passed around. A gang bang is a bunch of guys fucking one girl. For them, Larry tells me that they only get in a pile if they know everyone and the situation is right. Foxy never does a gang bang or pull a train, two is her limit," I told her.

"I probably should tell you two, the basic rules of the game before we get started. It is fine for girls to kiss each other but not between guys and girls. Certainly you can kiss a guy but just don't spend an hour playing tonsil hockey with him. Kissing is considered personal and something you do with your partner, not someone else. Always try and keep your partner in mind when getting laid. If one of you is not getting any, it can lead to bad feelings, so be considerate. Foxy said that once you are in the lifestyle for awhile, it's not that big of a deal. The one thing they have proved to me is that they want to be sure both people are having a great time."

Kim told me, "I can't believe that you guys picked us up on the side of the road. When you pulled Larry's fingers out of your pussy and sucked them, I almost came myself. When I walked over to the car I was hoping you would offer me a taste."

I said, "I'm sorry I didn't but the night is young. We probably need to get on in the house and see what is going on. Keep thinking about tasting my pussy and who knows, your dreams might come true!"

We walked into a large family room with a two story ceiling and a big fire place with a conversation pit around it. The conversation pit would probably hold fifteen or twenty people and looked so seductive. The interior of the house was all open; there was a stairway in the middle that sort of divided up the house.

Other than that there were virtually no walls. The back of the family room was a glass wall which looked out onto a pool and hot tub. I could see the woods behind the house and thought this must be completely private and secluded.

All the furniture was very modern even down to the television, which looked like something out of a Si Fi movie. Around the walls were pinball machines and even a soda machine except filled with different kinds of imported beer. I could just imagine the parties they must have here.

Larry said, "Cynthia help me get some drinks and the rest of you get comfortable." Larry and I walked into the kitchen and Larry said "I don't normally drink but it might be a good idea to make some frozen margaritas to help relax everyone. We don't normally have this many new people at one time."

Alone in the kitchen, Larry put his arms around me and held me tight. He wanted to know if I was okay and that things were not moving too fast for me. While he held me, I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing into me.

I reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants and said, "This is all moving fast but I think I'm doing okay and know that you and Foxy will help me if necessary. To be honest the idea of possibly fucking two guys and two girls is unreal but I'm hoping it comes true. I know I can tell you that I have been so turned on all night. My husband and I have pretended about doing things like this but for them to come true is mind blowing."

Larry told me that you would really be surprised what goes on and how many people are doing things like this. "'Straights' have no idea what is happening around them."

It was still hard to believe that a couple of hours ago, his wife picked us up while trying on clothes and now I was fixing to have a virtual stranger or maybe two or more fuck me silly.

We brought drinks back into the family room and saw everyone busy. Foxy and Kim were both on their knees taking turns sucking Steve and Francis. Steve had a nice hard dick and Foxy was showing him how she could swallow it. This was the first time I got to actually watch Foxy suck dick and she made me so horny just watching how she worked over Steve's nice cock.

She would let it slide completely down her throat while she sucked hard on it and then would lick all over the head. Looking at her face I could tell she was lost in her own little world that consisted of her mouth and Steve's dick. Watching this scene, I could tell that my husband didn't stand a chance, when she sucked him off. I don't think any guy would be able to keep from giving her his cum. She obviously loved her work and it showed. Hopefully later on, she could give me a few lessons.

Kim was working her lips all over my hubby's cock and it looked so good in her mouth. I saw he had nothing to worry about as his dick looked hard enough to drive a nail with and I could see every vein bulging on his cock.

She looked up at me and I could see the moment of hesitation as she got caught sucking my husband's dick. I leaned down and ruffled her hair and said, "Well looks like you've got everything under control." After a second, she closed her eyes and slowly swallowed his dick.

Most of hubby's dick was buried in her mouth and I could tell from the look on his face that he was in heaven. He had his eyes closed and I don't think even realized that I was watching him. God, I must be a complete slut as the only thing that I thought about was whether he could get off again and not that some bitch was trying to swallow his love juice. I thought to myself, "It's nice to be a girl as we can get off over and over, not just once or twice a night!"

Francis was going to owe me big time after tonight as he's had three different mouths on his dick in the last several hours!

Larry put the drinks down and said, "Well I guess we don't need these after all." Then he untied my dress and it fell to the floor. As I stood there naked Larry looked me all over with lust and said "This is going to be so good."

The room was dim and lighted only by the moonlight and flickering fireplace. I looked down and watched the moonlight falling on my jugs and highlighting my nipples. This was the first time that I have been completely naked in front of someone other than my husband. Even at the club, I still had something on but this was the moment of truth for me. I knew that I was fixing to climb into bed with Larry and about to throw the final vestiges of being a nice girl out the window.

I stood naked in front of Larry, as I struggled with the moment of truth. I was so horny I could taste it but could I really fuck another girl's husband, possibly while my hubby and his wife watched us? All the games we had played about sleeping with other people were just that games, now the coach was sending me into the game for real. I knew that it was 4th down and short, would I run the ball in or punt?

I realized that tomorrow I would be the same person, maybe a little sore but still a wife committed to her husband. I giggled to myself when I thought of being a little sore. I knew that Larry didn't know exactly what I was thinking but I was sure he knew what my struggle was. I loved him and his wife more as I thought back over the night, now realizing for the first time that many of the things they did was to ease us along the path, while waiting to help us if we freaked out. At every point we had the option to chicken out but thankfully had stayed the course. Now we are coming to the goal line.

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