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Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 03

by Strict_Gorean 01/06/04

My daughter’s breath caught in her chest when she felt the silver cross being fastened around her neck. “I take you as my slave. I own you,” I said formally. “You are mine.” I stood straight looking down at her; it seemed like she was glowing.

She reached up and touched the silver cross and spoke softly. “Mom’s cross necklace.” Her blue eyes teared up and looked like glass as she looked down at her collar.

I nodded and she looked up at me. “I met your mother when she was sixteen years old. She became my slave when we were both eighteen years old.” I pointed at the collar. “That was her first collar.” I smiled when I saw the startled look on her face. “That’s right, girl. Your mother was a slave also.

“We had talked about training you as a kajira. Your mother and I saw a lot of slave tendencies and wondered about it.” I chuckled. “I talked her out of it though. Looking down at us right now, I don’t think your mother would want anything else than for us to be here as we are now. She knows that we love each other and are devoted to each other.”

Keri smiled up at me. “I love you master. I love you with all my heart.”

I reached down and stroked her cheek. “I know you do.”

She squirmed on her heels and she looked up at me through misty eyes with her lips slightly parted. She lifted her firm well rounded bottom off of her heels. “Master,” she whispered. “I’m in need. I need you. I need to feel you.” She looked away and then looked back at me. “I’ll do anything for you, master, anything. I need you.”

Looking down at her, I did not reply for a moment. “You have a choice. This will be one of your few choices so think carefully. You can either yield once now, or you can wait until I command you to yield, and you can rest assured that you will yield many times over through the next day. If you yield now, it will only be once.”

Keri took a deep breath and looked down, but stilled her body. “I trust you master. I trust you with all that I have. I will wait.”

Looking down at her, I nodded.

“You training starts today, girl. You will be trained in all the things that require of you.” She looked up at me in anticipation and wriggled slightly. “You will be taught how to please me in all ways, in all things. After a time these things will become second nature to you. Some things you will enjoy, others you will not. Some things I am sure you have fantasized about; others will be a whole new world for you. But in the end it will be done to please me, and only me, for I am your owner. I am your master. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered, breathlessly as she rocked back on her heels.

“Position!” I snap.

Quickly, she spreads her thighs wide and rocks back on her heels with her hands on her thighs, palms up with her back straight and her breasts pushed up and out. Her eyes are downcast but her head held high. She shakes slightly and her breathing is rapid in need.

Without looking at her I walk back to my chair and sit down facing her. “Lift your ass off of your heels.” I command her. “Now using your left hand, open your pussy lips.”

Keri gasped and shivered at the sensation but obediently held her slick and puffy pussy lips open for me to see her wet pink center that was waiting to be filled. She moaned from deep in her belly. “Such a pretty pussy. Such a pretty little girl you are.” I looked at her. “And it’s all mine. Now prove to me that you are in need. Prove that you are a slut that needs training.”

Knowing what I wanted from the look in my eye, with her right hand she started to finger her pussy. “Oooooooooooh,” she moaned as two fingers slid over her clit and her hips bucked upward. She threw her head back and her back arched as her fingers flew over her clit in small tight circled. I could see her pussy juices coating her fingers and I could smell her scent which was heavy in the air.

“Master,” she moaned, biting her bottom lip with an intense look on her face. Her fingers were pressing into her clit, pinching it tightly and moving in a counter-clockwise circle against her pelvis. “Master!” she exclaimed. I remained silent. Keri threw her head back and grunted in frustration but she did not stop. Soon she was growling as she humped her hand, her whole body moving and trembling as her fingers pleasured herself, pushing her toward the edge, awakening every nerve in her body.

My own cock was throbbing inside my pants as I watched her in front of me. I always loved watching her mother masturbate and I loved to see the sleek twenty-two year old girl in front me of doing it just as much. I would need her soon. My own passion was upon me and I would subject her to slave rape soon. It would be part of her training.

“Stop!” I growl in a low guttural tone. Keri grunts and groans as her hand snaps to stop her fingering and she looks up at me with a pouty, needy and very frustrated look on her face. Her whole body is covered with a sheen of sweat. She trembled lightly and her hips continued to rock, needfully.

Wordlessly, I patted both of my thighs and she jumped up and moved to me with a delightful but still very passionate look on her face; it was intense; it was thirsty. My baby girl was hungry for some more. I felt her warmth and electricity immediately as she climbed onto my lap and threw her legs over the arms of the chairs. My nostrils were assaulted by the heavy scent of her sex. Keri put both of her hands on her thighs and waited.

“Such a beautiful girl,” I breathed as my hands roamed her body, feeling the tightness, exploring the softness. Her stomach tightened under my feather light touches. Her hips rocked and shifted wanting more as my hands ran down the lush curves. I could hear Keri moan as she threw her head back. “Such a beautiful girl.”

“Oh, daddy,” she exclaimed as my hands went to her breasts and found her rock hard nipples. The areolas were dark and tight, like the soft breasts that stood out for me. I ran the palms of my hands against her nipples and felt Keri press forward, seeking my touch as she moaned. “Daddy,” she begged as I rolled her beautiful nipples between my fingers.

I pinched them lightly between my thumb and forefinger. “Daddy!” I pinched them harder. “Daddeeeeee!” she begged, partly in pain and shock. But the way her hips moved against told me that she found it pleasurable; she found the pain stimulating.

Without warning, I pulled on both of her nipples and twisted them. She screamed in pain and started to move her hands to her chest but the sharp look made her stay still. I released her nipples with a snap and looked down at her reddened breasts. Keri looked up at my pleadingly. “Please, master!” she begged when she saw my hands moving back to her breasts. “Please no. Please! Master!” she cried when she felt my fingers twisting her nipples again but I could also feel her hips buck in need, I could hear her cunt making slopping noises. Her body gave away the truth.

Releasing her breasts I looked at her. “Sometimes to please your master it will mean pain,” I explained to her, beginning my training of her. “After a time you will find pleasure in the pain, for the pleasure will be in pleasing your master.” I looked at her and she feebly nodded in reply. “The sensations will run together. They will become one.”

Slowly, I ran my hands over her body again. She was on fire. She stiffened in hunger and threw her head back. I only ran my fingertips over her hips and she was ready to yield to me already. I could feel it in her tightness. She moaned as her fingernails dug into her thighs to hold back the flood gates.

I stopped touching her and her eyes snapped to mine. I silently pulled on her nipples again and she lifted her body as I pulled the taut sensitive flesh to the ceiling. Her thighs were tight against me and her eyes closed. I could see her teeth clenched. I snapped her nipples downward, dropping her body down to my lap again.

“Did you like that?” I asked softly.

Keri whimpered and pouted but looked at me with a guilty look on her face, almost ashamed at finding pleasure in the pain. “Yes, daddy,” she whispered.

“Louder,” I commanded her.

“Yes daddy, I liked it.” Her voice was clear and she looked right at me.

“Tell me what you liked,” I said.

Again Keri whimpered and pouted. “I liked it when you pulled on my titties.” She stared at me. “I loved it when my daddy, my master, used my titties and pulled on my nipples.”

“Only a slut loves having her nipples pulled on and used by a man,” I informed her. I smiled when I saw her face redden down to her chest and she shuddered at the words, and the thought, that she was a slut.

“Yes, daddy. Only a slut would like to have her nipples played with like that. Only a slut would love having her titties used for a man’s pleasure.”

“Are you a slut?” I asked her.

“Yes, daddy. I’m a slut,” she whispered and looked away, flushing maddeningly.

“Whose slut are you?” I asked next.

Her eyes met mine. “I’m your slut daddy.”

“I can’t hear you.”

“I’m your slut, daddy.” She looked right at me. “Keri Ann Miller is her daddy’s slut. Her master owns her body and she is a slut for him.”

“Would you like your master to use your titties again?” I asked.

She looked at me torn between horror at the pain and desire to please me. She found no comfort in me demeanor, only a master looking at his slave. “Yes, master. I desire another one.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, playfully, teasing her, taking her nipples between my fingers. I could feel her responding already in anticipation.

“Yes, master! Please master. I need another one. Please!” she exclaimed.

“Master!” she cried as I twisted her nipples and pulled downward, taking her by surprise. She had expected me to pull up and had readied herself for that. Keri dug her fingernails into her thighs as she gritted her teeth. “Master!” I released her nipples with a snap and regarded her inquisitively. Her whole body shook and I could see goose bumps, tight on her skin. Her breasts were a delightful red in color and her nipples were engorged. Her body was covered with sweat. Even through the pain I could tell that her tight twenty-two year old body was aroused; I could smell her sex and feel her hips lightly gyrating.

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