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Dinner Party Sex-Object

by HeyAll 07/12/18

Althea Markos remained awestruck as she sat in the living room of the gorgeous Beverly Hills home. She was sitting across from a potential client who was a famous novelist looking to host a small dinner party.

While they spoke, she did her best to hide the fact that she was intimidated by this woman. Althea was still fresh from culinary school, and although she had spent much of her youth working in her family's Greek restaurant, directly handling the business side of things was outside of her lane.

Catherine, on the other hand, was a real shark of a woman. Tall, razor sharp wit, and an air of elegance fit for a Queen.

"Have you ever hosted a dinner party before?" Catherine asked in a business-like manner. "If I decide to hire you, I'd want you to formally introduce yourself to my guests before you serve your dishes."

Althea snapped out of her trance. Their brief pleasantries and small talk came to an abrupt halt and now it was time for business.

"I've never actually hosted a dinner party before. But I have plenty of experience entertaining guests when I worked at parents' restaurant. My culinary training has also given me the ability to do fine presentations when it comes to plating."

Catherine looked amused. "We're not snobs. Besides, I'll have a maid who'll help you with serving and plating."

"That would be much appreciated," Althea politely replied.

"How would you describe your food?"

Althea beamed. "It's my pride and joy. I'd describe it as a fusion between traditional Greek cuisine with a modern flare of Southern California style."

"I like the sound of that."

"Do you have a taste for Greek cuisine?"

"My publishing team and I enjoy culinary tastes from around the world," Catherine said. "We also believe in supporting young entrepreneurs who have big dreams. I hear you fit that bill."

Althea smiled, "I'd say so. I've always wanted my own business, ever since I was young. So I'm excited at the prospect of working with you."

"Ambitious, good for you. I like that. You're very pretty as well."

There was a pause as Catherine looked her over. It was a long, hard, unrepentant gaze as the famous author brought her eyes up and down, examining the body of the young caterer.

"I aim to please," Althea said, slightly tensing.

Catherine turned serious. "Now, may I taste the sweets? Everyone in my group has a sweet tooth, as you may find out. Getting the sweets right is essential."

"Of course. This comes from a family recipe."

Althea opened a small box on the table, which she had brought with her. Inside was an assortment of different sweets and desserts. It was presented the way Catherine had asked over the phone a few days earlier; one bite for each item, perfectly cut cube-like shapes, served on paper doilies.

There was a strong poker face from Catherine as she ate a melomakarona, savored it in her mouth, then took a sip of water. She went for the loukoumades next, eating it without saying a word or revealing her thoughts.

"This is delicious," Catherine said, licking her lips. "Come back tomorrow evening and serve me dinner. Five small courses. Once again, I will compensate you for your efforts. If I like what I taste, I'll hire you."

Those words sent a pleasant sensation down Althea's spine. Could this be her 'big break' in the industry? She hoped so.

When they stood to say bye for the day, the power difference between them was once again clear. While Althea was petite, with a rounded Greek bottom, Catherine was tall and commanding.


Having one day only wasn't much time to prepare five of her gourmet dishes, but she did it. Her finances took a hit buying all the organic quality ingredients she'd need, but she considered it a great investment for her future.

When the time came, Althea was in Catherine's kitchen, putting the final touches on plating each dish. She was dressed fancier today, in a dress she bought from Greece on a family vacation a few years ago. She wanted to act like a hostess today and had even prepared a small speech for each of the dishes she'd present to her prospective rich client.

The plating was done and she brought everything to the dining room, where Catherine waited looking as gorgeous as ever, in a silk buttoned up shirt and slacks.

Catherine seemed to be in a more serious mood today. She hadn't talked much all evening, but Althea was still a bundle of smiles presenting the plates.

"Have a seat, Ms. Markos," Catherine said, with her fork and knife in hand as she cut into a slice of lamb.

Althea hadn't exactly expected this, but she was glad to sit across the table while Catherine ate these meals.

"Do you know what my dinner party is for?" Catherine asked after taking the first bite.

Althea had a sparkle in her eye. "Your new book hits shelves soon; the second week of July. Then after that, you embark on a month-long promotional tour. The obvious answer is that the party is for a small celebration regarding your book release."

"You're very well-researched."

Catherine ate another slice of meat.

"I have to be," Althea said playfully. "I'm sure competition is fierce."

"Would you be surprised if you're the only person I'm considering?"

"Yes, I would."

Catherine took a graceful bite of another dish. "Well, you are. I haven't bothered looking at any other catering businesses. Hopefully I won't have to."

Trying not to look like an over-excited geek, Althea kept her composure in check and simply nodded.

"Thank you. I'm sure you'll be pleased with my services. How do you like the food so far?"

"It's excellent."

"I'm glad," Althea smiled brightly, unable to control her expressions any further.

Catherine didn't bother to smile back. She focused on eating small bites and taking sips of wine.

"So far, you're on the right track."

"What other criterias are you looking for?"

"Adaptability," Catherine answered in a more serious mood. "Someone who can handle any situation. You'll find that I pay generously, and as a result, I expect the best of everything."

"I get the sense that you mean more than just my cooking."

Catherine gave an affirmative nod. "You see, the dinner party is for my team. I call them my team, but really they're publicists, agents, editors, that sort of thing. We've become very tightly knit over the years and we often like to celebrate together. Sometimes, our celebrations can become less of a dining experience, and, shall we say, more of a private little event."

"So you want me to play hostess?" Althea asked with perkiness. "I can definitely do that. I've already come up with different speeches for how I'd present each dish. It'll be like a fun history lesson as I serve each course."

"No, Althea, I want you naked."

A few seconds had gone by as Althea sat there dumbfounded, wondering whether she had heard that correctly, of if this was a weird joke.

"Did you say..."

"You heard me correctly," Catherine clarified. "If it makes you feel any better, all of my guests that evening are women. You'll be in good company and we can all keep a secret."

Althea gulped. "Why would you want me... you know... like that?"

"Ms. Markos, you're very young and sweet. I can tell you don't have much sexual experience. That's fine, and that's also what I like about you."

Althea gulped again, this time harder. "And what do you like?"

"You're a smart girl. Use your brain."

There was a smile on Catherine's face and she made zero attempt to hide her wandering eyes, gazing all over Althea's lips and chest.

"Okay, I get it, you're kidding me," Althea said with a forced smile. "Very funny. I guess this is my introduction to the world of doing business alone, eh?"

"To prepare you in case you're sexually harassed by someone?"

Catherine played along, acting as if this was all part of some made-up test while keeping that sly expression on her face.

Althea smiled. "Yep. So, did I pass? I'll admit that you really caught me off guard. Next time, if this ever happens to me in real life, I promise I'll be less shocked."

"Oh? And what exactly would you do? Get up and walk out?"

"For sure. Maybe even kick him in the balls if he tried to come after me."

There was a playful look on Althea's face.

Catherine softly chuckled. "Ms. Markos, my dear, I'm being absolutely serious with you. I'm always serious."

It was a slap back to reality.

"What do you mean?" Althea asked, shocked.

"First, I want you to believe me. Then we'll talk business, okay? Does that sound fair to you, Ms. Markos?"

Althea slowly nodded. "Yes."

With their eyes locked, Catherine put her fork and knife down. Then she proceeded to casually and gracefully undo the top buttons of her shirt to reveal the center of her chest and the middle of her bra.

"Are you watching closely?" Catherine asked.

The famous author softly pulled the left side of her shirt to the side, exposing her bra. Then she pulled her bra down to reveal her breast with a hard pink nipple.

"Oh gosh," Althea gasped.

Catherine put her hand down, but left the state of her clothes the same, with her left tit hanging out freely.

"Now you know that I'm serious. Do you want to stay and talk? Or do you want to leave? The choice is yours, my dear Ms. Markos."

It was, without a doubt, the most uncomfortable situation in Althea's life. Yet despite these emotions, her eyes were glued to the breast. If nothing else, she was curious to what this prim and proper woman might offer.

"I still want to talk," Althea said, unable to peel her eyes away from the boob.

"Very good. You're becoming quite the capable career woman. Strong and flexible, the way I like."

Althea finally managed to look her in the eyes. "What's your offer?"

"You. Naked. Serving. It's a very straightforward proposition. I'll triple the price of your original catering fee. Possibly more, depending on how everything goes."

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