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Doing Daddy

by bondfan69 01/02/09

I was so fucking horny, I wanted to pull the towel off him and climb up on his big prick. I quietly said 'Daddy, does Mommy shave her pussy for you?' He said 'She used to once in a while, but doesn't anymore. Why?' 'Oh, I was just wondering. Do you like shaved pussies?' He opened his eyes and turned toward me, and started to ask 'Why do you ask...', then he saw I was naked.

His mouth dropped open and he was staring at my breasts, my nipples were as hard as they are now. Then he looked down and saw me playing with my shaved pussy. He looked like he wanted to say something, but no words were coming out. I slid my hand up under his towel and squeezed his balls. They were huge, and felt so full. I slid my hand up the shaft of his huge cock and it as soaked from his precum running down.

'I think you like looking at my shaved pussy, don't you, Daddy?' He just nodded his head as I slid my hand over the huge purple head of his cock. It was so fucking hard and wet. He reached down and pulled his towel off. Fuck, he's big, Laura. I'm going to measure it sometime. I'll bet it's ten inches long and really thick, about the size of your wrist."

She put her hand around Laura's wrist and started moving it back and forth, like she was stroking a cock. Her other hand was moving faster now over her swollen clit. Laura was getting horny again, she felt her clit harden with Kayley's story and she could also feel a drop of her juices dribble down her swollen pussy lips. Kayley continued her story.

"I slowly started stroking his huge cock, the precum running down over my hand. I spread my legs and lifted one foot up onto the bench, opening my pussy for him to see how swollen my clit and pussy lips were. He kept staring at my pussy, Laura, like a starving man looking at a steak. I stuck two fingers inside myself, wiggled them around and held them up to his nose.

'Smell nice, Daddy? Want to suck them?'

"He just nodded and sucked them into his mouth. Mmm, he was sucking like a man possessed, so I decided to tease him a little more.

'You like sucking my fingers, and you're really good at sucking. I bet you'd suck a nice hard cock for me now, wouldn't you, Daddy?'

"He just moaned and nodded again. I almost came, thinking about my handsome father taking a hard cock into his mouth. Think your dad would suck another cock, Laura?"

"I don't think so, but it would be so fucking hot to see!" Laura said, her hand sliding down Kayley's belly to move on top of Kayley's fingers and helping the girl rub her clit. Kayley moaned and thrust her hips up at Laura's hand.

"Did you ever see your father's cock, Laura?"

"Well, yeah, a couple of times, but he wasn't hard. He was getting out of the shower when I walked in by mistake. I didn't know he was home. His car was in the shop when I came home from school."

"Does he have a big cock?"

"Yeah, it's pretty big, but it wouldn't be ten inches. But it was soft and really thick, hanging down his leg. And his balls are huge. He shaves them too! It made me really horny. He just said 'Oh, sorry, babe' and grabbed his towel. As he wrapped it around his waist, I snuck another peek and I think he was starting to get hard. His cock was lifting off his leg."

"Fuck, I bet he was thinking about how much he would like his daughter to suck his cock. You shoulda followed him to his bedroom."

"I did. After I peed, I was walking back to my room, his door was open a bit and I could just see his back over by the dresser. His hand was moving up and down in front of him, so I'm pretty sure he was masturbating. I was really hot by then, and put my hand up under my skirt and rubbed my clit through my panties. They were soaked and I was just about to cum when I heard the door open downstairs. It was Mom, so I rushed back to my room. I didn't have time then, but when I went to bed I fingered myself, thinking about Daddy stroking his cock. Maybe I'll get to see him do it another time."

"Mmm, wouldn't it be hot watching your dad and my dad sucking each other's cocks? You and I could finger each other while they did. Fuck me, Laura, put more fingers in me. Make me cum!"

Laura pushed two more fingers inside Kayley's pussy. She rubbed her clit with her thumb, as she moved her hand in and out of the girl's dripping pussy. Kayley's hips thrust rhythmically up at Laura's hand and she was moaning.

"Fuck that feels good, baby. Don't stop."

"What did you and your dad do next?"

"I pulled my fingers out of his mouth and started fingering myself again. I told him to move between my legs."

'Start stroking your cock, Daddy. I want to see you make that big fucker squirt all over my bald pussy.'

"He moved between my legs, and took his hard cock in his hand. It was really wet and the head was swollen so hard, it looked like it was going to explode. He moved his hand up and down the shaft, about six inches away from my pussy lips. I reached over and took some of his precum off the knob and rubbed it over my clit. He started moaning and moving his hand faster. I knew I had him where I wanted him.

'Daddy, if I find another nice big cock sometime, will you suck it for me?'

"He said 'sure, honey, if you'll let me fuck you. I'll suck another cock just for you.'

"Will you let him fuck you, Daddy?

'Do you want me to?'

"Oh yeah, Daddy, that would be so fucking hot. Just then he groaned and started cumming' His first shot hit me in the face, he squirted that far. He pushed his cock down toward my pussy but it was so hard, it wouldn't bend. Most of his cum landed on my tits and belly. A few drops landed on my clit. I told him to lick the cum off my clit and he did. Then he moved up and licked the cum off my nipples. I moaned and he moved up farther and licked the cum off my cheek. Then I turned my head and his mouth was facing mine. I kissed him and sucked his tongue into my mouth, jus like a cock.

"His cock was still hard and as he kissed me, I could feel the hard knob pushing my cunt lips open. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled that big horse cock into my aching cunt. I was so close, and I knew I could cum with him fucking me."

Laura was so horny, listening to Kayley talk about fucking her father, she wrapped her legs around Kayley's leg and started humping her pussy against the other girl's leg. She pumped her fingers into Kayley's pussy faster now, knowing the two of them were about to explode.

"'Fuck me hard, Daddy, I said to him. I'm ready to cum!' Daddy's cock felt so good inside me. He was pumping faster and still kissing me. All of a sudden, I could feel him swell up even bigger and knew he was gonna cum inside me, even though it had only been a few minutes since he came. I felt myself go over the edge and started cumming, ,just as I could feel that big cock letting go another load, this one inside my little pussy."

"Just then Kayley moaned and Laura could feel the girl cumming. She pushed her clit harder into Kayley's leg and came at the same time, her juices pouring down her leg. The two of them lay back, panting.

"Fuck, Laura, your hand felt good."

She turned to her and kissed her softly. Their tongues met and gently teased each other. Kayley stroked Laura's back softly and they lay in each other's arms, enjoying the glow of their tremendous orgasms. Kayley started to get up. She threw her leg over Laura's body to climb off the side of the bed.

"Aw, where are you going, K?"

"Gotta pee, babe. I'll be right back/"

Laura reached up and tickled Kayley's stomach.

"How bad ya gotta pee?"

"Stop, Laura! I gotta pee bad!"

"No you don't it's all in your head!" and she grabbed the other girl around the waist.

"It's gonna be all over you, if you don't let me go!"

Laura laughed and ticked her more. All of a sudden a small trickle ran down Kayley's leg onto Laura's stomach.

"Hey!" Laura yelled.

"I warned you! Lemme up!"

She went to climb over Laura but Laura grabbed her again and started laughing. Then the trickle turned into a gush and Kayley's pee poured down onto Laura's face. Laura opened her mouth to scream and got a mouth full. She spit it out and Kayley ran into the bathroom, laughing furiously. She sat down on the toilet to finish peeing. Laura came in, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Sorry, babe, but I did warn you..."

"That's okay, K. Actually, it didn't taste too bad."

Then, suddenly, she leaned down kissing Kayley and driving her tongue into her mouth. She slid her hand between Kayley's legs, pushing her hand into the flow of pee and rubbing the girl's hardening clit at the same time.

"Oh, fuck, baby, you're gonna make me cum again!" Kayley groaned.

Laura rubbed her piss-wet hand all over Kayley's pussy and clit and then slid her wet hand up the girl's flat belly and pushed her fingers into Kayley's mouth. The girl sucked hungrily on them and slid her own hand down her belly, catching the last drops of pee on her fingers and lifting them to Laura's mouth. Laura sucked them clean as well.

"Let's get in the shower, babe, and get cleaned up.", Kayley said.

"Just a sec. Now I gotta pee."

"I've got an idea." Kayley climbed into the shower, turned on the water and lay down on the shower floor.

"What are you doing?"

"Pee on me."


"You heard me, I want you to pee on me. Aim it at my pussy."

Laura laughed and stood up from the toilet. She stepped into the shower and stepped over Kayley, her pussy directly above the other girl's.


"Mmm, more than ready!"

Laura closed her eyes and concentrated. Slowly, at first, a trickle dribbled out of her pussy and dripped onto Kayley's belly. Then, the stream increased. Laura moved back a bit until the flow was directly pouring on Kayley's shaved twat. She reached down and rubbed her swollen clit, the pee mixing with the cunt juices, and both girls were moaning. Laura started fingering her clit as the stream continued. Then she lay down on top of the other girl, grinding her dripping pussy as she shoved her tongue into Kayley's mouth.

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