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Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Does the Babysitter

by shaggy77 11/26/13

(fictional story about fictional characters)


Just when Debra Barone thought she had reached the breaking point (or should it be "breakdown" point); she got a reprieve. For weeks she had been trying to pry their former babysitter Lisa away from the Parkers, so she could have a desperately needed night out; and Lisa had finally agreed to supervise the Barone children (twins Michael and Geoffrey, and daughter Ally) on Saturday night. Lisa had been the best babysitter they had ever had; the kids adored her; she never minded when Debra asked her to stay later; and she always seemed to involve the kids in some sort of educational entertainment. She was a freshman in college, majoring in child psychology; so she was an absolute wiz with the children. Unfortunately, she had gotten so popular with the kids, that Debra had gotten jealous, and told Lisa that they no longer needed her services. The Parkers had immediately latched onto her as their exclusive sitter. Almost instantly, Debra regretted her actions. Sure, she could always ask her meddling mother-in-law Marie to baby sit. Her in-laws lived right across the street , and were always ready to help out with the kids; but then Marie always had a way of making Debra feel like a bad mother for leaving the children. Marie was very subtle about her criticisms; always disguising them as compliments...but they were always hurtful comments at heart. Debra would rather not deal with Marie if she could help it. It was no wonder that Marie's two sons were such a mixed up psychological mess.

Ray, Debra's husband, was a sportswriter for NY Newsday; and craved his mother's approval above everything else. In that sense he was a real "momma's boy." He wouldn't contradict his mother's opinion if his life depended on it. His older brother Robert, a sergeant with the NYPD, was even worse because he had an additional inferiority complex when it came to Ray. Marie had them both in the palm of her hand and enjoyed controlling their lives, like pulling the strings on marionettes. Marie's husband Frank was a crude, primitive man whose main joys in life were watching TV and eating. He had provided virtually no parenting for his sons, and yet held them firmly under his thumb. This was Debra's life ...and she had no one but herself to blame because it was she who had convinced Ray to move across the street from them when she became pregnant with the twins.

Debra couldn't pinpoint it, but there was another reason she was happy about Lisa returning as their babysitter: she felt strangely attracted to her. Whenever Lisa was in the room, Debra had a curious tingling in the pit of her stomach, and in her crotch. Sometimes after Lisa had gone home, Debra would lay awake in bed wondering what she looked like naked. Imagining how soft and smooth her teenage skin would feel to the touch. She didn't want to admit it, but she knew there was a sexual attraction there. She had never had any lesbian tendencies before...well, there was that one time in college when she had kissed a fellow student, but she had attended an all-female college, and they had been playing "truth or dare." Why was she having these feelings now; and why were they about Lisa? Was it because Lisa seemed so innocent and vulnerable; or was it because she appeared so fresh and inexperienced?

She knew Lisa was attractive, in the All-American girl sense. She truly epitomized the girl-next-door stereotype. She was probably just over five feet tall, with long curly dark hair. Her body seemed very petite, but her breasts were large for her frame, and jiggled nicely in her blouse. Debra shook her head and realized she was sitting at the kitchen table fantasizing about the breasts of her kids babysitter. She began to scold herself, but her scorn was short-lived, as Frank and Marie burst through the kitchen door for another of their unscheduled (and uninvited) visits. "Why the hell don't I ever lock that door," Debra thought to herself for the hundredth time.

She and Ray had arranged a "dinner and a movie" double date with their friends Bernie and Linda Gruenfelder for Saturday night, and Debra was completely excited about an entire night away from the house (and her in-laws). As she drew the water for a hot bath and poured a cap full of bath oil into the steaming tub, Debra thought about how the oil kept her skin soft, and lamented that even with the oil, she just knew that her skin was not as soft as Lisa's was naturally. There she was thinking about Lisa again...what was her problem. After submerging in the soothing water, Debra lay there letting the warmth relax her body. She marveled at how her tremendous breasts kind of floated on the surface. She was very proud of her breasts, and they certainly gathered their share of attention from Ray's friends. When pregnant with the twins, they had grown to a full 38 D; and had remained that size even after their birth. Ray had nicknamed them "Barnes & Noble." Her nipples had darkened from their former rosy pink, to a light shade of brown; and they did have a very slight sag to them now; but they were still her best feature. As she applied body-wash to her hands and caressed her breasts; her nipples enlarged to the size of gumdrops.

"Mmmm, that's nice," she breathed, as she pinched them. She slowly lowered her hands down her ,still relatively flat, tummy; past her belly button; and followed the line of her bright red "landing strip" all the way to her slit. Her pussy lips were quite prominent, and she rolled the flaps of her labia between her fingers.

She was about to get more serious, when she heard Ray from the other side of the bathroom door shout, " you about done in there Deb? I have to go, and you don't want to be in there when I do."

"That's my husband...pure class," she thought to herself. She yelled back, "I'll be out in a few. You can always use the kids bathroom, you know."

"No, they won't allow me in there any more," he responded. He continued, " ha, good job getting Lisa back from the Parkers. That Bill Parker is such a goody-two-shoes, I bet he rinses his recyclables before putting them in the bin."

"Ray, I rinse our recyclables too; and Lisa is only back for one night, unless we can convince her otherwise," Debra answered.

"Yeah, but everybody knows you're a goody-two-shoes," Ray laughed.

"If you only knew the thoughts I'm having about our babysitter, " she mused to herself, as she finished washing and arose out of the tub. As the cooling water dripped off her naked body, Debra couldn't resist a quick look in the full length mirror on the back of the door. She was beginning to get a tiny bit of a droop in her ass cheeks, but her legs were still firm and shapely. All in all, she was pleased with what the reflection showed her. After dressing quickly, she prepared some microwave (Marie would have a stroke) mac and cheese for the kids dinner. The doorbell rang at precisely six o'clock, and Debra knew it must be Lisa. As she went to open the door, she suddenly felt flushed and nervous. The feeling increased when they greeted each other with a perfunctory hug, and she felt Lisa's breasts brush momentarily against her own. Lisa was dressed in a plain white blouse and plaid skirt; reminding Debra of a Catholic school girl's uniform...something she was very familiar with. After exchanging pleasantries, the Barones left for their night out; and Lisa began helping the kids with their homework.

The Barones and Gruenfelders decided to see an early movie and have dinner afterward that night so they could take their time and enjoy the food. They were having such a pleasant time that Debra called home and asked Lisa if she would mind staying a little later. Lisa, as usual, was agreeable as long as Ray would give her a ride home because her bus stopped running at midnight. Debra had a couple more glasses of wine than usual that night and was feeling quite tipsy when they arrived home. She told Ray to wait in the car and she would sent Lisa right out. Lisa was so involved in what she was doing that she never heard Debra open or close the kitchen door. When Debra stepped into the living room she saw Lisa sitting back on the sofa; her skirt up around her thighs; her plain white panties down around her ankles; and her hands in her crotch. The TV displayed the faint images and wavy lines that Ray got when he tried to watch the scrambled porn channels. Debra stopped dead in her tracks, and the movement caught Lisa's attention. Her face grew scarlet, and she shoved her skirt back down, as she stammered for something to say.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Barone...the kids are all al seep...I just don't know what came over me...I'm so sorry," she pleaded, tears forming in her blue eyes.

Despite her intoxicated and shocked condition, Debra thought quickly and responded, "well you should be sorry young lady. Doing something like this with my children in the house." Debra suddenly realized that she was not only aroused at what she had seen, but she now had the upper hand. "Unless you want me to tell the Parkers about their good little babysitter; you will agree to sit with our kids whenever I ask...and you will be here Monday morning wearing the same clothes, at exactly nine o'clock to discuss this," she announced.

As she reached down under her skirt to pull up her panties, Lisa readily agreed to the conditions. She quickly gathered up her things and went to the car where Raymond was waiting. Debra flopped down on the sofa, completely drained and out of breath. She changed the TV channel and sat back to think about what had just transpired. She was totally in charge now...Lisa was completely at her mercy. Her mind was flooded with images and ideas for their Monday meeting. Did she dare instigate any of the scenarios she was concocting? Was she bold enough to cross the line of sexuality with Lisa? She thought of Lisa sitting there in the very same spot on the sofa, playing with herself. Debra hadn't been able to actually see between Lisa's legs; but there was no mistaking what she had been doing. Debra's head was spinning from the alcohol, and now from the possibilities awaiting her. She lay in bed that night unable to sleep; daydreaming about the unlimited possibilities of her situation. She was in a position of ultimate power over another adult probably for the first time in her life. As she finally drifted off to sleep, she thought of Monday morning, and a huge smile swept across her face.

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