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Expect Flurries

by Etaski 11/14/12

Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2012


This story continues my first short introduction to characters in "Full Bloom in Winter". It is not required to have read the first to enjoy this story, but it always adds to the overall depth. :)

Please be warned the main characters are "Lawful Evil" for a reason--mostly in that they do not believe they are doing evil. ;)



"Will it hurt?"

"A little, perhaps. I'll try to make it quick."

"Liar. ...what if I don't want you to?"

"Why are you smiling like that, Lady Rousse?"

"Because you are lying. I can tell."

"You're growing fangs again."

"Am I? Hm."

"I would hazard your Lord Father wishes you to keep your alter form intact while you're here. For your protection, my Lady."

"You're no fun, my dear merchant, do you know that? You have closed the door and have drawn the window curtains, not even my escort can see or hear much."

There was a pause in the conversation and a sound like a whip lashing in the air, preparing to strike in full.

He cleared his throat. "Your form have—"

"It's a tail, Master Creed. You've seen it before, don't you remember? It was coiled around your throat, as I recall, strong as a constrictor...."

"Please....don't remind me."

"I'll lean back then. You can get on with our business. Do you need me to spread wider?"

"No, enough, Lady Rousse."

"You have a steady hand, I'm sure. You won't pierce my nub, right? Only the hood."

"Of course, Lady."

"How can you be sure if you can't see it?"

"I'm sorry, my Lady? I don't understand."

"Maybe if you could see it, you would be sure to avoid it with your needle. I want your piercing, Master Creed, I love your work. I want your magic. And the thought of your fashioning that ring just for me, and here we are preparing at last to attach it...makes me tingle inside. But you need to rub the area a little first, don't you?"

"Well, I do need to clean the area a bit..."

"Good. That's good. Oo, a delicate touch, Master Creed. Feels nice. But my nub is still hiding...I'm concerned you'll tag it trying to get my hood...."

"I'm a professional, Lady Rousse."

"And you want to protect that reputation at all costs, right, Master Creed? Surely you wouldn't want to distress me, so I would tell all my friends about your crass procedure. Wouldn't it be so much better to be solidly, absolutely *sure*?"


"Just a taste, Master Creed. It is a...*reasonable* request, isn't it?"


"*Very* reasonable."

"Of....course it is, Lady Rousse. Very reasonable."

"Good. Then suck me. That's it. Good. Oh....ah....yeah! Go on. Keep going. A little more....Yes. Yes....Oh, such a tongue, Master Creed! Does your wife realize it? Does she reap such benefits? Lucky, lucky woman...Oh....more....if you stop I'll choke your very breath from you—ah! Ouch. Careful. Did that scare you, Master Creed? Come, now, my favorite tradesman, you still have a job to do. My nub's not hiding anymore. Look at her. She's quite delighted to see you! ring?"


"Don't shake, Master Creed. Don't miss. You don't want to miss. Take a deep breath. That's good. Good....good....."

"......h-hold still......."

"Aaaeeeiiii! OH! Yes!"



Deep breathing.

"Lady, are you alright...?"

"Oh, Master Creed ...that was wonderful. Just let me touch, it's perfect. Shining gold....I love it."

"Lady, you...are already healed?"

"And ready to use it. Kiss me...."

"Ow!! Your fangs!"

"You've got me so excited, Master Creed."

"No, not the tail again—"

"I won't kill you."


"Double the price for your work, then. I have to be sure the ring works before I leave."


"Double the gold, merchant. Double the gold."

"Yes, my Lady...."


A lovely young woman left Master Creed's "Decorative Delights" in high spirits that night. She was human by all appearances, honey-brown hair elegantly coiled and leaf-green eyes twinkling from beneath a warm winter cowl. Her good quality dress, her manners and her grace, and even her white, straight teeth plainly showed a noble-born Lady in the city of Winter Home.

A young blonde man armed with a sword stayed close beside her, clearly a manservant in his simpler dress and his deference to her, walking one half-pace behind her.

After a short time, however, she slowed and took his arm. She giggled, seeming to be lost in her own thoughts. The young man kept watch over the cobbled streets, noting the carriages, groups of workers and couriers, and the many warm lanterns glowing in the glass windows. They were in North Ward, a better part of the city too expensive for most residents of Winter Home to be able to afford, but it didn't mean there could not still be a threat to his Lady.

"I heard voices, my Mistress," he said softly. "I thought I'd secured the place before he began?"

"It was only his wife. She suffered only a few moments of confusion before taking my suggestion."

"Suggestion, Mistress?"

"That she lift her skirts and join us, that she enjoy her husband's talented tongue since it was free. I was only using his lower half, after all."

The blonde man's face flushed a little at the imagery. "The ring works, I take it?"

Her green eyes rolled briefly heavenward, her tongue flicking her bottom lip. "Ohhh, yes, I'd say so. She did not resist long. Her husband took more persuasion prior to the piercing. It is telling of the enhancement and I could feel the warmth and the magic."

Her companion was quiet for a few steps as the chilled winter's day wind blew against their backs, nudging their cloaks forward ahead of their boots.

"Are you jealous, Tamton?" she asked, a tiny smirk on her sex-reddened lips.

"No, Mistress," he answered readily. "You do as you please; I am here to serve you."

"What were you thinking about, then?"

Tamton licked his lips briefly. "That I was aroused by your description, Mistress. His wife was comely but...rigid. Proper. If your magic worked on her so well, she must have appeared much... different."

"Squatting over her husband's face with her skirts bunched up to her waist, with her hair loose down her back, you mean?" Lady Indra teased, her smile showing just that hint of pointed fang as she looked up at him again. "She was rubbing a glistening and decidedly hairy snatch over his nose and mouth."

Tamton flushed deeper and could not contain a smile as he nodded. "Yes, Mistress. Exactly like that."

Indra laughed in delight, causing two men in dark long coats to glance back over their shoulder as they passed.

"You draw too much attention, Mistress," Tamton murmured, keeping the men in his peripheral vision until he saw them enter a high-end tavern.

"I am following the rules."

"Aye. Your Lord Father knows well about following the rules, my Mistress."

Indra sighed and rolled her eyes toward the grey sky once again, this time in annoyance. "True to the letter of the law or the spirit of it, but we always follow it. We aren't like the demon-touched, who can't manage plotting to lay their dung in the same place twice."

"Of course, Mistress," Tamton said with a bit of a laugh. "I've witnessed the power of your heritage, and they say your Lord Father has been around for a long time. As such, he is wise in the protection he places around you. Other enemies are not so addle-brained as an Abyssal imp."

Indra was silent and the smile left her pretty human face for a few moments. Tamton was probably the only servant with which she conversed this way. He had been the first human man—indeed the first real lover—that she had taken during the overwhelming lust of her First Ardeur, when she'd finally come into her adult magic.

She knew the taller man remembered being bound to her desire while under her Father's watchful eye, and he remembered mounting her quite roughly, first in her hungry sex and then impaling her backside until she was reamed raw. He had been much more selfish in the way he rode her body than he could have done at any other time and expect to continue breathing, much less to continue serving House Rousse. He never mentioned it and, from what she had seen scanning his surface thoughts, he never reminisced about it—not unless she ordered him to and then it made him uncomfortable.

He was loyal and content with his role as her bodyguard and companion. Wherever she went, he would go as well.

For anyone else, she would have considered a creative punishment for even suggesting that she was taking her Father's advice too lightly. Tamton, however, could sometimes be forgiven of such things.

The diabolic elf still gave him a sardonic grin through her illusion. "If he wanted me not to draw any attention at all, my altered form would be that of a mousey, shorn-haired dumpling tending a hearth."

She drew her elegantly-gloved hand out to the side, parting her cloak and showing him a glimpse of the entrancing curves beneath her relatively thin, pale blue gown—curves that were not so altered from her true self.

Tamton's soft brown eyes admired her, as she wanted him to admire her, and he nodded, swallowing against a dry mouth. "I do believe he wants you to...practice your control, my Mistress. And you have my help, should you ever need it."

She smiled at him then looked ahead, up, and around, her cheeks blushing becomingly in the cold. She arched an eyebrow. "When did Talabrina gain a foothold in North Ward?"

Tamton looked to where she indicated, having to search for several moments before seeing a tiny, wooden carving that might've been a symbol of the Light Goddess hanging in the low corner of a top window of a two-story townhouse. That she had seen it at all was a wonder to him.

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