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Family Lessons Ch. 9

by GeorgeTasker 08/08/12

Tommy yawned and stretched as he sat up in bed. When he'd crashed on the Johnson's spare bed last night he'd forgotten to shut the curtains and the bright dawn sunlight streaming through the window had woken him up far earlier than he would have liked.

Last night had been amazing and surreal. It actually seemed like a dream rather than reality. Tommy's best friend Billy, who seemed to have some sort of strange control over his incredibly sexy stepmother, had shared the beautiful, busty blonde with Tommy and their other two friends, Clint and Dougie.

The whole evening had been like something out of a porn movie. One minute they had been watching a football game, and the next they were gang-banging Billy's voluptuous stepmom, Sharon. Tommy had no idea why Sharon seemed to do whatever Billy asked of her, but he was just glad that last night it had involved letting Tommy stick his cock into her. Several times.

It hadn't been the first time that the eighteen year old high school student had sampled Sharon's charms. Tommy had actually visited Sharon earlier that day and threatened to expose her debauched relationship with her stepson. In order to buy Tommy's silence, the gorgeous blonde had reluctantly agreed to let him screw her. Now however, it seemed that Billy was willing to share Sharon's favours around, so Tommy wouldn't have to resort to blackmail and sneaking around behind Billy's back. He could have his way with the gorgeous thirty one year old whenever he felt like it.

Tommy climbed out of bed. The eighteen year old was still naked and his cock was stiff with morning wood. Tommy grinned. He knew just the cure for that.

He'd spent the night at the Johnson's and had been hoping to have another chance to fuck Sharon last night. Unfortunately, after Clint and Dougie had left, Billy and his stepmom had gone straight into Sharon and Billy's father's bedroom and Tommy had been left all alone. He'd waited around for a couple hours in the hope that they'd come back out, but apparently they had other plans. He heard a few moans and thumps come from the bedroom, but there had been no sign of another chance at Sharon for Tommy.

Tommy briefly considered getting dressed, but instead made his way naked down the hallway to Sharon and Howard Johnson's bedroom. He hesitated a moment, wondering if Billy would be pissed off at getting woken up so early.

"Fuck it, I need a blowjob," he muttered.

Tommy turned the handle and pushed open the bedroom door. He stepped into the room and was surprised so see that Sharon was sleeping alone in the large king-sized bed, there was no sign of Billy.

As always, the sight of Sharon Johnson took Tommy's breath away. The blonde Californian beach-babe was lying naked on her back, with a sheet strewn casually over her lithe, curvaceous body. One long, slender leg was poking from under the sheet and Tommy admired the smooth olive skin of her thigh. The top part of the sheet was also in disarray and the firm, round globe of her right breast was uncovered, slowly rising and falling as she breathed. The dark nipple that topped the ample sphere was soft, and Tommy yearned to lean over and lick the small bud and suck it to stiffness.

Excited to find her alone, Tommy reached down and gave his still hard cock a couple of quick tugs as he gazed down at the partially exposed curves of Sharon's sensational body.

Tommy quietly shut the bedroom door and approached the sleeping beauty.

"Wakey, wakey," whispered Tommy as he stepped up to the edge of the bed.

Sharon stirred and opened her eyes. She recoiled slightly and gave a startled gasp as she saw the naked eighteen year old standing over her.

"Tommy," she murmured in her just-woken befuddlement. "What are you doing in here?" She glanced over her shoulder and looked at the empty spot beside her in the bed.

Tommy took hold of his erection and wiggled in towards her. "How about a little suck Mrs Johnson?"

Sharon looked at Tommy's rigid prick with a distasteful expression. She didn't look overjoyed at the prospect of sucking his cock. "Not now Tommy," she refused him. "Where's Billy?"

Tommy pouted at her reply, looking younger than his eighteen years. "He's not here. Suck my cock!" he insisted, once again waving his hard knob towards her.

For a moment Tommy thought Sharon was going to refuse him, but then she gave a resigned sigh. "Okay, fine then, but let's make it quick."

Tommy grinned happily and stepped right up to the edge of the bed and Sharon sat up and shuffled over to meet him. As she straightened the sheet fell away, exposing her other large breast.

"That's a good girl," murmured Tommy, reaching out to stroke the soft blonde locks of Sharon's hair as she took hold of the stiff shaft of his cock and gave it a nice squeeze. The slightly chubby eighteen year old had always been quiet and shy around Sharon. Up until he'd blackmailed her for sex.

Tommy moaned as Sharon bent over him and put her mouth down over the swollen head of his cock, sucking him into her warm, wet mouth. The buxom thirty one year old gave a small murmur as she slid her full lips down the eager teenager's hard cock, taking about two thirds of his length into her soft mouth and sucking forcefully on him.

Tommy gave a groan, gripping Sharon's hair as she slurped hard on his penis. Her mouth felt absolutely amazing on his morning wood, her tongue massaging his hard shaft and her whole mouth seemingly clutching at him as she sucked.

He put a little pressure on the back of her head as Sharon bobbed her head over his prick, the tight seal of her lips sliding up and down his hard shaft.

Tommy reached down past Sharon's nodding head and squeezed one of Sharon's generous tits, feeling the warm firmness of the massive globe. "Fuck you've got great boobies," he murmured, sliding his hand across to grope the other large melon.

Sharon bobbed her head over Tommy's cock for a couple of minutes as he groped her big knockers and roughly pinched her nipples. As Tommy got more aroused, his hips began to slowly rock and he started to shove himself into Sharon's mouth as she sucked him.

"Lie back on the pillow," he instructed her as he pushed her onto her back on the bed. The horny eighteen year old then straddled the curvy thirty one year old's chest and immediately shoved his cock back into her mouth.

Pinning Sharon's head against the pillow, Tommy leant over her, thrusting his cock past her lips and into her mouth. Sharon's eyes went wide as he forced himself deeper and deeper, until the head of his cock pushed it's way right into her throat and her face was trapped up against his abdomen.

"Ah, fuck that's good!" groaned Tommy. Sharon's mouth looking amazing stretched around the base of his erection. He slowly withdrew and Sharon immediately inhaled a sharp breath.

"Take it again," he groaned, pushing back into her tight mouth. This time Tommy started thrusting, his cock pumping back and forth between her lips like a piston as he eager fucked her face.

When he finally withdrew again, Sharon was gasping for air and Tommy's erect was slick with her saliva.

Tommy lifted himself further up the bed, reaching down and stroking his trembling cock as his testicles dangled over Sharon's mouth. "Lick my balls," he instructed.

Sharon obeyed, her agile tongue sliding over Tommy's hairy scrotum, sucking each of his wrinkled testicles in turn.

"That's good," groaned Tommy as he pushed his ballsack down into Sharon's mouth. Her tongue swirled around his scrotum, even accidentally brushing over the sensitive spot of skin beneath his balls, causing Tommy to moan in appreciation and his cock to twitch in his hand.

"Now lick my ass," he demanded, shifting even further up the pillow.

Sharon grimaced as she submissively did as she was instructed, tonguing the domineering teenager's repellent asshole. Tommy gave a loud groan as he sat on Sharon's beautiful face, enjoying her marvellous tongue. He never dreamt that he'd find a girl willing to do these things to, let alone one as hot as Sharon Johnson. Although perhaps willing wasn't quite the right word.

Suddenly the bedroom door swung open and Sharon's stepson Billy stepped into the room. The eighteen year old was dressed in jeans and a faded blue t-shirt and he had a shocked expression at the sight of his best friend sitting naked on Sharon's face with her tongue up his ass.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Billy demanded, clearly angry at what he was seeing.

"Ah...shit, sorry Billy," Tommy hurried clambered off Sharon's face and grabbed the sheet off the bed to cover his nakedness. His friend looked pissed.

"What the fuck were you doing to her Tommy?" growled Billy, he stepped forward and for a second it looked as though he was going to hit him.

"Shit. I was just having some fun Billy," Tommy pulled himself off the bed, taking the sheet with him, leaving Sharon's curvaceous body completely uncovered. "You know, like last night."

Billy's expression was a mixture of disbelief and fury. "Christ Tommy. I think you should leave now."

Tommy nodded in speedy agreement. Billy's initial eagerness to share Sharon around seemed to be rapidly dissipating. He hurried out of the bedroom.

Billy shook his head and stared down at his naked stepmother. Despite his anger at what he'd just witnessed he felt a slight stirring at the sight of her flawless figure. Her flesh had goose-pimpled slightly in the cool bedroom air. "Sorry Sharon," he quickly apologised. Sharon remained silent, she looked almost guilty at being caught with Tommy. "I...I'll talk with Tommy. This won't happen again," he assured her.

Sharon nodded, covering her breasts with one arm in an unusual display of modesty. There was an awkward silence.

"Ah...go get cleaned up," instructed Billy. "Take a shower...and clean your teeth."

Billy stood silently in the doorway of the bedroom as Sharon took his advice and walked into the bathroom to wash up. She had one arm across her large breasts and the other covered her pussy, but her peachy round ass was exposed as she disappeared through the bathroom door, the firm cheeks of her buttocks swaying sexily as she departed.

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