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Forbidden Fantasy Hotel

by Tastisha 12/07/05

The Forbidden Fantasies Resort, owned and operated by Jamir Antoine, is located deep in the mountains outside of Denver Colorado.

Jamir, who stands 6 ft 2, is both intimidating and endearing to those who know him. Mocha colored with long flowing locs that hang to the middle of his back upon first glance would not be considered handsome but exudes a sexual charm that is undeniable.

He spent his youth in boarding schools in Great Britain and France where he acquired sexual skills that are almost legendary. The Brits and French had given him a lust for any type of sexual pleasure and he was intent on sharing his view with anyone willing to explore.

Jamir's father was a member of the Black Panther party who had sent him and his mother away after being imprisoned and eventually murdered by the American government. After coming of age, he inherited his father's fortune that had been hidden away and with it he built a chain of luxury hotels all over the globe. However, Forbidden Fantasies was his most treasured possession.

The others catered to the rich and famous and had the obligatory pools, tennis courts and other amenities the upper-class could afford but Forbidden Fantasy, which had a moniker out front that read FF – hotel, was completely different.

This hotel specialized in catering to sexual fantasies.

Each day people from all walks of life, lawyers, judges, actors and actresses, sports stars, and anyone else who could afford the price tag were able to make their wildest, most deviant fantasy a living breathing reality.

Jamir walked the massive hallway of the penthouse floor of his main building the Tower. He was there ensuring all of the rooms were cleaned and ready for tonight's fantasy. I'm Candace Fitzgerald, one of the leading erotic writers in the country and I had requested the top floor for a fantasy to be fulfilled later that evening.

Jamir considered me one of his favorite guests because he knew whatever I experienced would somehow be immortalized in book form later. It was a little known fact that my first novel Sexy Slopes was written about a weekend adventure the two of us shared at the resort.

We stayed in one of the secluded cabins located on the property and by the end of the weekend I had had enough orgasms to last most women a lifetime and enough ideas to fill an entire novel. Jamir never asked for any credit or royalties. He just enjoyed the notion that he was my muse.

When he was satisfied with the layout of the area, Jamir turned the evening's festivities over to his manager Joan and left the resort.

I pulled into the long winding driveway of The Forbidden Fantasy Resort intent on having my forbidden fantasy fulfilled. I'd promised myself that there was no way I was going to spend another New Year's Eve at some boring cocktail party. Instead I was intent on getting some cock and a little bit of tail too. When I spoke with Jamir earlier he assured me that everything would be to my satisfaction and specifications. Jamir knew me, biblically and he assured me that what I was requesting would be no problem at all. I dressed in only a tiny mini skirt and button up blouse, as no underwear was needed for the party. Due to the frigidly cold weather I covered it all in a long flowing white fur coat.

I checked in at the front desk of the Tower and the manager Joan smiled and winked at me.

"Where's Jamir?" I asked.

"He's gone for the day but I have explicit instructions for what you've requested Miss Fitzgerald."

"He won't be participating?" I asked, just slightly disappointed.

"I'm sorry, he wasn't aware you wanted him. It's not on your list. If you like I can see if he has plans for the evening. But of course it is New Year's Eve." She said reaching for the phone.

"Oh no don't disturb him at home. His presence is not necessary although it would have added to the fun. I'm sure what you've prepared will be just fine." I said as I laid down the $10,000 dollars I was told my fantasy would cost. Joan locked the money in a safe then showed me to the private elevator leading to the penthouse. My fantasy required use of the entire top floor but being a personal friend of Jamir's certainly had its fringe benefits. Feeling flushed with excitement I followed Joan out of the elevator onto the floor.

Joan took me to a small lobby-like area where my fantasy participants were waiting. There were 20 people there consisting of 12 women and 8 men. Jamir had ensured that Joan followed my instructions to the letter and each of the women was gorgeous and thick and the men sexy and tall. She had also included my preference of ethnicity in that 2 of the women and 3 of the men were Spanish. The remainders were African American. I licked my lips as I saw the smorgasbord I was about to get a taste of.

Joan introduced me and quickly set out the rules of the night. We were going to play a little game I like to call Ravage Me. The rules were simple. At the beginning a bell would ring and the lights would go completely out. Each person was to then find his or her way through the hallway and into one of 6 available rooms. The lights would remain out for 1 full minute. When the lights came on whoever you were in the room with you must have sex with. The first person to spot his or her partner had the choice of sexual position, style, etc. This would occur once per hour for the next 5 hours. To add a little extra spice to the game at the end everyone would gather in the lobby area once again and the person who had the most partners at the end of the night would receive the $10,000 dollars I had paid for the fantasy. If I won I would get all of my money back and go home very satisfied. If you found yourself in a room with someone you chose not to have sex with, as some of the people there were not bisexual, then you would have to forfeit all of your points to that person. The game would begin at 8pm and end at the stroke of midnight signaling a New Year.

Joan handed everyone a scorecard and wished us all luck before returning to the elevator. As we waited for the first bell to ring I surveyed the group imagining who I would like to find first. I was lost in a sexual fantasy with one of the Spanish men when the first bell rang.

I sprang to my feet as the lights went out. I scurried down the hall like a rat in a maze bumping into people and giggling. I found a doorknob and turned it entering one of the six rooms. I listened intently and I heard breathing. I quickly closed the door and waited for the lights to come on.

After what seemed like forever the lights came on and I looked around the room. I didn't see anyone. Then I heard a voice from behind me.

"Hello Sexy looks like I found you first." I turned around and looked into a gorgeous chocolate face. The man standing before me was 6ft tall with a husky body. I licked my lips in anticipation.

"What's your pleasure?" I asked.

He unzipped his pants and quickly dropped them. "Suck my dick!" he ordered. I wasted no time falling to my knees and taking his dick full into my mouth. His dick was about 5 inches long and thick. It felt good wrapping my lips around its thickness. I hungrily began to suck him. He leaned his head back and moaned loudly. I continued to slurp and suck taking his dick deeper down my throat. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him to me allowing him to fuck my face. I licked then sucked his balls into my mouth just before I deep throated his dick again. I continued to suck on it for several more minutes.

As he backed away, pulling his dick from my mouth, a trail of my saliva ran from it to my mouth like a spider web. I wanted to put it back in my mouth, and I reached for it. "Lie down on the bed!" he ordered. I quickly obliged. I loved the way he was ordering me around. He reached down and ripped my shirt open the buttons scattered across the room. He then placed his dick between my 40DD tits and began to expertly titty fuck me. Then he took his dick and dropped it back into my mouth.

"Suck it NOW!" I quickly obliged sucking it deep in my mouth. My pussy was on fire and as I continued to suck him off I reached down and began to finger my swollen clit. He slapped my hand away.

"No! This is my pleasure! Remember!" He pulled his dick from my mouth and went back to fucking my breasts. He alternated between having me suck it and being titty fucked. I squeezed my legs together trying to give my clit some relief when the first warning bell rang signaling the lights would be going out again in 5 minutes.

Almost on cue he grunted loudly and shot his cum full in my face while continuing to stroke his dick between my tits. I opened my mouth trying to taste it. He rubbed it onto my face and groaned louder as his climax subsided.

He got up off me and apologized for tearing my shirt. "I'm sorry I got carried away" he said.

"No problem at all" I smiled "I enjoyed it very much."

"I need your name for my scorecard." he said.


"I'm Justin."

We both scribbled each other's names on the cards and waited for the impending bell.

When the lights went out I decided I didn't want to spend too much time in the hallway searching for a room. I wanted to be the finder this time instead of the findee. Remembering the normal layout of hotels I surmised that there should be a room directly across from the one I just left. I walked straight ahead until I bumped into it. Bingo! I thought and opened the door. Once inside I left the door ajar and waited for someone else to arrive.

I heard rustling near the door and grew excited. When the lights came on I was not disappointed at all. Standing before me was one of the Spanish women. She was about 5ft 5 inches tall with large hips and breast. She had beautiful full lips and curly brown hair.

"Wow!" I said as the lights came on.

She looked at me with apprehension. I sensed that she was a little afraid. "Looks like I found you." I said.

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