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Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 03

by milfleglover 12/31/13

"Not bad, Jimmy, not bad," she growled, finally freeing him from her leggy prison and slithering out of her shorts, panties, t-shirt and bra, leaving on her stinky boots and socks and spreading her thighs before the boy, who was panting for air and trying to wipe her stench off his face on the seat cushions. "Now, time for licking lesson...back in you go!"

She laughed as he protested weakly before being wrapped in her thighs again, pulling his face to her and locking them loosely around his ears, tilting his face up, eyes locking on hers.

"Now lick it, Jimmy, put your tongue out...that's can see the oily little nub there, that's my clit, you do know what a clit is don't you young man? I hope flick it with your tongue...ooooooo, that's right, just like that, just like that...harder now....that's it..."

Jimmy blindly obeyed his old mistress, eyes darting left and right at those strong, gnarly thighs tensing on his ears, anxious to please her and be done with it. But she wasn't nearly finished.

"Lick up and down now Jimmy, you must pay attention to all parts of a woman's vagina....mmmm, nice, nice, get inside, get between the lips, taste it, taste it...very good, boy, very good! Now get deeper in those furry lips...inside me...oh, yeah, plunge that tongue inside the hole! Dammit, you're learning quickly, son...tongue it, tongue fuck it while I grind on your face!"

He moaned, feeling Erica's meaty thighs go hard on his ears again, her calves locked behind him as she cupped his head in her hands and pumped his face harder and harder, mashing his nose to her clit as he rapidly tongued her hairy pussy, sloshing noises erupting from the juncture of her crushing thighs. She grunted, bit her lip and came on his face, squeezing hard, thighs cutting into his neck and rendering him dizzy as his blurry eyes looked at her slightly puffy white belly, over her saggy tits to her chin tucked to her chest as she focused on drenching his face with squirt after squirt of her aromatic orgasmic gel.

"UNGHH!!! UNGHH!! UNGHH!!!" she bellowed, squeezing him to her sex, punishing his face, grinding out her powerful orgasm that made him scream in pain and pant for air in the hairy smother of her pussy.

She giggled as she looked down at his red face, unlocking her wrinkly thighs and letting him breathe again. Lifting her legs, she held them up under her knees, spreading them lewdly. Jimmy blinked into the hairy chasm, her pussy swollen and open, and below, the hair-ringed pucker of her asshole.

"Women like special treats, Jimmy, like having their bums licked!" she said between her spread legs. "Now give Grandma Erica a little tongue in hers! Go on, lick my asshole!"

Jimmy groaned and balked. Erica laughed and slapped her meaty thighs together above him, a warning shot of meaty flesh that quivered as they connected with each other.

"Next time, I will knock you out," she growled. "Now lick my asshole!"

He shut his eyes, sticking his tongue through the moist fuzz around the old woman's puckered ring, drilling the meaty muscle and smelling the sweaty vapors coming around his tongue as he plunged it in and out, over and over, Erica grunting as he did, holding her legs up and apart. She pumped herself against his face as he rimmed her butt hole, taking his nose into the furry depths of her cunt.

"A little bonus, using your nose inside me," she laughed.

She came from bouncing her pussy on his face, his tongue deep inside her clutching shit chute, and then pushed him away, to his back, where his anguished cock stuck straight up, purple and about to burst.

"You've done far," she smiled, taking off her sweaty leather boots and kneeling by Jimmy's head. "But you've more to learn. You must learn to appreciate everything about a woman, her touch, her look, her scent..."

She opened up one boot and fit it over his moaning face, the pungent, wet-leather funk washing over him as she held it there, smiling, using her other hand to grip his swollen nuts.

"Smell my dirty old boot or I'll crush these to paste!" she snarled.

He had no choice, moaning and breathing deep inside the wet, dank space of her nasty old boot. She laughed, twisting it on him, taking him deeper still before pulling it off and replacing it with the other. Then sitting back, she extended her amazing legs near his face, lifting her feet together over it, her mid-calf white socks hardly white anymore, but dirty and dinghy, the bottoms soaked with sweat and yellowed with age, redolent with her funky foot smell.

"Thatta boy," she hissed, rubbing the moist soles on his face and nose, transferring the deeply pungent stink to him. "Smell them..smell my nasty old socks! Now lick! That's right, lick....mmmm, I feel it Jimmy, I feel that dirty tongue of yours on my filthy socks! Up and down, that's it, up and down..."

She force fed him feet a moment longer and then to his horror, slowly peeled off her socks, the fabric clinging to her wrinkled old heels and soles, coming off the thickly veined insteps and finally bony, painted toes, the feet clammy and exuding the foulest smell imaginable. He gulped and closed his eyes as she pressed the wrinkled soles to his face and felt the wetness on it, and inhaled the acrid aroma into his nostrils as she pressed them flat.

"Now lick my granny feet, boy!" she said dominantly, fingering her hairy pussy as she watched the young boy's tongue flash out to lap at the folded flesh of the bottoms of her feet, gagging on the taste and smell. "Lick 'em clean, worship those feet as you should worship a woman's feet!"

She let him devour her feet a moment longer and then playfully sat astride him, her fleshy ass on his cock and pressing very painfully onto his balls, crushing them beneath her sexy butt. Extending her legs, she curled her feet down, those grimy, sweaty toes at his mouth, lifting all her weight off the floor and centering it through her ass directly onto his punished balls, which slipped in between her saggy ass cheeks and were squeezed in their meaty embrace.

"Now lick my toes clean, Jimmy, suck them, suck each one...oh, yeah, that's it, that's it," she moaned as she felt his frantic mouth lock around each and wash them clean. "Now between the toes..don't be afraid of the grit and sweat, it won't hurt you! That's right, lick it allllll up."

He was in agony by the time she rolled off and lay next to his head, holding one arm up, the fleshy underarm waggling above his mouth, and the stubble-coated armpit slick with sweat.

"Every part of a woman's body is to be worshipped and tended to," she hissed into his ear, biting it. "Now smell my armpit..."

She draped it over his mouth and then headlocked him to it, wrapping a wrinkly but very strong arm around it, holding him tight, smothering him with her sweaty pit. He struggled but was getting weaker with every sexy act of dominance brought on by the powerful senior citizen controlling his every move.

"Lick," she hissed. "Lick granny's dirty old armpit clean!"

He obeyed again, tasting the bitter tang of her armpit sweat, swallowing, cleaning it with his tongue and open mouth, smacking wetly at the slimy flesh. He was vaguely aware he was thrusting his stiff cock into the air, seeking any friction, realizing that as humiliated as he was, that every dominating act she was committing, was turning him on more and more. He moaned, relenting to the feeling, and lapping and sucking furiously at her stinky armpit. She laughed.

"They all come around Jimmy," she sighed. "You're not the first. But we're not done quite yet..."

She released him and held the other pit over his mouth, giggling at his frantic attempts to lick it, tongue stabbing the air as he moaned, aching to touch it. She lowered it and again applied a headlock in her saggy old but strong arm and he went wild licking it clean and smelling its sweaty rankness.

She let go, kneeling by him and holding his tender cock.

"You want to cum now, Jimmy?" she teased, stroking his dick, cupping his swollen nuts.


"Call me Grandma, boy, they all do," she sighed, pulling away the rubber band, the blood rushing back to his throbbing cock and exploding the second she bent to put her mouth over the head.

He came harder than he'd ever cum before, filling her moaning mouth with his hot, thick seed, his balls aching from release as she held every drop of his load in her cheeks, now gone smooth as they filled with spunk. She jerked the last drop into her mouth and sat back, a pearly smear around the corners, a thin trickle leaking down her chin.

"Must...share..with..woman..." she said, tilting her head back to open her mouth and speak words he didn't want to hear, careful to not let an ounce of cum spill but releasing just enough to sheen over her dimpled chin and sheet down the thick, sexy sagging flesh of her granny neck. ""

"NOOOO!" he screamed and then went mute as Erica tilted forward, holding his mouth open with her hands and letting the full load plop directly into his mouth.

She laughed and clamped her lips over his, forcing her tongue inside, swishing the load with it and holding tight, making it impossible for him to breathe, forcing him to swallow. He gulped, surprised at the not unpleasant taste, and then she broke the kiss, a bridge of spunk hanging between them.

"Clean" she pointed to her cummy chin, which Jimmy graciously licked clean, again caught up in Erica's hypnotic dominance, unable to disobey or wanting to. "And here...down my throat..that's it, suckle that meaty flesh.. a woman's neck is very sensitive, Jimmy, and must be worshipped...and cleaned of cum...lick it, get in there, suckled that flesh, lick it clean..."

He was a goner, his cock still stiff, giving him away. She laughed as he slobbered into her slimy neck meat and stroked him, keeping him hard, making him thrust into her hand. She climbed on him, fisting his shaft to her hairy pussy, sitting back and taking him to the balls as she cupped his head to her neck which he still frantically suckled as she slowly bounced up and down on his dick with her amazingly tight, hairy cunt.

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