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Jewelry Store Heist

by Kippy189 12/31/10

I'm the owner of the jewelry store at 5th and Madison. As typically happened on Saturday night I had to work until eight p.m. I was starving by the time I got home and Alicia, my wife had promised me a romantic dinner since her daughter was staying with her ex for the weekend.

I parked the car in the garage and walked in through the laundry room into the kitchen. I threw my keys on the counter and hollered, "Alicia?"

I heard a man's voice behind me say, "She can't talk right now Mr. Burns."

I whorled around. Two black men were standing in the hallway. Behind them a third held Alicia around the waist with one arm and his hand was over her mouth. She looked terrified, but her struggles were useless against the big man. His skin was a black as coal.

"If you cooperate your wife won't get hurt," said the man who appeared to be the leader.

"What do you want? Let my wife go." He just smiled at me.

"Here's what's going to happen," he said. "You're going to give us the keys to your store and the combination to the safe. We've done enough research that we know that you're wife's daughter is at her dad's for the weekend. We know where he lives and we know that you wife's daughter goes to Mountain View Elementary."

Alicia let out a loud sob. "No," she begged through the black man's fingers.

It only took me a minute to make a decision. "Alright, I'll do whatever you want just don't hurt my wife or her daughter."

"That's the right answer." He paused for a moment. "Come on down and join us." Without waiting for me they all moved into our bedroom.

I had no choice but to follow. As I entered one of the men grabbed me and pulled my arms behind my back and wrapped my wrists with duct tape. The man still held Alicia near the bed. The other man smiled.

"Let my wife go please," I begged. They ignored me. The guy behind me reached around my waist and unbuckled my belt. "What are you doing?" He pulled my pants down around my ankles. "What are you doing?" I asked again. Instead of answering he pulled my jacket back around my tied wrists. Then he stepped around in front of me and undid my tie and pulled it off.

As soon as I naked from the waist down before them, I felt utterly helpless. They pointed to my limp dick and laughed. I couldn't protect my wife or my stepdaughter. I felt worthless. The man in front of me pushed me into the love seat and I flopped down helpless.

All three then turned their attention to my wife. Alicia was wearing a very sexy black dress in anticipation of our evening together. It was very low cut with spaghetti straps over her shoulders. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. The tight dress came up to mid thigh. Her legs were covered with sheer black stockings. Her high heels had fallen off her feet. The leader walked over and lifted the side of her skirt a couple of inches and we could all see the strap of a black garter holding up her stocking.

Alicia recoiled, whimpering, but one man held her tight. The leader lightly brushed his black fingers up the side of her stocking covered leg.

"Please leave my wife alone," I begged.

He turned and looked at me. "What's the combination to the alarm at your store?"

I told him.

"Now you're talking." He let the hem of her dress fall. "Do you have a pencil and paper anywhere?" he asked me.

"In the drawer, over there." I pointed with my chin to the nightstand drawer.

I gave him the combination to the safe and the alarm system.

"Good," he said. "Where are your car keys?"

"In the kitchen. On the counter."

"Okay we're going to take your car and rob your jewelry store. But first we have some time to kill so we're going to tie you up a little more securely.

Charlie knelt in front of me and wrapped duct tape around my ankles and then pushed me over on my side and put tape from my ankles to my wrists so that if I stood, I would just fall over.

The leader turned to my wife. "Are you wearing panties?" She looked at him distrustfully. "Don't worry; we're not going to hurt you or your daughter if you cooperate. So, are you wearing panties?"

At the mention of her daughter, Alicia nodded yes.

"Good. Take them off." She looked at him with horror. "Just slide them down. You don't have to lift your dress."

She looked at him warily. "Please," he added. "You won't look will you Forrest?"

"I won't look. Will you Charlie?" asked Forrest.

"No ma'am. You can trust me," answered Charlie.

There was no way that she could take off her panties without raising her dress, but she turned away and lifted her dress. All four of us watched as she slid her panties off and in the process only showed her all of her creamy white thighs and buttocks before letting her dress drop back. With her back still to the leader and without looking at him; she handed him her panties.

"That wasn't so hard now, was it?" he asked rhetorically as he walked over and stuffed her panties into my mouth and then covered my lips with duct tape. He grasped my cheeks in his hand. "There's only one final rule. We know that you will have to report the robbery of your store, but," he paused. "You're not going to tell the police that we came here tonight. Is that clear?"

I nodded yes.

"Good, because we're going to leave a lot of DNA evidence behind and if you tell the police we'll come back for your wife's daughter."

"No, we'll cooperate," wailed Alicia.

He stood up straight and turned to Alicia. "Good, because Mrs. Burns we will be leaving that DNA evidence with you." All three of them laughed. I didn't get the joke.

Then he said, "Well my brothers, what should we do to kill some time?"

"Well brother Alex," said the man holding Alicia, "I'm kinda hungry..." He reached up and slid one of the straps off of my wife's shoulder. " know, for some white meat." "Ohhh no please!" wailed my wife as Charlie walked over and slid the other strap down.

"Mrs. Burns, just think of your daughter. You'll be fine. Just take off your dress," said the one named Alex.

No I understood why they'd stuck her panties in my mouth. "Nuuhhh!" I groaned against the gag.

While Charlie held her, Forrest unzipped her dress and pulled it down exposing her breasts. He leaned over and licked her right nipple. Alicia whimpered as he pushed her dress down off of her hips. It slid to the floor. Forrest ran his big black hand down her stocking covered leg as his lips slid down to her flat tummy. He stood, letting his hands roam up to her breasts. He grinned and pulled down her thong panties before he stepped back so that he could take in her nudity. "You're a fine looking woman," he said.

Stepping out of his shoes, he slid his pants down. He was already starting to get hard. He leaned forward and kissed her. Alicia whimpered and turned her head to the side. His black member was semi-erect and arched out from his body. He took her hand and wrapped it around his rod. "You know you want it don cha?" He smiled at her. "I'll bet you've never had black cock before." He turned her around and said to their leader, "Alex look at that tight white ass."

Alicia looked down at his engorged rod. She looked terrified.

He lay down on the bed on his back. His hard cock rested on his stomach. "Come on momma, climb aboard." She didn't move. "Hey Alex," said Forrest, "I think she needs help."

Alex moved up next to Alicia and he and Charlie moved my wife over Forrest so that her knees were straddling his groin. Each took an arm and helped lower her while Forrest held his cock up straight so that by the time she was on her knees, his black cockhead was pressed against the entrance to her pink pussy.

Alicia put a hand on his chest and looked down. She seemed mesmerized by his big cock. While she stared, poised just above it; Alex and Charlie both were pulling down their pants. They were both hard, although neither was as big as Forrest.

The love seat where I sat was positioned perfectly to give me a view of his cock disappearing into Alicia as she seemed to voluntarily settle on it. She closed her eyes tight when all I could see were his black balls up against her white ass.

Alex moved up next to her and turned her head, pressing his cock against her lips. Keeping her eyes closed, she opened her mouth and let his cock slide in.

Charlie walked over to the other side and grasped her hand and brought it up to his rod. While she sucked Alex and stroked Charlie, she let her hips settle until Forrest's cock was buried in her pussy. Even with Alex's cock in her mouth I could hear her groan. It seemed to me that she was giving in awfully easily.

After about five minutes Alex moved back and his rod slipped from her mouth. Charlie put his hand on her head and pulled it over to him.

Alex moved back behind Alicia, between Forrest's legs and knelt, blocking my view of Forrest's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Alex leaned forward but I couldn't see what he was trying to do. He raised one leg to get a better angle and now I could see that he was trying to penetrate her asshole with his pole. He pressed the head of his cock against her opening. He pushed forward, but he couldn't penetrate her tight hole. She whimpered. Alex sat back on his knees and spit on her crack until the spittle wet her puckered hole. Again he leaned forward and this time his cock head slid into her butt hole.

"Mmphh," groaned my wife as Forrest lifted his hips. Her cheek bulged out as Charlie pulled her head toward him.

Alex leaned back, but without letting his cock slide back out he again spit down her crack. Pressing forward he pushed his cock in past the foreskin.

Forrest pushed his cock all the way in the same time Alex pushed forward again; this time he slid half way up her rectum.

"OOOHHH!" groaned Alicia, letting Charlie's cock slide out her mouth as Alex pushed forward.

Forrest began pumping and Charlie pulled her head back down. Tears streamed down the side of her face while Alex kept slowly pushing forward until he was pretty much buried up her ass. My wife likes to use a butt plug while she and I made love sometimes, but I doubted that it was anything like having these two big cocks in her at the same time.

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