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Joel and Carrie Ch. 06

by JoeDreamer 11/08/07

"Wow!" I said, really meaning it as I watched Carrie come down the stairs in her prom dress.

"You son," her father Mr. Capanna grinned. "Are one lucky bastard!"

I nodded silently, unable to get any words out. Carrie was the prettiest, hottest and most amazing girl in the world! I knew that just like I knew her father was correct. I was a lucky bastard, far luckier than I deserved.

By all rights, a guy like me should have had no chance with a goddess like Carrie, but somehow we ended up together. Maybe it was fate or simple timing. The truth was I didn't care. All I cared about was the fact that despite everything, the girl of my dreams loved me!

"Well, say something," Carrie said to me when she finally reached the bottom of the stairwell.

"I think he's dumfounded," her father laughed gently.

"As well he should be," Mrs. Capanna said as she came down the stairs and joined us. She obviously waited until Carrie was done making her grand entrance before following.

I still couldn't speak. I took my girl in my arms and kissed her despite her parents' presence. Carrie blushed slightly as I pulled away, but it wasn't from embarrassment. She could feel what I was having problems saying by the intensity of our kiss.

"Don't you dare ruin her makeup!" Mrs. Capanna snapped. "You have no idea how long it took me to get it just right!"

"She's wearing makeup?" I asked, still a little overawed.

"Maybe I was wrong," Mr. Capanna smiled. "Maybe Carrie is the lucky one. It's not every woman who has a man look at her like Joel does."

"Don't I know it!" Carrie sighed.

"Okay," Mrs. Capanna interjected. "A couple of quick pictures and then you need to get on your way. You're already going to be late to Tara's."

A couple of 'quick' pictures actually turned out to take about fifteen minutes. I'm guessing Carrie mother would have gone through a few rolls of film if her camera wasn't digital. As it was, the batteries started taking longer and longer to charge the flash.

"Alright, that enough," Mr. Capanna said, seeing his daughter's impatient expression. "Let them go or they'll miss half the prom."

"Just one more in front of the fireplace," his wife insisted. Carrie and I shifted rooms yet again and let her snapped three or four more pictures. After that Mr. Capanna hustled us toward the door before Mrs. Capanna could object.

"Don't forget to tell Tara's mom that I want copies of all the pictures she takes of the group!" Carrie's mother cried after us. "And call me when you get to the beach house with your friends!"

"We will," Carrie sighed loudly. "Now can we go?"

"Did you take the keys to the beach house?" her mother asked in reply. Carrie blush was enough to let her mother know that she'd forgotten. "Wait here, I'll go get them."

"Thanks mom," Carrie said sheepishly.

"Your father and I stopped by earlier today and left a spread of food for you all when you get there," her mother called back. "Just pulled what's in the refrigerator out and unwrap everything that's on the counter. There's also the makings of breakfast if you feel up to it tomorrow."

"Mrs. Capanna, you're the greatest!" I grinned. She nodded in thanks, but also shook her head as she disappeared down the hall.

"I also stocked the bar," Mr. Capanna said softly as soon as his wife was out of sight.

"Thanks daddy!" Carrie whispered back, giving him a quick hug.

"Don't thank me," he replied. "Just don't let anyone drive after they drink! Whoever you've invited stays the night. Not only would we both feel terrible is something happened to someone who left drunk, but it would be a shame for you to lose your inheritance to a lawsuit."

"It's just a few couples," Carrie replied with a laugh. "And they're all sleeping over."

"Good," her father said, kissing his daughter on the forehead.

"Try and keep the party down to a dull roar," Mrs. Capanna said as she joined us and handed the keys to Carrie. I was relieved to see that she finally put down the camera.

"Goodbye," I said to both of Carrie's parents. Mr. Capanna smiled briefly and shook my hand. Mrs. Capanna surprised me by kissing my cheek.

"By the way Joel," she said with a smile as she pulled away. "You look handsome in that suit."

"Thanks," I nearly stuttered in surprise as Carrie and I slipped out of the door.

"I think you've finally done it!" Carrie smiled as we made our way to the car. I held the door open for her.

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"Convinced mother that you're worthy of her daughter," Carrie laughed. "I mean, she accepted the fact that you weren't going anywhere months ago, but I think up until this moment she still didn't think you were special enough for her little girl."

"She was right," I said. "I'm not."

"No she wasn't," Carried replied. "Father was. I'm just as lucky to have you as you are to have me."

"If you say so," I shrugged and shut the door.

I could feel my heart beating a little quicker as I made my way to the driver's side of the car. I felt good! It was prom night and I had the girl who was a sure thing to be the prom queen as my date. Every guy would be staring at me in envy when I entered. Better yet, I fully expected it to be the same when we returned for our twentieth reunion.

"I love you!" I said and gave Carrie a big kiss. She kissed me back with just as much emotion.

"And I love you too," she replied afterward. "Now get going! Tara is going to kill me if we're much later!"

I started us on our way to Tara's house. She was on the opposite side of town. Since we were in a rush I decided to take the highway. It was a little longer in distance, but usually you could make up the time and then some compared to taking the local roads. I passed a limo on the way and frowned.

"Think the limo will fit everyone?" I asked. There was supposed to be a stretch limo at Tara's to drive us to the prom and then to Carrie's parents' beach house afterward.

"Didn't I tell you?" she replied. "I had Daddy switch to a Expedition after you convinced Robbie and Tina to join us. It supposedly holds fifteen."

"Remind me to thank your father again," I said with a shake of my head.

"Don't worry about it," she smiled. "He understood. Besides, I'm glad you invited Robbie and Tina."

"Me too," I smiled. "By the way, did you ever find out who Jill is bringing?"

"No, but if I know her," Carrie said. "He'll be handsome!"

"You're probably right," I agreed, thinking about the rest of our little group. "It should be a very interesting evening."

"You think?" Carrie asked with a grin. "I still can't believe Maria is going with Tony!"

"I can't believe Deana is letting her!" I said. The two women were a couple, but they didn't like to advertise it, not after what happened during Valentine's Day.

"I know!" Carrie laughed.

We drove in silence for a few minutes, each thinking our own thoughts about our small group of friends. Carrie turned on the radio and I held her hand as we went. It wasn't long before we existed the highway.

"Do you think it's safe for us at Tara's house?" I asked. "I hear her father still foams at the mouth when he thinks about Valentine's Day."

"That was months ago," Carrie replied with a frown. "Besides, he doesn't know the half of what really happened."

"Thank God!" I grinned. "He probably would have shipped Tara off to a convent!"

"He's not that bad!" Carrie laughed.

"Just remember," I teased. "It was all your fault! You just had to try and seduce a gymnast."

"You liked the idea at the time," she said a little defensively. "How was I supposed to know that Sandy was an uptight little bitch?"

"Her boyfriend Carl wasn't any better," I added.

"Please!" Carrie cried. "I can't believe I thought he was cute!"

"He probably is," I smiled. "Certainly, Sandy is a hot little thing. It wasn't their looks that caused the problem. It was the fact that they were so straight laced."

"I don't mind them being prudes," Carrie said seriously. "I mean, to each their own. They could have simply left after turning down our invitation, but no! They had to tell the front desk what we were doing. There was no call for that!"

"Do you remember scrambling for our clothes when the manager knocked on the door?" I asked, laughing.

"It's not funny!" Carrie snapped.

"Oh come on!" I cried, continuing to laugh. "I think you had on pieces of two different outfits by the time the door actually opened."

"I did," Carrie replied, smiling despite her anger. "Jill's top and Tara's bottoms."

"I remember," I said. "It was the one time I've seen you in clothes that didn't match!"

"They didn't, did they?" Carrie asked rhetorically, finally laughing.

"See, it wasn't that bad," I said as we turned down Tara's block.

"Yes, it was," Carrie insisted. "But what was worse was the rumors Sandy and Carl started spreading in school."

"They were unpleasant," I sighed. "But we got through them. In the end, the only person I feel bad for in the whole thing was poor Tara. I guess I understand why her uncle banned her from the hotel, but did he have to tell her parents?"

"You should probably feel bad for Brian too," Carrie said. "I'm not sure Tara's father will ever forgive him."

"Be thankful he doesn't know the details of what really happened!" I said, shaking my head.

"I am," she replied. "But that doesn't make what Tara's father is putting Brian through any more pleasant."

"Give Mr. Dalton time," I said. "Don't worry. I'm sure Brian will grow on him eventually."

"He'd better!" Carrie smiled. "It doesn't look like Brian is going anywhere. In fact, I think today might be his lucky night."

"You mean..." I began. Carrie nodded. Tara was still technically a virgin. Tonight would be the end of that. "So I guess we should give them their privacy."

"That's up to them," Carrie replied. "But I'm hoping they'll join the rest of us afterward."

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