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Knowing Daddy

by L.A. Wicker 04/26/09

"We'll see, but now, I want you to kiss me and after you do," he had to stop, Tasha kissed him and she quickly moved back, acting as if she was embarrassed. "Ok, let's try that again, but this time, don't move away. Keep your lips on mine and try to do everything that I do, ok?" Max said as he caressed Tasha's face and he hoped she was sure about this.

She got up and sat back down on his lap again, but this time, Tasha was facing him and they were nose to nose. "I'll do better this time," she panted and Tasha was on fire. "I promise, Daddy." Tasha whispered as she moved her mouth to his and they kissed.

Max held the sides of Tasha's face and they lightly kissed. "Now, I want you to do everything that Daddy does, baby," he said as their mouths were still together and he wanted her in the worst way, but it would be much better if they went slow and took their time.

"Ohhh, yes!" Tasha moaned as they lightly kissed and she loved Daddy holding her so tight. It made her feel so helpless and at his mercy. Her pussy was dripping and it was running down Tasha's thighs.

He held her as they kissed and his cock was hard. "Sit all the way down on Daddy and guess what's under your butt."

She smiled and sat completely down on him. "Oh God, feels so good!" Tasha moaned as she grabbed his massive neck and hugged with all of her might, as she pushed her hips down and rubbed her pussy on his swollen shaft.

Her wetness covered him instantly and Tasha was on fire. Max held her as they hugged and she felt good in his arms. "I know baby!" he grunted and he had to make sure this is what Tasha really and truly wanted, before they went on.

"Baby, are you very certain that this is what you want? Once we start...I won't be able to stop." Max said as he held her face and Tasha nodded her head yes.

"I know Daddy and I'm very sure about this." Tasha said in her normal voice and she kissed him. "I've never wanted anything as I want you, now," she added and kissed him again. "And, if I want to be your 'girlfriend', I gotta do whatever you say." Tasha said with her 'other' voice and she smiled at him.

Max knew that they were sure to burn in hell, but this was awesome and he couldn't stop now. Tasha was a vamp and she had him under her control. "That's right and Daddy wants you to kiss me again, but this time, open your mouth and flick your tongue on mine." Max whispered as Tasha lay on his chest, kissing deeper, flicking their tongues together and Max reached under Tasha, caressing her ass.

"Oh Daddy!" she moaned as he held her butt and softly kissed her. "This makes me feel all tingly and my special so wet, why Daddy?"

He held her and Max hoped Tasha wouldn't kill him. "That just means that you love Daddy and like it when we hug and kiss," he said with a smile and Max had to get his cock out of his jeans. "Daddy has a surprise for you, baby and I think that you're going to love it too!" he said with a wink.

"Mmmm, what is it, Daddy?" Tasha asked as they continued to kiss and nibble each other's lips.

"Do you still want to see Daddy's penis and find out how you got in Mommy's belly?"

"Oh Daddy, yes, may I please see him! I'll do anything you want...I promise! Please!" she said, making sure that her lower lip was out and Tasha was ready to see her Daddy's cock.

He reached under her, unzipped his pants and leaned back in the chair. "Be easy with him and you can 'only' hold him and nothing more! Do you understand Daddy?"

"Ohhh yes, I understand, Daddy." Tasha replied as she slid from his recliner and sat on the floor in front of him, on her knees and she was ready to please her Daddy. She reached in his pants, gently pulled it out and Tasha thought that she was going to faint.

"Daddy, why is he sooo fat and sooo long?" she asked with a smile, holding him with both hands and Tasha slowly licked her lips. She knew why it was so big and long.

"Well, most ladies like them that big, so they can kiss it and play with it. They also know Daddy can give them a baby, if it's so big."

She looked up at him and tried to look as innocent as she could. "Do I get to kiss your penis, Daddy?" Tasha asked with a soft voice and she saw him smile at her. "Huh, Daddy?" she whispered as her lips grazed over the head and Tasha felt him flex.

"Can I kiss him?" she whispered as her soft lips puckered and she smiled. "He's so big and it's sooo hard too!" she moaned and slowly leaned forward, until his cock-head was against her lips and Tasha opened her panting mouth.

He just sat, enjoying Tasha's game and she forward. "Kiss it real slow, baby and move your hand up and him, ok?" he said as he caressed the side of her face and she licked the head. "That's Daddy's good, little girl. Kiss all over him and keep rubbing him too." Max said as he watched his young daughter, kissing the tip of his swollen, cock-head and it was great.

Her lips were kissing all over him and she was smiling, while lightly stroking Dad. Tasha's breath was warm and her lips were so wet. "Am I doing it the right way, Daddy?" Tasha purred with a smile and quickly returned to pleasing her Daddy's big, hard cock. "Hum, Daddy? Do you like the way I' him?" Tasha whispered with a bigger smile, knowing that she was driving him crazy.

"Yeah, you're the best ever and I love you." Max said as he watched her go back down, kissing his cock-head and he could feel Tasha licking the tiny slit on the head. "That's where babies come from and if you keep kissing Daddy like this, you're going to see Daddy's penis squirt," he moaned and watched Tasha smile at him.

"Daddy, what will it squirt out?"

"It will squirt 'baby juice' all over your pretty face and if you are 'really' Daddy's girlfriend, you will drink it for me." Max paused to kiss Tasha and he smiled at her. "Now, Daddy wants you to suck him and pretend it's one of those big, fat pickles you love to suck on," he winked at Tasha and she just smiled at him.

She smiled again and licked the tip again. "Silly Daddy, I'm your girlfriend and I'll do 'anything', you want me to." Tasha moaned and leaned down to Daddy's cock, sucking him hard and with need. "Mmmm Daddy, is the 'baby juice' good to drink?" she teased and stroked him faster. "Huh Daddy, is it good?" she moaned, leaning over him, letting a big drop of saliva drip on him and Tasha stroked faster.

"Oh yes, your Mommy loved to drink Daddy's juice!"

"Oh Daddy, I'm tingling all over and I'm burning up!" Tasha moaned as she watched the pleasure on his face as she sucked him and had a feeling that he was very close to cumming for her.

He didn't hear what she said and Max was in heaven. A young, beautiful lady was sucking him off and she was his sexy daughter. "I'll fix it for you baby, just keep kissing Daddy's penis for now," he moaned looking at her face and Max loved the beautiful smile around his cock-shaft.

She let him 'pop' from her mouth and licked her lips. "Ok Daddy...I'll do anything you tell me and I 'mean' anything, Daddy," she moaned on his cock, licking up the entire length of his shaft and Tasha stopped to tease the tiny slit again. He lifted and shoved more of his hard cock into her willing mouth, but Tasha lifted too and she pretended to gag.

"Aaarrrgggg! Daddy, do you want me to kiss and suck 'more' of him for you?" she asked with a sweet smile and didn't wait for his answer. Tasha took a deep breath and she sucked more than half of his cock into her mouth and partly down her silky throat.

He felt Tasha suck hard and before Max could think, his cock-head used into her warm throat and he had to stand up. "Oh my holy, mother, oh sweet Jesus! Ahhh, God! Tasha, oh my sweet baby!" he moaned out and it was a loud moan. "My baby, oh Lord!" he moaned again and gently pushed his hips to Tasha, wondering if she has another talent her mother had and his question was quickly answered. "Ahhh, baby, yes, yes!" Max yelled as she sucked more of him and he knew this wasn't going to last very much longer.

Tasha just smiled as she pleased Daddy and from his loud moaning, she knew he was enjoying her and her skills. 'Oh Daddy, yes! Fuck me, me Daddy...fuck my mouth!' Tasha thought as he eased forward, pushing more of his glorious manhood into her willing mouth and throat.

Max felt his cock jump and Tasha got a sweet surprise. "Oh God, oh God! Oh baby, my baby girl!" he yelled as warm jets of cum shot from the tip of his long cock, into her mouth and down Tasha's throat. His cock jerked, his balls felt as if they were going to explode and his heart pumped fast. "My baby, my baby girl!" Max yelled again as he held Tasha and filled her mouth full of warm seeds.

She sucked and held him in her mouth, waiting until he finished and Tasha smiled up to her Daddy. "Daddy, can I do that every day? I loved making my Daddy, so happy," she said and moved up on his lap.

He had to smile and hug this beautiful, young woman and he held her tight. "Oh baby, you can do that anytime you like! Daddy loved the way you kissed me." Max smiled and he quickly felt Tasha's need, dripping on him and he stood with her in his arms. "I think it's time that I took a beautiful woman to bed and make love to her. What do you think?" he asked and Tasha slowly nodded her head yes.

"Mmmm yeah, I'd like that, Daddy." Tasha purred as she held his neck and he walked towards the bedroom.


He put Tasha in the middle of his bed and lay next to her. "I think you should take that top off, so I can see and play with...these!" he said as his finger traced over Tasha's excited, right nipple and she had the shirt off in a split second. "Oh how nice!" he moaned, looking at the tiny gold bars through her nipples and Max smiled. He leaned to tease her nipples with his tongue and Tasha went wild under him.

His long tongue lashed at Tasha's swollen buds and her back arched high in the air. "Oh fuck, Daddy! Yes! Yes!" she screamed and quickly felt something else. "Daddy, oh Daddy!" Tasha whimpered when she felt his fingers on her wet, aching pussy and she spread her legs for him.

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