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Mom, Please Help Me! Ch. 02

by L.A. Wicker 01/01/08

Hey people, it took awhile, but here's more of the story. Like before, if I get lots of email...I'll do more.


Carrie sat in the hospital waiting nervously for Jake. This was the day that they had been waiting for. His casts were off three weeks ago and soon, he'd be fucking her in every room and position he wanted, no questions asked.

I'm on fuckin' fire! She moaned to herself, thinking of him holding her face down on his bed, hammering his long, stiff cock up her dripping pussy, using her like a whore.

Oh my fucking God! She thought again, thinking of him slapping her ass, pumping her pussy and forcing her down. I can't wait! Carrie moaned to herself and she knew he would be in her, as soon as possible.

They hadn't had but a few moments alone, since he checked in two months ago. It was as if, something was keeping them apart. She still managed to stroke him and they did some serious making out, but she needed to be joined with her man.

Come on! Carrie screamed to herself as she thought of his mass slipping up her tiny pussy and she knew that it was going to be just like that first, wonderful night. I can't wait. She thought as someone stepped in front of her.

Carrie looked up and there he was. Standing tall, proud and she knew that look in his eye. Her man was ready to fuck and so was she. "Hey good-looking, you need a ride...home?" she purred in a soft and seductive voice as she watched his massive cock growing in his pants.

He walked out the door and couldn't believe his eyes. There she sat, wearing that white blouse he loved so much and the shortest, black mini skirt that he'd ever seen in his life. Her legs were crossed and she wore a pair of sheer black stockings, making her long legs look very sexy.

"I might." Jake smiled and he wanted a ride, but not the kind she was offering. He needed to ride her sweet body, until he fainted. He needed to hold her, hug her and to make their dreams come true.

"I'll spring for a nice dinner and..." she slowly stood up, making sure that he could see the pair of black panties under her very, very small, mini skirt.

"Maybe some dancing...maybe some hugging and..." she whispered as she moved against him for the first time in so long.

"Oh fuck!" Carrie said with a low growl of need as his big hands grabbed her tiny ass for the first time since all of this started.

"Oh shit!" was all he could manage to say as she moved against him and he grabbed two, big handfuls of her ass.

"If you're good, I'll let you do a few nasty things to me," she moaned, enjoying him playing with her as and she hoping that no one heard what she was offering him.

He returned her hug and Jake grew out of control. "You feel my cock?" he asked as he flexed it against her pussy.

"Yes!" she panted and wished they were alone, if so, she would suck him dry. "I want it in me," she said as tears started forming in her blue eyes, thinking of all the wonderful new things that they were going to be enjoying together.

"I want you to, baby girl." Jake replied as he turned her and they headed out of the hospital. "Where'd you park?" he asked with desperation, hoping it was in a secluded place.

"I'm out on the street. All the other places were gone and trust me...I looked everywhere!" she laughed with pain and Carrie knew what Jake was hoping for. She needed a quick one too, but they would have to wait until later.

He frowned, but deep down, he knew it would be better if they held out. "Well fuck!" he snapped and he really wanted to fuck her and fast. "How far is the new house from here?" Jake asked and he hoped it was close, but from the look he saw on her pretty face, he knew it wasn't.

"It's a long drive," she said pulling her lower lip out as they walked up to her car. "Come on, relax. I have a wonderful evening planned for us and when we get home..." she paused to grab his hard cock and squeezed it.

"I want you to make me your little..." Carrie paused again, but this was to keep her body from orgasming all over the street.

He couldn't help but smiling at her and he had an idea of what she was going to say. "Tell me," he said as he pushed her against the car. He reached to grab a thick, handful of her soft, blonde hair and he pulled.

She was lost when he grabbed her hair and Carrie knew this was going to make her life complete. "I wanta be your little whore!" she whimpered with a soft and very innocent voice as her pussy tingled with need and her heart raced out of control.

He smiled as he held her hair, flexed his raging cock against her pussy and grabbed her ass with his other hand. "As short as this fucking skirt is...I could 'almost' fuck you right here," he said and loved the horrified look on her pretty face. There was no way in hell that he'd do it here, but he wanted to see what she would say.

"Jake!" she said looking at him in dismay. "Come on now, you can hold out a little longer. We want it to be nice and if we're can do anything you want to me." Carrie smiled as she thought of him holding her down on her bed, with his cock using her anyway that he wanted.

He just laughed, hugged her and said. "Sweetie, I'd never do that in public...well, maybe someday, but not now. I want our first time to be special and I'm making up for lost time!" he said giving her another hug as he slowly pulled away.

She gave him a playful slap and said. "You little shit! I thought you were serious!" she laughed as she opened the car. "Come on. We have a dinner reservation in an hour," she added as she got in the car and made sure that she showed him everything under her short skirt.

"You keep up this teasing and...."

"And what?" she giggled and Carrie knew that Jake was going to screw her pussy until it bled.

"I'm gunna wear that pussy of yours out!"

"You think you can?" she teased with a smile as she started the car and drove off.

"I remember someone saying that she wanted to be my whore and tonight would be just the night to do it."

"What girl would want to be a whore?" she asked driving down the street, hoping she didn't wreck them.

He just smiled at her and Jake wanted her more now, than he did when he was hurt. "There's this wonderful lady I know that did something wonderful for her son when he was helpless and he really wants to show her how much he lovers her."

"She sounds very sweet."

"Oh she is and I can't wait to make love to her."

Carrie watched the road as her pussy burned and it was so wet, it felt as if she'd pissed herself. "What are you planning on doing to her?" she asked and wished that she'd just gotten a hotel room for them.

"Oh lord!" he moaned as he shifted his cock and looked at her sexy legs and the black stockings on them. "I'm thinking that I'll make sweet love to her first and after that..." Jake stopped to look at her legs again and then up to her breasts. Her nipples were hard and Jake could see that she was just as horny as he was.

"And, after that?" Carrie said as her pussy started to throb so hard, it hurt.

He reached to caress up her thigh and under her short skirt, until he felt her dripping, wet pussy. "I plan on fucking her so hard, she faints!" Jake growled and he couldn't resist giving her pussy a firm squeeze.

Carrie fought the urge to cum and she wanted to scream. "Stop it! You'll make me orgasm, baby," she said as she slowly pushed his hand from under her skirt.

"I'm ready to blow up and you're not helping one bit," she laughed and watched a smile cover his handsome face. "I have a feeling that after tonight...I will be a whore!"

"No, you'll be 'MY' whore!"


"Carrie, is that you?" a big, fat woman asked in shock as she looked over Carrie and could not believe what she was wearing.

Carrie turned and felt her heart jump into her throat. Who would have ever guessed that she'd run into Janet Jones, the biggest gossip in the entire state.

"Hi Janet." Carrie said as she continued fixing her makeup, hoping the fat bitch would leave. "Yes, it's me," she added as she carefully fixed her eye shadow.

Janet looked at Carrie and wondered if she had turned to prostitution. "Are on a date or something?" she asked looking at the very short skirt and she could easily see Carrie's underwear.

"Nah, Jake got out of the rehab center today and I thought that I'd dress up for him."

You mean you wanted to dress up like a whore! Janet thought and couldn't help but wondering why in the hell a mother, would dress like this for her son.

"Wow, you sure do good!" Janet said looking over Carrie again and thought. You look good; you should go do a few tricks! She laughed to herself and couldn't wait to tell all of her friends about this.

"Thank you. I figured that since he's only seen a bunch of fat, ugly nurses for the last two months, I'd look extra good for him tonight." Carrie replied and knew by night's end, everyone back in her old hometown, would know about this.

Janet was still a bit taken by this and she had to ask more. "Um...isn't it a bit strange to dress like this for your...son?" she asked pointing Carrie's near, see-through blouse and her short skirt.

"He's a big boy now and I wanted to look extra hot for him tonight."

"Well, that you do!" Janet laughed and she couldn't wait to get back home and spread this around town. "You take care and tell Jake that I said hello," she said with a laugh and hurried back to her table to tell her husband about this.

Just fucking great! That fat, fucking bitch is going to tell everyone that I'm a hooker or something! Carrie laughed to herself and just figured what the hell. She was pleasing Jake and that's all that mattered to her. I should have reminded her about that day at the lake! That would have shut her up! Carrie laughed to herself.

Carrie made her way back to Jake and sat down. "You're never going to guess who I just ran into," she said with a hesitant smile.

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