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Mrs Williams or is it Lori Ch. 02

by Pat18SWM 09/29/08

“James it feels so good to have your cock in me and your hands on my tits. Use me lover. I am yours to use.”

I am using her. I pull out and roll her over. She may be thinking that I am going back in her pussy, but I have other ideas.

I straddle her body again. “Push them together again Lori,” I tell her. She knows what I will do in a minute. At first I think she was hoping that I would just have her suck me so I would cum in her mouth. But now she realizes I am going back to her tits.

She does as I tell her. “James nobody has ever cum on my tits. Can’t you just cum in my pussy or my mouth?” she asks.

“You said I could do anything. This is what I want to do Lori,” I tell her. Then I slide back between tits. Sliding between them feels even better with my cock covered with her pussy juice. Her words may have suggested she didn’t want this, but her eyes were still staring lustfully at my cock. I reach down and play hard with her nipples. Her moans make it sound like she is going to cum again.

“Do you like this Lori?”

She doesn’t answer, so I play harder with her nipples.

“DO YOU LIKE THIS LORI?” I ask now with authority.

“Yes James. I love what you’re doing to my tits. My husband barely touches them. I feel like such a slut but I love what you are doing to them. Please don’t stop.”

I go faster and faster. The look on her face is amazing. “Maybe she really is a slut?” I think to myself.

The cum is churning in my balls and getting ready to explode. I am trying to hold out as long as I can, but there is only so long until I have to cum. My hand grabs my cock and I start to stroke it when aiming it at her tits. Mrs. Williams never tells me to stop or not to do it. Her eyes never leave my cock. She may never have had cum on her tits, but she will in a few seconds.

Faster and faster my hand moves over my cock. Then it happens, I blast my white goo all over her tits. I let out a loud moan as it shoots out all over her big tits. The look on Lori’s face is amazing. She looks like a little girl on Christmas morning. Her eyes are fixed on my cum.

“That was so hot James. Your cum is so warm. What should I do now?’

“Well Lori,” I tell her, “you can either lick it up or rub it in.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to lick up what you can reach with your tongue. Then rub the rest in,” I tell her. My body never felt better and my mind was the same way. I realize that I, an 18 year old, just told a married lady in her 40’s to lick my cum off her tits, and she would do whatever I tell her.

Her hand lifts her tit to her mouth as her tongue sticks out. She licks and swallows what her tongue can reach. I will never forget seeing the tip of her tongue trying to get every last drop of cum off her hard nipples. When she can get no more she starts to rub it in. She looks so happy with her hands all over her tits.

I fall to the bed totally spent. She cozies up to me again with her tits on my chest. My arm goes around her holding her to me.

“What have you done to me James?” she asks me with a huge smile on her face.

“Nothing you didn’t want done Mrs. Williams.”

“I am so ashamed but you are right James. I wanted it all, and more. And I told you to call me Lori.”

We drink what is left of our wine then just lay there in her bed. Neither of us have the energy to talk. I think we both just love the feeling of each others body. Finally Lori spoke, “let’s go take a shower and freshen up.”

I like that idea. I want to play with her tits some more, but don’t want to taste my cum.

I have never showered with a girl before. I love it. We kiss and let our hands move over each other’s bodies. Her body looks even more astonishing with water running over it. I get behind her and kiss her wet neck and reach around to play with her tits. She wiggles her ass on my cock making it a bit harder.

“Your body is so firm James. I feel so safe in your arms. You can do what ever you want. I know you will keep me safe and never hurt me.”

As she tells me this I get even harder. She reaches around and plays with my cock. I keep kissing her neck and nibble on her ear as she strokes me. My kisses on her neck turn to bites. She loves it. She moans out “yessssssssssss.” Hearing her like this makes something in me take off. I want to fuck her again, this time hard.

“Put it in your pussy Lori,” I tell her.

She doesn’t say anything. She just does as I tell her. Her hand guides my cock head to her pussy. I want it hard and rough so I just push it in deep and hard. I go hard and fast. My hands play with her tits from behind. Her pussy is grabbing my cock. “Yes James. Fuck me hard. Pound my pussy James. Make me your slut.”

Maybe her words should have shocked me, but all they do is turn me on more. “Yes Mrs. Williams, I am going to make you my slut,” I thought, but didn’t dare say.

I push her body against the shower wall and fuck her harder. The feeling is amazing. Warm water all over our bodies as I take this woman and make her my slut. Harder and harder. She is screaming as I ram her into the wall. “Harder James. Harder,” she shouts.

I grab her hair and pull her head back. “Is this what you want Mrs. Williams?” I ask her.

“God forgive me but yes. I am your slut James. There is nothing I won’t do for you. I will do anything you want. I need you James. I need your cock in me. I need your young body against mine.”

Harder and harder I go. So hard it is almost violent and she is loving it. I turn her away from the wall and bend her over. Harder. HARDER. I know her sexy little body is mine to do with whatever I want.

She is no longer Lori or Mrs. Williams. She is now my slut.

“Oh god James, yes. Fuck me. Harder baby. Do it,” she screams.

Every time she talks like that it turns me on more. I can not fuck her any harder so I slap her ass. I can hear the smack over the shower. Then I hear her groan. I do it again. She groans again. I keep smacking her tight married ass.

I feel the cum building. I am ready to put my cum in my sluts pussy. “Get ready baby I am going to cum in you,” I tell her.

“Yes lover, cum in momma’s pussy.”


My loud scream echoes through the bathroom. My cum drains into her pussy.

Her body goes limp. I think she might fall to the ground so I grab her and hold her. She puts her arms around me and holds herself up. Looking into my eyes she tells me, “I am yours James. Totally your.”

I give her a loving kiss to accept what she just said to me.

We both can barely stand to rinse ourselves. Then dry off. We somehow make it to the bed and fall asleep in each others arms.

I feel so good I don’t want to move. The mornings are never good for me. I always have trouble trying to get out of bed and waking up. At first I think I am having a hot dream and just waking up with my usual morning wood. Then I remember just where I am and who I am with.

My eyes are still closed but I feel something on my cock and I hear moans.

Slowly my eyes open and I see Lori very slowly licking and playing with my cock. She never looks at my face. She is just totally infatuated with my cock. She stares at it then kisses it. Licks then takes it in her mouth. To her I am not there. I am only a cock for her to play with. She is in her own world and loving every minute of it.

I decide to let her know I am here so I start to play with her hair. She looks at my eyes and smiles. Neither of us says a word; she just keeps playing with my throbbing member.

I feel like I have unleashed a monster. Here is this sexy, beautiful lady totally into my cock. I was afraid that she would wake up and kick my ass out of here. Now, I know this is the beginning not the end.

“Get on me. Ride me Lori. Fuck me baby,” I tell her.

She doesn’t say a thing, she just does it.

She moves over me and takes my cock in her hand. She rubs it a little on her pussy then slides it in. She slides on it, slowly at first, and then she starts to pick up the pace.

She looks so beautiful as she rides me. The look on her face is amazing. She looks so happy. She goes up and down faster and faster. Moans escaping from deep in her. I reach up and play with her tits. My fingers working her hard nipples. She leans forward so more of her weight is supported by my hands on her tits.

Up and down she goes. Grinding her pussy all over my cock. Her pussy muscles pull my cock in her deeper. She is so turned on I can feel her juices running down my balls. Harder and harder she starts to bounce.

I put my hands on her hips trying to help her move with my cock. I push up into her as she comes down. I can tell she is close and so am I.

“I am going to cum soon Mrs. Williams. I can’t hold out much longer,” I tell her as she goes ever faster up and down.

Her moans turn into screams, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwAAAAAAAAAAA.”

My body tightens up and I push up hard into her.


She collapses on me. My cock still buried in her.

“Good morning James,” she finally speaks.

My arms go around her. I hold her tight to let her know she is safe in my arms. Our sweaty bodies feel so hot all over each other. I can feel her heart racing and I am sure she can feel mine as well.

After about ten minutes we finally move. She gives me a kiss and gets off of me.

“I better get going Lori. I have a lot to get done today around my house,” I tell her.

“OK James. Please just tell me that this isn’t over for us. I really do need you James. What we did last night only makes me want you more and need you more.”

“Lori there is no way I could stop now. You gave me the greatest night of my life. I want a lot more from you Lori, a lot more.”

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