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My Wife Fucks Another Man

by DooMyWife2 12/23/12

We drank a few more drinks and talked for maybe another hour and a half. We had been in this bar for about 3 hours, we had also had a couple of drinks during dinner, and by now my wife was really feeling the effects of the booze and she was getting playful, giggly, and I knew she was probably getting horny. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and I rushed upstairs to the room and turned the video camera on.

When I returned to the bar, I hoped to find them kissing and Phil maybe feeling my wife up under the table, but they were just sitting there nursing another fresh drink, each, and still talking. Brandie later told me that whenever I wasn't at the table, Phil was asking her why I wanted to have another man fucking my wife and why she wanted to go along with it. She explained to him that it was originally my fantasy, to share her with another man. "But,", she told him, "I've always enjoyed the attention of men. I've always had a very active sex life and it's never been better, or kinkier, than it has been since I met Joe. He has showed me many ways to enjoy sex and have fun that I had never tried, or even thought about before, so when he told me about wanting to share me with another guy, I thought it sounded like fun. I have to admit, the thought of you fucking me while he watches, does turn me on!"

There's no way that my wife would have been able to say all that to this man, who she had only met a few hours before, if she wasn't well lubricated by the tequila, and she admitted that, when she was telling me about this conversation they had. She said his response was a kind of shocked silence, although he did admit to her that she was very sexy and that he did want to have sex with her.

I got a fresh beer and joined them at the table. I announced to them both, that the video camera was on, and they could go to the room anytime they wanted. It was nearly midnight and the hotel bar was closing at 2 AM. I said, "I don't want to be sitting in the lobby at 3!" (Yes, I know. I wasn't suppose to be pushy. But I figured if I didn't give them a little shove in the right direction, this thing might never happen.)

A few minutes later, I saw my wife grab Phil by the hand and say, "Come on. Let's go upstairs." I couldn't believe she was the one to make that move! I knew her pussy must be pretty hot and wet for her to be that bold! They left the lounge and I moved to a stool at the bar. The whole time we had been here, the hotel lounge had been moderately busy, around 11PM it probably peaked with maybe 25-30 people in there. Now, shortly after midnight, I and only a couple of other, what looked like businessmen, were left. The bartender asked me where my "friends" went, and I smiled and told him they needed some time alone in the room. This was back before it was common for everyone to have a cellphone, and I told him they were going to call him when it was OK for me to come up to the room.

I sat at the bar for over an hour, (it seemed like an ETERNITY!), drinking beer and imagining what was going on in the room. My cock was hard as concrete for the entire time and I rubbed it several times through my pants. I hoped that no one saw me and that none of those businessmen left in the bar with me were gay! About an hour and 15 minutes after leaving the bar, my wife called the bartender and told him it was OK for me to come up to the room. After he answered the ringing phone, and had the short conversation, I saw him walk towards me at the end of the bar where I was sitting. The bartender told me, "Your WIFE, (and he emphasized, the word "wife" with a smile on his face), said it's OK for you to come upstairs now."

At first, I was a bit embarrassed to think that this bartender knows that my wife had been in a room upstairs, fucking another man while I was sitting in the bar. But then I thought, "Fuck him. I don't care what he thinks.". Then I kind of got sexually excited at the thought that he KNOWS my wife is a hot fucking slut, getting her pussy used and satisfied!

I nearly ran through the hotel to the elevator, then down the hallway to the room. Immediately, as I entered the room, Phil went into the bathroom. I shut the video camera off and sat down on the bed next to my wife, who was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but a very sexy black, silk nightie, with thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders and a low cut neckline that dipped all the way down to her nipples. In a low voice, I asked her, "Well? How was it?"

She said, "Nothing happened."

I said, "WHAT? What do you mean "nothing happened"? You two have been up here for over an hour, something happened."

She said, "His dick wouldn't get hard. I worked on him for almost an hour and he couldn't get it up. It never even got half hard."

"You mean to tell me that you were sucking this guy's dick and he couldn't get it up?" I couldn't believe that! My wife is definitely the best cocksucker I have ever known in my life! She can suck me and make me cum at "her will", and many men have agreed with me over the years, although some of them have had to tell me what a great cocksucker my wife is, out of earshot of their wives.

My wife responded with, "Yeah, he wouldn't get hard. He told me he was really nervous about this whole thing and the alcohol he'd consumed tonight wasn't helping either. He apologized for it. He asked me if he can spend the night with us and he wants me to sleep in the same bed with him. Is that OK with you?"

I told her that it was OK with me as long as if anything got started during the night, that she made enough noise to wake me up so that I wouldn't miss the action. I told her that I would be sure to stay in the other bed and to stay quite, so that he wouldn't get spooked by me and lose his erection, if he ever got one. She said, "OK." I quickly got undressed and got into the bed near the wall outside the bathroom and laid on my right side so that I was facing the other bed that they would be in. I covered up, my wife turned the lights all off and laid down in "their" bed on the side towards me. Phil came out of the bathroom, walked around to the far side of their bed, stripped off his boxers and got into the bed, under the covers with my wife. My cock got instantly rock hard thinking about another man cuddling up naked, under the sheets, with my wife, just a few feet away from where I lay, in the other bed.

The room was completely dark, except for the light coming through the large window, since we were on an upper floor, we hadn't closed the curtains. Once my eyes got adjusted to the light, I could see pretty well. I pretended to be asleep, tried not to move or make any noises, and give Phil a chance to forget that I was even in the room. But, I couldn't go to sleep! My cock was hard and throbbing, with the thought of another man, naked, cuddling with my wife right in front of me, my heart was pounding, and I was trying to control my breathing. I could see that my wife was lying on her back and that Phil was on his left side, facing her, but I noticed he kept his face next to my wife's head so that he couldn't see me over her. I also know that he and her were whispering to each other occasionally, even though I couldn't hear what they were saying. My wife later told me he was just making small talk like, "You're so sexy. Your skin is so smooth. I love your smooth, shaved pussy.", and he asked her a few times if she was enjoying this, being in the bed with him, while I lay in the other bed just a few feet away. She told him, "Yes." She was enjoying it and it was turning her on. I could see his hand sliding around under the sheets up and down my wife's belly and over her tits. Once in a while, I knew he had hit that special spot on my wife's pussy because I could see her shudder and hear her sigh, or moan a bit. I thought I would blow my load all over the sheets in my bed, imagining him lying there with his fingers in my wife's pussy!

This went on for nearly two hours, I could see the clock on the table between us. After I got used to the fact that my wife was in the bed with another man, and there wasn't any action that I could actually see, I started to get a little sleepy and I was afraid I would fall asleep and miss something. Although he had been caressing my wife all that time, he obviously hadn't gotten real serious about finger fucking her to an orgasm, or anything like that, because if he had, I would have known it. The most my wife ever did was give those little sighs and moans that let me know he was touching her in a way she liked, but he wasn't taking her over the edge. So, with the lack of visible action, or even action that I could be imagining in my mind, I was beginning to get pretty sleepy.

About then, I saw my wife turn onto her right side and face Phil. I saw Phil's hand, (under the sheets), go over my wife's side and pull her closer to him. I couldn't see their faces, but it was pretty apparent they were kissing and making out. I saw Phil's hand sliding up and down, under the sheets, over my wife's back and her ass. Then my wife lifted her left leg up and put her left foot flat on the bed so that her knee was pointing upward.

Phil obviously, slid his hand around to my wife's front, between her legs, and probably slipped a finger or two into my wife's cunt. I saw her wiggle, and heard her let out a very audible gasp. I could see my wife's left arm was moving up and down, and I figured she probably had Phil's cock in her hand and was trying to rub him hard. I wondered how this guy could be getting all this kind of treatment from my sexy assed wife and NOT be hard! For the next several minutes I could see the two of them making out, while he was finger fucking my wife and she was rubbing his cock. I wanted to see more! I wanted to jump out of the bed, rip the sheets off of them and actually SEE his fingers in my wife's sloppy wet pussy! But, cognizant of Phil's shyness, I stayed put. My hard cock was leaking pre-cum onto the sheets in my bed.

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