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Patty Used

by tonystokeswriter 01/13/18

On the way over Linda shared with me that she had been having some pretty steamy phone conversations with Patty. She confided that Patty had a fantasy about getting used by a group of men and women, but she was not sure Jim was ready for that yet. However, she told Linda that her immediate desire was to be absolutely submissive to the three of us, but she would need to be home by 6 PM or so.

Jim had a nice, two bedroom condo with water view. After maybe a half an hour of shooting the breeze and sipping drinks, Patty excused herself and went into the bedroom adjacent to the living room. She was dressed in an attractive business suit. Very sexy in a real estate way and I suspect her looks closed a lot of deals. When she came out she was stripped down to just very brief panties and her heels. She kneeled on the floor, looked at each of us and said, "Use me."

Jim and I stood simultaneously as if we had rehearsed it, walked over and she unzipped Jim's suit pants, unbuttoned my jeans and began sucking our cocks. I gotta say the sight of her wedding ring and sparkling diamond as she held my shaft and put me in her mouth was arousing. Linda walked over and began kissing Jim and me while Patty blew us. While standing there Linda slipped out of her skirt, blouse and bra, leaving on her thong underwear and heels. Jim and I leaned over and each took a nipple in our mouths. I alternated sucking all of her tit into my mouth and biting her nipple. Linda loved having both of her tits get attention.

She grabbed Patty by the hair and a little roughly pulled her to her feet and kissed her mouth hard. Then she forced her head down to her breasts and we all watched as Patty looked into Linda's eyes while she slowly sucked first one, and then the other of Linda's erect nipples. Great visual. Patty dropped back to her knees with Linda's pussy, covered only with sheer lace, right in front of her face. Linda kept her pubic hair trimmed to a small strip but it was just high enough on her pubis to show above her panty or a bikini bottom. She liked the attention it drew at the beach. Linda's hand was still on the back of Patty's head as she forced her face against her crotch. Patty continued to look up with an expression of unbridled lust.

Linda stepped back and sat on the couch with her legs spread. She arched her eyebrows and kept her eyes locked on Patty's, obviously summoning her. Patty began to slowly crawl across the floor until her face was positioned between Linda's legs. Linda pulled her panties to the side and Patty began licking her pussy and flicking her tongue on Linda's clit. Linda began moaning after a few minutes and came loudly, soaking Patty's face.

With Linda satisfied for the moment, Jim and I pulled Patty's panties off and began using her, taking turns with her mouth and pussy. Patty came pretty quickly, as did Jim, shooting a load in her mouth as Linda stroked his cock. I have pretty good stamina and managed to hold out a bit longer before unloading deep inside Patty.

As we began to recover from round one, we moved into the bedroom. I noted that the bed was the same one Patty had been tied to in the photo she sent. We all continued to use Patty. Linda did blow both Jim and me, and she and I fucked with her on top while Patty licked my shaft and her pussy. Jim seemed very content to watch for a while. After a few minutes Linda climbed off and she and Patty shared my cock until I exploded all over Patty's face and tits.

The afternoon's activity ended up with Linda lying with her ass in the air while Patty licked and kissed both her soaked pussy and ass. Jim and I were pretty well spent but the show was inspiring and we took turns fucking Patty again while she loudly licked, kissed and probed Linda's ass with her tongue. Her face was buried tightly between Linda's ass cheeks. At one point I saw Patty licking the middle finger of her left hand. I did not see where it had been but assumed it had been in either Linda's ass or pussy. After Jim and I took several turns ramming Patty from behind, she shuddered and screamed, climaxing again.

It was nearly 6 as we all sat or sprawled on the bed. Patty seemed lost in a state somewhere between ecstasy and exhaustion. Jim reminded her of the time.

"Crap, I have to call my husband and tell him I will be late," she squealed as she jumped from the bed, grabbed her phone and went into the walk-in closet. Linda held her finger to her lips, cautioning us to stay quiet. We did and could hear Patty's muffled voice explaining the she was busy at work and he would need to pick up dinner for himself and the kids. When Patty came back into the bedroom the three of us were lounging naked on the bed. She was also still naked, her face flushed and lips, chin and cheeks still shiny with cum left there by the three of us.

She smiled at us. "OK, you guys just made me one happy woman." She walked over, joining us on the bed. She lowered her face to my cock, kissed and licked the tip, then moved to Linda and made a show of slowly kissing her, moving her lips to each nipple, sucking them and finally putting her mouth on Linda's swollen pussy and kissing it. Finally she went to Jim, pulled his cock into her mouth, looked up at him, glanced at Linda and me, then back to Jim. Holding his cock against her cheek, her wedding ring shining, she told him, "You own me. There is nothing you cannot do to me. Nothing."

We all sat for a few more minutes. Patty spoke up finally. "I should shower. I smell like sex and I have a husband to go home to." None of us said anything. She continued, "But I really don't want to. I like how I look and smell and I like the taste of all of you. So fuck it. Chances of him wanting sex are remote, but if he does I will know that he is simply getting your leftovers."

True to her word, Patty dressed, did not bother fixing her make-up, kissed us all and left. She did call Linda the next day and said, as luck would have it, her husband did want sex. So she gave him head, let him go down on her, wondering if she still had any of Jim's or my semen in her, and they fucked for the first time in a long while. He was pleased she climaxed, not knowing it was because she was recalling how she had been used hours before.

Linda and I enjoyed partying with Jim and Patty. We also enjoyed their company just talking, and doing things. We had a lot in common. However, because Patty was married our time together was limited and we never missed a chance for sex. A few months after the day spent in Jim's condo using Patty to her satisfaction, she divorced her husband and moved out-of-state, keeping custody of her kids. Turned out her old man had been embezzling money from clients. He was convicted and got a short prison sentence. Jim moved to be close to Patty once he secured a position as a real estate loan executive. Last we heard they were talking about marrying.

Linda's perspective...

Wow, when Tony showed me this story it brought back some powerful memories. The sex was a great, unrestrained and there are many times I still miss it. I read what Tony wrote. I masturbated reading it, remembering the times we spent with Patty and Jim and others. After reading it once, I went back through it to see if I remembered anything differently. Not much.

I have always liked using my sexuality to exercise control over men... and sometimes over women. Tony was fascinated, maybe even obsessed, with women talking on the phone to spouses while he had sex with them. I admit it is a turn on for me as well and I had a conversation twice with my ex while I was blowing Tony. I guess that is really bad of me... but it was fun.

Patty was not entirely my type physically. She was not fat. Tony's use of the word voluptuous is a good description. She had large breasts, probably even before the implants, and a soft, curvy body. I generally prefer women with lean bodies and small breasts... more like me. I also remember Patty as having a beautiful face and expressive blue eyes. I get aroused just thinking of her looking up into my eyes with her face between my legs.

I also liked how submissive she was the day in Jim's condo. Tony is correct in writing that I alternated between enjoying submission to him and other men.... sometimes women, and other times being dominant. I was pretty dominant that day with Patty.

I recall that we had a lot of sex that afternoon. All of us seemed to have boundless energy and stamina. I remember Jim fondly as well. I enjoyed blowing him and fucking him with Tony watching and joining in. I like being the center of attention, but that afternoon it was Patty's turn. Tony's description of the sex was, in my recollection, on the money. When Patty walked out of the bedroom in heels and panties I knew it was going to be a great afternoon.

We had been with her and Jim once before so we were comfortable and I was not at all surprised when she kneeled and invited them both to use her mouth. I recall watching for quite a while and getting very turned on. When I walked over and began stroking both of their cocks while she gave them head, I was very into the moment. I did not recall grabbing her hair until I read about it. I do remember kissing her and then putting her back on her knees and pulling her face into my crotch.

Patty was fantastically submissive that afternoon. I think, no I am certain, we all could have golden showered her. It crossed my mind, but everything else kept me, Tony and Jim pretty busy. I probably could have been content sitting back, masturbating and watching her service the guys, but I was eager to be involved and I knew Patty wanted me as well. There are a couple of things that merit a little elaboration from my perspective.

First, a caveat. I am not about to turn this into a romantic re-telling of what was a raw sexual experience. I can be very sexy in my own right, but there was a synergy between Tony and me. I love sex. Like Tony, I find great release in my sexuality. It is who I am, or at least who I was before Tony and I split. It is probably still there within me, just on some sort of hiatus. I may seem a little direct and even graphic at times. This was not a romantic experience, though we did really like Jim and Patty. Tony often has told me that I ruined him for other women and I know our sex life ruined me for other men. I am not even sure I love my current husband, but it is what is best for me.

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