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Pool Boy Ch. 51

by BigZeke13 03/13/18

After the ten of us congregated in our suite, we were all naked in less than a minute. Cocks were ready for action. Trey and Bryce dropped into overstuffed chairs and Nam and Dean flopped onto opposite ends of the sofa. Alexis was stroking my rigid cock as we stood leaning against the bar watching. I was shocked when each of the girls didn't go after their guy's cock. Instead, they randomly mixed it up as Josie dropped to her knees in front of Trey and guided his long cock to her lips. Nina did the same with Nam's cock. Jan inhaled Dean's cock and Yu-Gin did the same with Bryce's.

Josie was furiously driving her open mouth on Trey's cock as an "AAAWWKK AWWKK AAWWK" sound came out of her throat. Josie couldn't deep-throat Trey's cock and she didn't even try. Trey was rapidly shaking his head from side to side as he groaned. Jan was giving Dean a throat-job and I could attest that she was awfully good at it. Dean was groaning non-stop as Jan popped his glans into her throat over and over again. I knew he wasn't going to last very long.

Yu-Gin used her mouth on the top half of Bryce's long, thin cock as she used both hands in a counter-rotating hand-job on the bottom half. The grimace on his face said it all as he pushed his hips upward as her mouth descended.

Nina was furiously sucking Nam's cock. The look on his face indicated that he was going to blow any second. Then Nina popped her lips off his cock and pushed it between her massive tits and locked it in place with her palms pushing her tits together as her fingers held his cock in her ample cleavage. Nina started jerking him off with her tits but it was awkward and she kept losing her rhythm. Nam slid his ass forward to the edge of the chair and began ratcheting his hips up and down, driving his cock through her tit flesh. Nina dropped her chin as low as she could to try and suck Nam's glans onto her lips as it popped out of her cleavage. His cock wasn't long enough and she couldn't do it.

As I expected, Nam was the first to go as he scrunched up his face and launched his load between Nina's tits. Cum bubbled up between her tits with a few shots fired as his cock came into view. Those launched past Nina's chin and came down on her face. She tried to catch it but most of it went across her face to her hair line. She was squealing with delight as Nam's cum fell like rain on her face.

Alexis stroked my fatty as she watched the others. Then she motioned for me to follow her into the bedroom and she pushed me down across the bed and scrambled onto my body and guided my cock to her pussy. The moaning and groaning in the living room seemed to drive Alexis higher and she rapidly descended down my cock and screamed as she passed the fattest part. She didn't stop. She gritted her teeth and kept on going.

In the living room it was like dominos falling. Dean groaned out that he was cumming and a minute later, Bryce and Trey announced the same thing in stereo. The girls would want their orgasms too and Jan and Yu-Gin appeared at the side of our bed with Bryce and Dean in tow. Alexis stopped her fucking motion to watch what they were going to do. Jan positioned herself on all fours on the edge of the bed next to me. She pushed her ass back to offer it to Bryce. Bryce was stroking his cock as he dragged his semi-hard cock along Jan's sex from her clitoris to her anus. Yu-Gin went to the other side of the bed and looked to see if Dean's cock was back up and she bent down and sucked his semi-erect cock into her mouth. Then she took her position across from Jan. Alexis resumed her motion and groaned hard as she rolled and twisted her hips downward on my cock as she descended.

Jan balanced herself on one elbow and reached over and wrapped her fingers around my balls. She looked at me and grinned when I looked over at her. She angled up her thumb into Alexis' anus as she came down. Alexis wasn't ready for that and she screamed from the surprise. Then she pushed back on Jan's thumb and as her thumb pushed through the sphincter, Alexis groaned again and pushed herself all the way down on it. She moved her hips forward onto my cock and off Jan's thumb and then reversed and drove her ass back onto Jan's thumb. Her head had tipped back and her mouth hung loose as she continually moaned from this dual action. Bryce had stroked his cock back up and pressed it to Jan's pussy and when he pushed his long cock in, Jan started to lose her precarious balance and she pulled her anal-fucking thumb from Alexis to steady herself. Alexis groaned and then whined disapprovingly when Jan thumb disappeared. She went back to work on my cock with renewed vigor.

Dean was standing behind Yu-Gin rocking his hips as his cock slid in and out of her. She was so tiny compared to Dean's hulking body. A vision of a hood ornament on one of Rachel's antique cars flashed through my mind. Her face was buried in the bedding as she rocked back and forth to the rhythm of Dean's motion.

Trey walked into the bedroom with his hard cock in his hand and announced, "Fuck. These girls are freaky hot. Josie and Nina are on the floor in a sixty-nine and Nam is fucking Nina in the ass."

Alexis turned to look at Trey and her attention was drawn to his cock in his hand. She looked up at him and said, "Speaking of fucking in the ass." She lifted herself up so only my glans was inside her and waggled her ass at Trey. "Jan got me going. I need your cock to finish the job." Trey didn't hesitate a single moment. He could see that Alexis' anus was slightly open and he placed his knees on each side of mine and guided his long cock to Alexis' anus. She stopped rocking on my cock and looked back to watch Trey get into position. Trey spit into his hand and lubricated his cock with it. Alexis grinned at him as his cock touched her rosebud. She lifted herself slightly to get the angle right and as Trey pushed inside she yelp once and then groaned hard as he pushed himself in. She was forced to collapse her torso toward me and her nipples dragged across my ribs as Trey began his fucking motion.

The sensation of his cock sliding on my mine was incredible and my cock hardened even more as Alexis's mouth opened wide in a silent scream. She stopped moving and Trey and I got into a rhythm together so we were both driving our cocks into Alexis at the same time. Trey folded his tall body forward and reached around and cradled Alexis' tits in his hands. She groaned hard every time we both pushed into her at the same time. She started wagging her head from side to side as she moaned continuously. I could tell from her clenching muscles in her torso and legs that she was close to her climax and I picked up my pace which put Trey and I out of sync and this new sensation pushed her over as she let out a whimper, "Oh my God," before a loud scream burst from her lungs. Her body went spastic and I grabbed her hips to hold her on my cock. She wasn't going anywhere trapped between Trey and me.

Trey tried to pick up my pace as he drilled his cock deep into her bowels. His balls were slapping on the base of my cock with each penetration. Alexis' pussy was clenching hard on my cock as I slowed my pace. The sensation of Trey's cock sliding on mine was pulling me to climax and as Alexis' orgasm began to subside, her eyes went wide and she groaned into another one. Then to top it all off, she screamed as she was in an anal orgasm at the same time. I could feel her anus clamping on Trey's cock. He slowed way down then. I continued fucking Alexis' newly clenching pussy as she screamed again.

Alexis was fucking Trey's cock with her ass. He stopped moving altogether. The tightness of Alexis' pussy and Trey's cock in her ass and her dual action clenching drove me over the top and I heaved my body upward driving my cock deep into Alexis' pussy and groaned mightily as several powerful surges of cum launched into her. Alexis screamed with the first one and then groaned hard with each subsequent one.

My orgasm must have pulled Trey's out as he grabbed Alexis' hips and with her diminished anal clenching, he was able to fuck each of his cum shots into her bowels. I felt his cock on mine as he unloaded. Alexis collapsed onto my chest pulling herself halfway off Trey's cock. All three of us were throbbing with random aftershocks and Alexis softly groaned each time Trey's or my cock surged harder with one. Our breathing slowly became normal as none of us moved. Trey had bent forward and rested his forehead between Alexis' shoulder blades as he caressed the sides of her tits.

We hadn't moved but the bed certainly was. Jan and Yu-Gin were getting a furious pummeling from Bryce and Dean. Yu-Gin was up on her hands slamming her ass back into Dean's crotch. Then Dean reached forward and grabbed Yu-Gin's tiny tits and pulled her up so she was standing straight up on her knees. Dean was heaving his cock into her as her face grimaced as if she were in pain. She mumbled, "Oh my gawwdd. Yes. Right there." She joined the action with her own thrusts back onto Dean's cock. She grabbed his hands on her tits and found her long nipples sticking between his fingers and pinched them hard. Then she exploded hard into an orgasm as her body tensed and then released and then repeated several times.

Dean's hands dropped to Yu-Gin's slim hips and he forcefully pulled her to him as he pivoted his hips forward. She screamed again and drove her hands into her crotch to feel Dean's cock driving between her fingers. Yu-Gin's head lolled around on her neck and she was as limp as a rag doll until Dean began firing his load into her. She lifted her head and groaned with each shot. Dean was driving his cock deep on each one.

Dean's cock popped out of Yu-Gin's pussy on one thrust and cum shot across the bed into Jan's face as she had raised her head in a loud groan as she felt her orgasm arrive but also to watch Yu-Gin. Bryce was pummeling Jan's pussy and when he felt her orgasm arrive and her pussy clenching on his cock, he let his go and both of them groaned loud and long. Bryce thrust his cock hard into Jan's pussy on each cum-shot and groaned hard. Jan's body thrust forward from Bryce's momentum. Her mouth hung open as she moaned through her orgasm.

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