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Pregnant Mom

by rgjohn 10/15/09

After dinner I went to take a shower. I had shampoo in my hair and it had run into my eyes. When I reached out for a towel, I realized that I had neglected to put one on the rack. The towels were in a closet a few feet away, which I could not reach without getting out of the shower. Wet from head to toe, I was trying to step out of the shower when my foot slipped. I yelled as I went down, grabbing the shower curtain on my way. It helped break my fall but the flimsy rod couldn't hold my weight and I landed on the floor, on my butt, with a thud. I was unhurt but embarrassed.

My mother heard me yell and rushed into the bathroom to find me lying naked on the floor. "Are you hurt?" she asked reaching to help me up.

I took her hand and stood, dripping wet and stark naked. "Only my pride," I quipped.

"Let me get you a towel," she said, turning and opening the closet. She pulled out a towel but instead of handing it to me she paused. "You sure you're okay? You didn't bruise your butt, did you?"

"Moooommm," I said, "I'm fine." I suddenly realized that I was totally naked with my mother staring at me. I saw her eyes appraising my body. I saw her eyes drift down to my middle. She was unconscious of it I am sure.

In spite of my embarrassment I felt blood flowing to my penis.

"You have grown up on me," she said, but then blushed and drew her eyes away from my suddenly twitching cock. "I guess I better get out of here," she said, now flustered.

Later that night, sometime after 11:00, I was lying in bed naked with my I-Pod headphones on listening to music when thoughts of my mother slipped into my mind. I began to stroke myself as I thought about my favorite fantasy. It was a familiar one … one where my gorgeous mother and I are at the swimming pool. I offer to put sunscreen on her back. She reaches back and unties the string on her bikini top. I slowly smooth cream on her back as I stare at her gorgeous ass enhanced by the dental floss bikini, which left the smooth mounds of her ass cheeks bare. Slowly my hand slides down her back until I reach her ass. She squirmed as I moved lower spreading the cream over her cheeks.

Suddenly my eyes flew open. I realized that my mother was standing in the room. I had not heard her knock, if she had, because of the headphones. I gasped and looked for something to cover my obvious excitement. I noticed that my mother was holding something in her hand. Her face was red and she looked concerned.

"Moooommmmm!" I gasped. Then I realized what she was wearing. She had on a man's shirt, which was unbuttoned down the front revealing most of her gorgeous breasts and a pair of bikini panties.

"David, I found this in your linen closet when I was replacing the towels just now. Does it belong to you?" She held open a magazine that depicted naked men having sex. There was a look of total shock on her face ... which matched mine. Apparently she had panicked when she found the magazine in the closet and had rushed into my room not realizing that she was half naked.

"Noooo," I gasped. The magazine was clearly intended for gay men. "Moooommmm," I screamed again, "That doesn't belong to me." Then suddenly I realized that because of Dad, she thought that maybe I was gay also. You know, the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree", kind of thinking.

"Really, Mom, that is not mine. I've never seen it before. It has to have belonged to dad."

My mother came over and sat down on the bed next to me. "Its okay, David, you can be honest with me. We can get you help if you are … are … you know, like dad."

I was so shocked I couldn't answer.

She said, "You are a handsome boy and I've wondered why you didn't date more in high school." She clearly thought I was might be gay.

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. A strange thought suddenly crossed my mind. I had a moment when I thought about using her fears to my advantage, but I came to my senses.

"Mom, I am not gay. I'm just shy. Really!"

I saw a skeptical look on her face and it appeared she didn't believe me. Then she placed her hand on my bare thigh. That small move made my cock, which had gone limp, twitch. It was starting to grow again. The room was suddenly filled with tension. I was almost frozen with fear. If she kept her hand on my bare thigh I was going to be fully erect again in a few moments. Then when she began to gently massage my leg, that did it and within seconds I was hard. "Mooommm," I gasped as her circling hand moved higher.

"If you are leaning that way, I think we can get you help," she said with a pained expression.

I knew from my intro to psychology that being gay was not a choice one made ... you either were or your weren't. "Listen, I think about girls … only girls. I even fantasize about you." I blushed.

Her eyes opened wide, but then they narrowed as if she thought I was making that up to please her. I saw a look of determination on her face.

"Just relax, she said as she slowly moved her hand higher and higher.

I held my breath, unable to believe what was about to happen.

Her hand wrapped around my cock a moment later and I almost passed out.

"Jesus," I whispered under my breath. It was impossible to relax. I stared at her, my chest tightening with excitement. She began to stroke me. I thought I heard a little moan slip from her lips. Then she started to move her hand up and down. I was in total shock at this point and my mind could not comprehend what was happening. The woman I had fantasized about was stroking my cock.

"Mmmm, that's it, just relax, sweetie," she whispered as she continued to stroke me.

My cock was pulsing in her hand and juice was literally running from the slit. She used it to coat my cock and make is slippery. Her hand began to move faster until the room filled with the sloppy sound of her stroking hand. It didn't take long for me to reach my peak. I wondered if I should warn her that I was about to climax, but the only thing that came from my mouth was an, "Ahhhhhh". My cock throbbed and suddenly exploded. The fact that I had been stimulating myself for a while and now my mother was jerking on my cock, caused my sperm to blast high into the air in a huge arch, hitting my chin and then splattering on my chest.

Blast after blast spewed from the swollen head until my balls were empty. My mother kept pumping until I was dry. Then she squeezed one last time before she quietly stood up and left the room.

I lay there gasping for breath and wondering if it had all been a dream. By the time I had fallen asleep I had convinced myself that it was in fact a dream.

Chapter 3

The following morning, I came down to breakfast to find Mom already up. She had coffee brewing and the kitchen smelled like I remembered when I was growing up. On the stove was sizzling bacon and scrambled eggs. I sat down at the table quietly and buried my head in the newspaper. Frankly I was embarrassed about what had happened last night … if it happened at all. I couldn't believe my mother would actual jerk me off.

"Good morning," my mother said.

"Uh, good morning, Mom," I said sheepishly.

"Did you sleep well last night?" she asked.

"Uh … yeah, sure. How about you?"

"Great. Especially after our talk," she answered.

For a moment I thought she was talking about the discussion about the gay magazine. But then she said, "I was so worried about telling you about being pregnant. But you made me feel so much better."

"Well, I'm glad I could help."

"It did, more than you know," she said as she walked over and hugged me.

I felt her breasts press to my shoulder and the now familiar stirring began in my groin and the scene from last night flashed into my mind. Stop it, I told myself. This is crazy. I have to live with my mom. Yet, there was nothing my rational mind could do to stop my libido.

"What's on your agenda today?" Mom asked as she went back to the stove and finished breakfast.

"I thought I would try to get the old Ford started. Anything you need?"

"Yes, you can put all of your … your father's stuff from the garage in boxes. I'll call him to pick it up."

I saw a flash of sadness in her face and felt anger well up in my stomach. I fought it and said, "Sure."

"Later this afternoon I can fix us some burgers on the grill if you want."

Mom knew I missed her wonderful cheeseburgers. It was a summer tradition to sit by the pool and have burgers on the grill almost every Sunday. It was a happy memory—especially watching her run around the pool in her bikini. "Sure, great," I said sincerely.

After breakfast, I went to the garage, got my car started with a little charge to the battery, and then packed up all of dad's tools (at least the ones I didn't want) and put them in boxes. When I was done it was after 2 and I was tired and sweaty, so I went in to take a shower. As I walked to the bathroom with a towel around my waist, I passed Mom's exercise room and I heard her breathing heavily. I peeked into her room through the crack in the door and saw my mother bent over at the waist. She was wearing a pair of tight short shorts and top. All I could see was her ass. Taking a big risk, I dropped my towel and grabbed my now hard cock. As I stroked myself and watched, she would bend over and touch her toes then go into a yoga stretch movement. There was a mirror in front of her, but I couldn't see myself so I figured she couldn't see me. I found out much later that she had seen me.

After a few minutes of watching I became worried that she was going to catch me so I slipped away from the door and went to take my shower.

The rest of the day was relatively quiet. Mom and I went out for a quick pizza and then back home. She said she was tired and went to bed early. I watched TV and finally went to my room. I stripped and got into bed, intent on fantasizing about my mother. I started stroking my cock, but somehow the fantasy wasn't the same now … not after my mother had jerked me off. I am not sure what time it was, but I was awakened by the sound of my door opening. I lay there frozen, hoping against hope that I was not mistaken. I suppressed a moan when I felt the bed next to me move. Then I felt her hand on my thigh. Instinctively I remained motionless, pretending to be asleep ... not really sure why.

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