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Seduced by My Aunt

by tightnpink 03/14/09

When my nephew turned 18, I decided that I was going to seduce him. To this day when I need some help getting off, I think of him, and his awkward little efforts at my body, and it I gets my little puss wet right away. Mmm, I get hot.

Well, with that in mind, I thought I would write the story of what really happened, but from his point of view. It turns my knees weak just wondering what he was thinking.

Everything he saw, everything that happened, was intentional. I wanted him, and I made him mine.

So here goes...


I turned 18 in May, but still had a year of high school left. I was looking forward to a really lazy summer trying to get laid and smoking pot with my friends. I didn't want to do shit that summer. But then two days before school let out, my mom gets this call from my Aunt.

Sarah lived alone on a small ranch on Louisiana. She was fairly wealthy, and pretty hot for a woman nearly 30 years old. I know she is my aunt, and I shouldn't think such things, but sometimes I would look down her shirt when I could, or at her tight ass when she bent over. I never got a chance to see as much as I wanted too, but I probably saw more than I should. The last time I saw her, I spent most of my time in the bathroom or my bed room jerking off.

Then I would have to pray for forgiveness for my sins. A boy shouldn't think about his aunt when he touches himself. It's wrong.

So anyway, aunt Sarah calls my mother and tells her that she's really lonely at her ranch lately and asked if I would come stay with her for the summer. She said it would be fun, and my mom always wanted me to be more of an outside man. So she quickly agreed.

When she told me I would be going to the Louisiana for the summer, I pitched a fit. I yelled and cussed and threw things, and got punished, but still, I was going. My only consolation was that Sarah was hot, and I was pretty sure I would be jerking off a lot over the next couple of months.

So school let out for the summer, and I packed my things into my beat up old Camry, and drove the three hours straight south to my aunts ranch, where she lived alone.

She was ready for me when she got there, and came out onto the front porch. God she was prettier than I remembered. Aunt Sarah was about 5'5", with dark blond hair and green eyes, She was a small C cup tits, but she had a really narrow waist and a good curve to her hips. She was standing on that porch, leaning against the post in just about the shortest shorts I have ever seen before. They rode low, and came all the way up her thighs to where the crease of her legs were. I could see the bare edges of her pink panties sticking out one side. They were so tight, she didn't have to button the top button to make them stay up. All she was wearing up top was an old white t-shirt, maybe a little dirty and a little thread bare. It was pretty easy to tell that she wasn't wearing a bra, even from the driveway. Her nipples weren't hard, but I could make out the darker areas on her chest that marked her areola.

No shit, I was only out of the car for 30 seconds before I felt myself getting hard.

"Hey, Mark. How was the drive?"

"Oh, fine Aunt Sarah."

She came bounding down the stairs and before I could stop her she threw her arms around me for a hug. She's shorter, so she kind of hung off my neck, pressing her tits into me when she did. I felt her slam her tummy into my softie erection, and couldn't believe she didn't feel it. But she didn't say anything, so I just acted like nothing happened. When she moved away from me, I couldn't help myself from looking down at her big breasts. Here nipples were a little bit harder now, and I was now very sure it wasn't just a trick of the light. This woman wasn't wearing one stitch of clothing under that shirt.

"Let's get you settled in," she said. I think she caught me looking at her, but again, she didn't say anything. "You must be tired."

I moved my duffle bag around to the front of me to hide my erection, and I let her lead me to my room. The shorts she was wearing were even shorter in the back. One more millimeter shorter and I would be able to see the swell of her tight, mature ass. When she took me upstairs, I let her get a few steps ahead of me, and I tried to see up her shorts where they gapped a little, but they were so tight, I wouldn't make out anything.

"Mark, dinner is in a couple of hours. I'm sure you're tired after your drive. Why don't you sleep for a little while. When you get up, we'll eat, and hang out a little, and then in the morning we can go swimming. How does that sound?"

"That sounds Really nice, Aunt Sarah. Thanks"

"Enough of that Aunt Sarah, non sense, I'm only thirty. Just call me Sarah, Okay?"

"Sure", I said.

"Sure what?"

"Sure, Sarah," I answered a little awkwardly. I wasn't sure if that was the answer she was looking for or not.

"Good boy," she said, and walked out of my room.

I was now hard as a rock. I was still holding the duffle bag in front of me, and I was trying to move it a little bit to rub it against my cock. When she was standing in this small bedroom with me, the only thing between us had been the duffle bag, and I tried, but I couldn't help myself. I had no way of holding eye contact with her. I just kept staring down at her breasts. The v neck of the t shirt revealed the top of her cleavage cleft. He breasts were spaced widely, and even though they were only a small C, with her frame so small, they look huge on her. Her nipples were a dark rose color through the fabric of the shirt, and when she had turned, I had seen them slide under the fabric. They had gotten harder as the conversation went on.

It was a lost cause. Within seconds of her shutting the door behind herself, I was stripping out of my clothes, and I locked the door. I kept some hand cream in my bag to jerk off with. (I used to tell my mom it was because I had such dry feet.) I lubed up my hand with the white cream lotion, and grabbed my rock hard shaft. That was all it took. I triggered and shot cum all over the nightstand I was standing in front of.

I felt like such a dork. At 18 I had a pretty big dick for a guy my age, but I had no staying power. I stayed horny all the time, which was pretty normal from what my friends said, but I just couldn't keep going. I always came too quickly. Not that I ever had an opportunity to try with a real girl, but when I jerked off, it was fast.

I researched it online one time. It said that it was pretty normal for a young guy to cum too quickly, and that as I got older and more experienced it wouldn't be a problem anymore. I sure hoped that was true.

Anyway, the long drive, and the lack of sleep all combined and made me want to sleep. Cumming was the icing on the cake, and I was passed out under the covers before I knew what to think.


A couple hours later, I was awakened by a motion on my bed. Aunt Sarah was sitting on the bed trying to wake me. She was slowly trying to rock me awake, and it made the swell of her tits slide back and forth under her shirt. AS if I needed any more help, I woke up with another erection.

"Supper Time Mark," she said. "Wake up."

"I'm up, I'm up."

She started pulling the covers down, and I caught her just in time.

"Uha, uha, I'm not dressed," I stammered.

"That's okay", She said. I've seen it before. "I don't want you to go back to sleep on me."

She was still trying to pull the covers down. I yanked them back up, and she giggled a little bit.

"Okay, but I'm not giving you another chance to go to sleep. I know how teenage boys are." She turned around and walked away from the bed, and folded her arms. "I'm waiting right here until you're dressed. If you're not fast enough, I'm peeking."

She giggled again. I popped out of bed and started pulling on my jeans.

"What's this?", she asked and bent over to pick up my bottle of hand cream from where I left it. When she did the tight blue jean shorts she was wearing rode into her ass, and there was a very apparent wedgie when she stood back up.

"Damn, this is the same brand I use. It's good stuff." With that, still facing away from me, she squirted some of my jerk off hand cream in her palm and started rubbing it into her hands and arms. After she was done, she reached her left hand behind her, and slipped it into the top of her shorts, pulling the wedgie out. It was so simple a maneuver, and so erotic at the same time. I stopped what I was doing and just stared.

She turned around and saw that I was mostly dressed, tossed the bottle onto the bed, and said "Come on, I'm hungry."

I had no choice but to go down to supper with an erection.

She had made pork chops and stuffing. She served it with ice cold beer.

"Aunt Sarah, I can't drink. I'm only 18."

"Oh, come on Mark. First don't call me Aunt Sarah. Second, are you trying to tell me that you have never had a beer before?"

I hesitated, then admitted "No I have."

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, when you are 18, you are a man. And men have the privilege of drinking. So help yourself. I always keep beer and wine around, and usually I have some whisky for special occasions and tequila for being naughty."

We ate and had a couple of beers each. It was good, light conversation. After we were done I offered to do the dishes, but she insisted. She said that I could do them in the future, but for tonight, she wanted to do them.

She set to work on the dishes, and I had my third beer. She asked me what I wanted to do this summer as she laid into the dishes like a mad woman, and when I said I didn't know, she suggested a few local activities she said were fun.

"Really it's too hot here during the day to d\o too much. Most of the time I just end up laying out by the pool. I'll swim to cool off, but that's about it. If I go out to do anything fun, it's at night."

Being 18, and a guy I immediately thought about her laying by the pool working on her tan in a tiny little bikini. I was already staring at her ass half bent over the sink, so I started thinking about her laying out by the pool without a bikini, and imagining all the curves and crevices of her body. I could imagine the sweat beading off her tight, cream colored skin...

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