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Sexing the Bride’s Mom Ch. 02

by DkGy 09/03/07

The next day Akbar, Mike and Wendell stood around Tom's notebook computer, their cocks hard with lust as they watched their partner fucking Mrs. Johnson. The young men unconsciously and consciously massaged their swollen bulges as they watched the erotic sight on the color LCD display. They were all sexually envious as Tom grasped Mrs. J's delicious hips, fucking their buddy Sam's mom like a whore, calling her a slut and telling her that she wanted to be fucked. They all imagined themselves in Tom's place as they watched the stud release Vanessa's well-rounded buttocks and grab the heavy globular tit flesh hanging beneath the hot 54 YO MILF!

"Damn, look at that sexy old bitch fuck!" breathed Akbar as they watched Mrs. J.'s beautiful middle-aged face, grimaced in sexual ecstasy, while the young stud thrust his muscular hips forward, slamming against the backs of the thighs and buttocks of Greg Johnson's middle-aged wife. Her throaty grunts and groans filled the room, her heavy breasts swinging back and forth as the wild young stud pounded her cunt hard, its wet vaginal cavity yielding to the hard penis in the wet sex hole!

"Aaaaaaargh," moaned an inebriated Mrs. J., her gentle groans now very audible as Tom continued to impale the hot MILF firmly on his massive throbbing cock. Vanessa's large, beautiful green eyes wide open, but still unfocused, a side effect of the drugs. An orgasm was imminent as throaty moans emanated from her full, sensuous lips while Tom's stiff, thick, throbbing cock slid deeply within her.

"Mrs. J., you like getting fucked by some strange cock, don't ya!" snarled Tom

Mrs. J's moans let all the studs know her climax was building.

"And you wish that you had four or five more cocks here, don't you, Slut!" snarled Tom

"Ooohhhhhhh!" moaned the hot MILF.

"And you can't wait to come just thinking about it, can you, Bitch!"

The studs all watched as both Mrs. J. and their partner climaxed, their voices loud on the computer.

" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" moaned the mature woman loudly, her body taking over completely as the two bodies on the screen twisted and turned, climaxing simultaneously. Mike actually felt his cum releasing as he watched Tom groaning with the sexual pleasure Mrs. J's body was giving him as he filled the middle-aged wife's vaginal cavity up with hot, white spunk.

All the studs watched as Mrs. J's moans and their partner's grunts continued as their explosive climaxes gradually ended. As Tom pulled his deflating cock out of Mrs. J., the slight sucking sound of air being released told the story of how Mrs. J. had been fucked and fucked well!

Wendell looked at Tom. "When are we gonna fuck Mrs. J.? She is one hot MILF!"

"Soon, my friends. Soon," said Tom, smiling evilly. "I still got some work to do before she's ready for all of us. But trust me, she will enjoy every dick she gets!"

Back in her suite, Vanessa tossed and turned all night, not knowing or believing in what must have just happened with Tom. Fortunately, Greg was snoring loudly when she came in and didn't even wake up, which was a godsend for her.

Vanessa slipped into the bathroom and slipped off her clothes looking in the mirror. Her body was flush with color, suggesting that she had been fucked for some time. She believed that the young man must have drugged her in some way, but couldn't figure out how he had done it. One thing was certain – the soreness between her legs and the cum that had dripped from her pussy confirmed that a man young enough to be her son had fucked her!

Vanessa shook her head in disbelief and tried to organize her thoughts. Today was her daughter's wedding and she was being escorted down the aisle by Tom. There was no way of getting around it and she had no idea of how this was going to play out. The only thing that was a given was that seeing Tom today was unavoidable.

That afternoon Vanessa began to dress, her hair and makeup already done by the resort stylist. On the way back to her room, several men openly ogled her, even one with his two children in tow. They all appeared to be between 40 and 50 years old and they all admired the way Vanessa's big breasts and shapely legs moved in unison.

Vanessa closed her eyes and walked past them all, almost wishing that if she had to be in this situation, it would have been with someone closer to her age instead of a young man the age of her son!

At 4pm the wedding party started to assemble. Vanessa had waited as long as possible until Greg finally told her, "Let's go. We're going to be late." They walked down together to the elevator from their suite. Greg, distracted by a hangover from the drugs and alcohol the day before, did not notice his wife's discomfort as they headed to the outdoor gazebo where the wedding was to be held.

Tom had arrived at the gazebo early and had been waiting for Mrs. J. When she finally arrived, he noticed with satisfaction that when she saw him, she averted her gaze. A smile crept across his face – Mrs. J was ashamed and bewildered by what had happened. This would benefit his evil plans well!

The young man walked up to Greg and Vanessa and said, "Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. J." Looking up and down Vanessa's sensual figure, attired in a form fitting blue gown which could not hide her deep cleavage, Tom stated, "Mr. J., you're looking sharp as always and Mrs. J., you're going to put all the bridesmaids to shame."

Vanessa stuttered, "Thank you," still averting her eyes. Mr. J. shook Tom's hand briskly, saying, "Old girl is looking mighty fine today. Walking down here today, she got looks from men my age and your age, Tom."

"I don't doubt it, Mr. J.," replied the young stud smoothly. "It will be my pleasure to escort the prettiest woman in the wedding party down the aisle today." Vanessa became uncomfortable with the man's lascivious stare up and down her form. Mr. J. noticed nothing, slapping the young man on the back, agreeing with his statement and happy that a young man found his wife desirable.

"Come on, Mr. J.," said the stud. "Let's get an early drink before the wedding."

"No, Greg," pleaded Vanessa strongly as she tried to keep Greg from drinking. She was sure that both she and Greg had been drugged last night.

"Ah, Babe," said Greg, "Maybe it will help me with this hangover." And before Vanessa could say another word, Greg grabbed Tom's arm and escorted him towards the bar. The young man looked back at Vanessa and winked. Vanessa shuddered at the young man's lustful stare and wondered how the rest of the evening would go.

As the bridal party started lining up, Tom came up to stand with Mrs. J. "How are you feeling?," said the young stud.

"How should I feel!," whispered Vanessa. "How could you do this to me?"

"No, Mrs. J," said Tom smoothly as he pulled out his smart phone. "How could you do this with me," as he handed her the phone.

Vanessa gasped as she saw herself clearly displayed on the phone's screen, fucking in different positions. Even though she could not remember even having sex with Tom, the video clearly showed her fucking him. And, from the look on her face, she almost appeared to be enjoying it!

Vanessa looked at Tom with undisguised anger. "How could you do something like this? You're despicable!"

"That I am, Mrs. J," said Tom smoothly. "But you weren't saying that last night!"

"I was drugged . . . I had to be . . ."

"All that matters," said Tom, his voice in complete control, "is that there is proof that you were riding this big piece of meat between my legs and loving it!"

Vanessa felt sick to her stomach. "Why did you do it and what do you want?" she whispered.

"You, Mrs. J. Just you."

"I'm married, Tom, and I belong to my husband," said Vanessa, her voice still trembling with anger. "I don't intend to be anyone else's woman or sex piece!"

Tom took back the Smartphone from Vanessa, then slowly took her arm in his right hand. Suddenly he squeezed hard, causing Vanessa to gasp in pain. When she looked at him, she saw nothing but coldness in the stud's eyes.

"Listen, Mrs. J.," whispered the young stud through clenched teeth. "What you are going to do is anything I want for the rest of the time you are here! If not, I can always upload this video to the internet so that everyone can enjoy it!"

Vanessa started to tremble in fear. "You wouldn't."

"In a heartbeat," said Tom smoothly as he turned towards Greg. "Would you like to see me . . . "

Vanessa grabbed his arm. "No!" she whispered pleadingly. Please don't! My husband . . . My children."

"Won't ever have to know," said Tom again smoothly, again completely in control.

"I have wedding responsibilities and my husband is here with me," said Vanessa, fighting back her tears.

"I want you tonight after the wedding reception is over and everyone is either going to bed or the club. Your husband will be inebriated and won't even realize when you come back to the room."

Vanessa was helpless and she knew it. That video could never see the light of day. She struggled, but saw the look of triumph in the young man's face and knew she had to agree to this perverted bargain.

"Will you promise that no one else will ever see those pictures and video if I do what you want?" said Vanessa, her voice conceding her submission to this young man.

"Absolutely." said Tom smiling as he looked at her. "Now get your face right. It's time to walk down the aisle."

The wedding went off without a hitch and daughter Jennifer was a beautiful bride. Throughout the ceremony Vanessa felt Tom's eyes watching her and when she looked at him, he simply smiled. She knew that look – the look of a predator who had caught his sexual prey!

Afterwards the reception was held in the Continental Room of the Resort. Vanessa could hardly keep her mind on her duties, knowing what lay in store for her tonight. Yet she managed to be a gracious Mother of the Bride, looking after her guests as she made the rounds of the tables, thanking them for coming.

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