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Sister Mistress Ch. 05

by LilLindaMelons 11/29/10

"Glad to see that Lukey baby Cockslut has learnt his place. Do you like Mistress's robe Cockslut?"

"Very much Mistress Katherine, you look super hot."

"Thank you, Cockslut one of the things you'll learn is that a woman doesn't have to show all of her body to excite or entice the desired reaction, sometimes it's better to keep some things hidden only to bring them out at the exact right time and not before."

"I have so much to discover Mistress Katherine will you teach me?"

"That's exactly what I intend on doing little brother, my little Cockslut, Mistress's little cumloving Cockslut. For your next reward I might just get in contact with Helen and see about getting you a bigger pair of titties."

"Who will you say they are for Mistress Katherine? Please don't tell her that they are for me."

Blushing bright crimson Lukey pleaded with his sister. Kathy noticed that his first concern was about being discovered so she was now certain that she'd chosen the best way of domesticating her little brother. There wasn't anything that he wouldn't do for his Mistress now, it gave Kathy a thrill to know that her brother was putty in her hands and she was going to have loads of fun moulding him into her very own cumloving cock craving slave. It pay back time

"She already knows that your Cockslut slave I just haven't got around to telling her about your little cross dressing fantasy? Helen likes sissy boys would you enjoy having to serve her wicked desires."

"Yes, Mistress Katherine, I would enjoy serving Helen but not as much as serving you."

Luke, blushing brightly again replied. Seeing her brother's embarrassment Kathy played on it.

"Why Lukey baby tell your sister, your Mistress why her Cockslut wants to serve his sister?"

"Well, it's so much sexier it's incest and forbidden that has gotta be the best thing because my Mistress Katherine is my super sexy Sister as well."

"Finish your pizza clean up down here then come up to Mum's room, Mistress will be waiting don't keep me waiting long Cockslut, or else."

Luke stuffed another slice of pizza into his mouth and watched his sister walk upstairs as he washed the plates they'd used. Quickly drying them he went to his Mother's room to find his Mistress, Kathy was sitting on Deborah's bed going through their Mum's gigantic make-up case. Digging around Kathy had already fished out four different eye shadow packs a one inch long dark reddish brown eyebrow pencil two blusher packs and six different lipsticks. Three were various shades of red two others were darker shades of burgundy last was a near perfect match for the eye shadow he was wearing earlier that night. Kathy had gone through her Mother's closet earlier to find the box of costume jewellery samples Deborah use to sell via party plans. Looking up at the doorway when Lukey appeared Kathy patted the bed next to her motioning him to sit on the bed beside her.

"Over here Linda Cockslut, it's cross dressing lesson time."

"Yes Mistress Katherine."

"Since any idiot can put some mascara on you needn't worrying about practicing applying it. Here you can wear these they'll suit you a pearl necklace and earrings for a cumloving whore."

Taking the fake pearls Lukey baby slipped the string of creamy white globes over his head Linda Cockslut sat next to his sister and she helped him clip the earrings in place, Lukey baby loved the way they bounced against his face whenever he turned his head. Over the next hour Kathy instructed him on how to apply his eye make-up one side at a time. The first time she just shook her head and tossed the remover wipes in his lap, Lukey baby quickly cleaned off the eye shadow. With a few more instructions from his sister Lukey baby was soon turning himself into Linda Cockslut, Kathy made a mental note on how quickly he was able to learn given the right stimuli. By the time Lukey baby had applied the eye shadow to his second eye for the fourth time Kathy was completely satisfied that her Cockslut would be able to do his own eye shadow.

"Okay Linda, now once more but this time both sides the same then we'll start on your eyeliner and blusher."

"Yes Mistress Katherine."

Lukey baby quickly wiped away the last traces of make-up and quickly redid the eye shadow. When he finished Kathy took hold of his chin tilted his head back again and looking down at her sibling she nodded her approval.

"When you do this for your self Lukey baby you can put the mirror on your knees and pull your lower lid down. Show Mistress Katherine that you can do as your told, pull your eyelid down Cockslut."

Doing as his sister ordered Lukey baby drew his lower lid down. Beginning at the corner nearest his nose just above the row of eyelashes Kathy applied the liner out towards the other corner then up in a tapering line extending the line of his eyelashes.

"Here you have try Cockslut Lukey, when you do the upper lids just hold the mirror up so you can see the underside of your eyelids then go for it."

Taking the eyeliner from his Mistress Lukey did as she'd instructed, a little thick the first time but Kathy was amazed how quickly when interested he could pick something up. Watching her little Brother remove his make-up for the seventh time she looked at the clock on her Mum's bedside table and since it was nearly eleven thirty she decided that it was well past Lukey baby's bedtime.

"Right Lukey baby Cockslut it's time we were in bed you can take this make-up to your room along with the jewellery. Tomorrow morning you will do your face and wear the sexy lingerie that I give you, when Johnny arrives you may suck him, but don't you dare let him fuck that sweet arse of yours."

"Yes, Mistress Katherine do I sleep naked as well?"

"No, Cockslut, go into my room on the bed is your new underwear the only underwear that your ever be allowed to wear from now on, clear Cockslut?"

"Yes, Mistress Katherine crystal clear."

Luke rushed past his Sister going into her room she followed but stopped in the doorway. Lukey baby was greeted by a medium sized pile on his Mistress's bed. It was all of her older nearly worn out suspenders and G-strings mostly black red a combination of both and one green set, but what sparked his interest most was the three camisoles one red one and the others were both black from experience he knew that they were super slippery when wrapped around his dick. He hadn't seen the silk nighties one red the other blue in the clothes hamper before but he couldn't wait to try them next time he masturbated. Both of them were so short that when Kathy had worn them her pussy and butt cheeks were clearly visible if she didn't war the matching panties. There was even a couple of pairs of stockings and hidden at the bottom of the pile was a butt-plug designed so that it could be connected to a set straps with padlock attachments making it impossible to remove once in place, a sort of anal probing chastity belt.

"Oh thank you, Mistress Katherine, I thought that you weren't going to give me any more stuff like this."

"I thought that you deserved it after tonight's little performance and it's for your Mistress's benefit too. Besides it's obvious to me that you'd prefer to be Linda Cockslut more than Lukey Cockslut. You still like girls though don't you little brother?"

"Definitely Mistress Katherine I wasn't sure I still have fantasies about fucking most of the girls at school, so I'd have to say that after the last few days I'm definitely bisexual and thanks to my sexy Sister, Mistress Katherine and I've found out just how much I likes to cross dress."

"Who do you fuck the most in your dreams Lukey baby, tell Mistress who it is."

Luke wanted to obey his Mistress but he couldn't bring himself to tell her that he'd been dreaming about fucking their Mother, but wanted to broach the subject of incest with her again.

"Jenny Mistress Katherine, Jenny Cavanaugh and my sister... Katherine Mistress Katherine"

Luke baby continued going through the pile of his sister's discarded lingerie in front of him. Kathy untied the belt around her waist then dropping her robe she walked to her dresser opening the top drawer she took out a sheer totally see-through sky blue baby doll nightie trimmed with what looked like dark blue fur.

"Who else have you been fantasizing about Cockslut? I demand to know!"

"Um well there's Mrs Cavanaugh and Mums friend Sally Mistress Katherine."

After slipping the flimsy baby doll nightie over her head Kathy pulled it down stretching it over her large melons she returned to the drawers fishing out the matching panties. Lukey baby Cockslut admired his Sister's womanly from he could clearly see the outline of her large dark nipples and the outline of her puffy sex lips

"So my little brother fantasizes about fucking his own Sister does he, you're a real kinky little fucker Lukey baby and you like older women do you?"

"Yes Mistress Katherine I don't know what it is they smell so good but when they have big tits and I get hard thinking about them."

"I don't know if they would care to fuck Linda Cockslut, but as for Jenny fucking Cavanaugh I thought so, you have a fucking crush on the little blonde whore don't you, Lukey baby Cockslut? The way I've seen you fawn over her it makes me sick, tell me what's so special about her then?"

"It's hard to say Mistress Katherine part of it is that she's an exhibitionist she doesn't mind showing her tits to anyone that'll look. I've even seen her pubic hair she's a true blonde. Mistress Katherine she's got these fantastic nipples that stick out at least an inch and a half. The whole nipple sticks out including her wide aureole there just begging to be sucked and chewed, but she won't let anyone touch them she's such a prick teaser Mistress Katherine."

"So Cockslut what do you really prefer big tits or big nipples?"

"Her tits aren't as big as yours Mistress Katherine, but they're such a turn on for me she has quite nice sized boobs a little more than a handful I'd say. It's her nipples though Mistress Katherine it's like they are made just right so that they would be a mouthful for whoever is lucky enough to have Jenny let them taste. So of course its nipples Mistress Katherine I hope it doesn't offend you?"

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