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Strange Days Ch. 48-50

by redskyes 12/08/11

I couldn't possibly tell you how long I came. I only know that when it was over, both of us trying to catch our breath, we were lying in a thick puddle of warm cum that stretched from my ribs to my thighs.

"Oh my gawd," Holly whimpered and kissed the side of my head.

"Holy shit," I laughed breathlessly. "That was unreal."

"Some secret, huh?" she sighed.

I laughed again, smoothed my hand down over her perfect little ass. I was still hard, still so deep inside her. I caressed her cute little butt with both hands and pushed down, grinding my thick length against her cum-drenched walls. Holly cooed and kissed my neck. I couldn't move much, but I managed to give her a slow pump of my dick. Then I realized something.

"Hey," I said, rubbing her back. "Is this why Trevor fits me so perfectly now?"

"Uh-huh," Holly nodded against the side of my head. She pushed up onto her elbow to blink teary eyes at me, face flushed with the intensity of her cum. Gawd, she was cute. "Every dildo I use is perfect for me now, no matter how small or large."

"Really?" I blinked, then remembered something else. "Sometimes it feels like I'm tighter than others."

She smiled. "It's what you wanted then."

"Or what he wanted?" I asked, moving my hands to her hips, grinding up against her, inside her.

Holly shook her head, eyes fluttering shut briefly while I teased her steamy cunt with my still hard length. "No. The one thing I've learned...jeezus, Amy...from Helena is that Freyja's gift is all about us, about women." She laid her hand on my chest, hips moving with me now. "Your body simply knows what women want, what they need. Her gift empowers us to give pleasure, and to take it. It's that last part that helps sex with Trevor be so good."

I nodded. It made sense.

Putting her hands on my stomach, Holly pushed upright and began to ride me, just an inch or two of my dick, but enough that it felt oh so good. "Of course, guys just don't do it for me, so I can't speak from experience in that regard, but what you describe happens to me and my artificial friends."

I giggled, but only briefly. I was a little to overwhelmed by the feel of her riding me.

"Hey," Holly said softly, pausing above me. I looked up at her and she gave me a crooked smile. "Thanks."

"For what?" I asked.

"For not letting me be the only one with this gift," she replied, then she kissed the tip of my nose.

It was a sweet gesture, one of fondness and friendship, the first for us. Funny, I'd never made a friend by fucking them, which we did again. Of course, the true gesture of friendship was more likely to be that Holly helped me clean up the horrible mess we'd made of the bed before Mom got back. The sheets were completely soaked through with cum, and we had to clean the mattress too.

Glancing at the pile of heavy cum-soaked sheets and towels, I was damned glad we had a washer and dryer. I'm pretty sure Sarah's dad never would have imagined it would have been used for that though.

Chapter 49

Violet and Holly stayed at the apartment that night, screwing like bunnies, of course. Sarah and I were both too tired to do anything ourselves, but we cuddled and laughed quietly at the sound of their lovemaking. Sarah and I were both intimately familiar with the sounds Violet made during sex, and it was amusing to hear it from an outsider's perspective. I'll admit though, what I wanted to do was watch, not just listen, mostly because I was fascinated by the mental image of tiny little Holly with a dong big enough for Violet. I kept picturing her petite frame standing there with a cock hanging to her knees, the weight of it tipping her over.

They hung around the day after too, then went back to Holly's apartment. Paula got back the same night they left. Her time with Johnny had gone really well. She wasn't comfortable staying at the sorority house yet. Even though she would be surrounded by girls there, they weren't really her friends. They didn't make her feel safe. We were more than happy to have her with us.

Paula had me worried though. She was having nightmares, of being restrained in all manner of ways; tied up, handcuffed, taped, bound and gagged in any way she could imagine. Young men, sometimes Todd and his friends, sometimes faceless, always surrounded her, having their way with her, fondling her. Sometimes they would try to rape her, but she would wake up just before the horrific act. She was sleeping, but not well. It didn't take much prodding on mine and Sarah's part to convince Paula she should talk to someone. She called Detective Willis and he arranged for her to meet with a psychologist. He also asked her how I was doing, if I needed to talk to anyone, but she told him I was fine.

The next week and a half took absolutely forever to end. Every day, I was acutely aware that Trevor was one more day closer to coming back, and that Mom was one more day closer to leaving. A big part of me didn't want her to go. It was wonderful having her around. On the other hand, having her around all the time was putting a major dent in my sex life. I still hadn't gotten the chance to try any of my newly learned tricks with Sarah.

The last day Mom was with us, she treated me to a hot bath and helped me shave, and by 'helped me shave' I mean that I lounged in the tub and let her do all the work.

I had one leg up on the lip of the tub. Mom was just about finished with it when I asked her, "Mom, do you think it's possible to be in love with two people at the same time?"

Mom chuckled, eyes on my leg as she smoothed the razor under my calf, "Whoa. Déjà vu."

I laughed. She was right. After getting home from the hospital, I'd been in this very tub, with Mom shaving me, talking to her about Sarah and Trevor.

"Well?" I prodded.

Mom shrugged a shoulder and patted my leg. I lowered it into the water. Mom rinsed my leg off, hands kneading at my stiff muscles until the whole leg turned to putty. That was always the best part about Mom shaving my legs - it included a message, and she was great at it. I propped the other one up on the opposite side of the tub. "It's never happened to me, but I take it you have a better idea now of how you feel about Trevor?"

I nodded, watched her lather up my other leg with shaving cream and got to work. "It hit me a little over a week ago, when he was leaving." I smiled at the memory. "I love him, Mom."

"Well, sounds to me like you have your answer, sweetie," she smiled up at me, shaving my thigh.

"Yeah," I said, deep in thought. Mom shaved the rest of my leg, then rinsed it off and massaged it. "I just wonder what our future would be like, you know?"

"Want me to do the rest of you?" She asked.

Wow. That caught me off guard. She was the one that taught me how to do it without hurting myself, or missing anything, but she hadn't shaved me down there in a long time. Part of me wanted to shy away from her offer, but the majority of me warmed up to the idea, to be close to her again, to feel safe and loved.

"You don't mind?" I asked eagerly.

"Not at all, baby," Mom smiled and stood up, offered me her hand, helping me stand up in the tub. "Now what do you mean?"

She kneeled beside the tub and I put my hand on her shoulder for balance, then propped my foot up on the lip of the tub. Mom gently applied shaving cream between my legs.

"Well, assuming a perfect world," I began, watching as she set the razor on my skin just above my mound and delicately drew it down and under. My mom was really good at this. I actually trusted her shaving my nether region more than I trusted myself. "Let's start with who would marry who?"

Mom paused with the razor to chuckle. "Unless those new same sex marriage laws get passed, that one's easy."

"Good point," I conceded, watching her expertly shave the rest of my mound, then started worked at the rest of me. "Okay, how about this; who has the baby?"

Mom paused again, flicked a nervous glance up at me. "You aren't thinking of having a baby, are you?"

"No," I smiled and rolled my eyes at her. "But it's a valid concern."

Mom finished the final pass of the razor and set it aside. Using a washcloth, she wiped away the remnants of shaving cream, then she gently ran her fingers over my mound and labia, and under, testing her work. I'd always been fascinated with these times with my mother. It was very intimate, sure, but never erotic. That we were comfortable enough to do this together made me proud of our relationship.

Besides, if Sarah had been the one shaving me, she'd be making me soaking wet with her fingers right about now, coercing me to have sex with her. Not that it would take much coercion.

Okay, it wouldn't take any at all.

"Honestly?" Mom said and helped me back down into the tub. I raised my arm so that she could shave underneath it. "I have zero suggestions on that one."

"I guess it would be easy if we wanted two kids," I thought out loud.

"Oh," Mom chuckled. "Because then each of you would have one?"

"Something like that, yeah," I snorted.

"I suppose," she shrugged, rinsing my arm pit and getting up to come around to the other side of the tub. "But you have plenty of time to work that out." She quirked an eyebrow up at me. "Right? Lots of time?"

"Oodles," I grinned.

With the shaving done and the bathwater getting cool, Mom helped me up and out and dried me off. Normally, this was when she would sit me in front of the vanity to brush my hair, but with my head shaven, that wasn't going to happen. Instead, she made us tea and we sat on the couch, just talking, mostly catching me up on the latest family news. She hadn't told anyone what had happened to me, at my request. I was pretty thankful for that. Our family wasn't very big, but I had four big farm-bred cousins down in Kansas that would storm up to New York and make Todd and his friends "disappear" if they got word of my current condition. In fact, they'd probably end up being fertilizer for my cousins' farms.

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