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Summer Vacation with Daddy Ch. 03

by hereiamto 03/18/12

I was awoken by the feeling of my father's cock re-inflating inside my tiny, bruised cunny. He fucked me three times last night, cumming inside me, before falling asleep spooning me with his spent cock still inside me. He held me tight all night, I loved feeling like his. I was his after all. He has been fucking me for two and a half months now beginning at the beginning of my school break and has managed to knock me up. It was still too early to start showing but it made us both ridiculously horny knowing that I was growing his child inside my womb, the womb that he made inside my mother 18 years ago.

I would call this the summer of my sexual awaking, it started with me spread eagle on my grade 12 math teacher's desk and his thick, 50 year old, 9 inch cock devirginizing me. Then, I fell victim to my handsome, hung father's bulge and subsequently his wrist-thick, 11 inch baby-making harpoon. I took it every day at least three times, often more, depending on whether or not my stepmom was home. It was a turn on for my dad to fuck and impregnate his own daughter and it was a turn on for me to have my stud father breed me like some common mare. My pussy oozed his spunk.

A week ago, during my father's daily visits to the gym, I started let my equally hung but scrawny cousin fuck me a couple times a week. Since I was already pregnant with my dad's kid, I didn't feel that it was any harm letting my cousin dump his load in my womb as well. He was a great fucker and I was turned on even more knowing that within the next few weeks his own mother would be giving birth to his twins. I haven't revealed this to my dad; I am not sure what he would do. He was becoming fairly possessive of me since discovering my pregnancy, I am sure he wouldn't take kindly to someone else breeding his mare.

But here in the present, my tunnel stretched to accept my father's waking sex organ but I could still hear him snoring lightly. He was still asleep. This didn't stop me from humping myself against him. The stimulus caused his cock to inflate quicker. I reached between my legs to cup his low-hanging softballs causing his cock to twitch. I moved back and forth slowly since I was still wrapped tightly by dad's massive arms. His biceps bulged as I tried to pick up speed. After 10 minutes of fucking myself on his prick I started cumming, the undulating muscles of my pussy triggered my dad's cock to start spurting. At the exact time my dad woke up and shouted.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," he hugged me tighter and jabbed his prick in are far as it could go, "You're a horny thing, fucking yourself on papai's verga while he sleeps."

He rolled me onto my stomach, rolling on top of me at the same time. His cock was hard as a rock and he started sawing in and out, slowly. I was so well lubricated and the size of his enormous cock glided smoothly.

"Papai's fucking your baby girl pussy," he breathed into my ear. I felt so full and the velvety gliding had me cumming in one non-stop orgasm as he continued to move in an out. "Daddy's got to feed our little baby."

"Oh daddy, I love it. I love how you feel inside me." I breathed into the pillow.

Kneeling, dad withdrew and flipped me around onto my back. He looked at my swollen, leaking cunny then got off the bed, "Stay here!" He ordered. I watched his fully-erect cock bob up and down as he left my room. A moment later he returned with one of Laura's scarves, it was a long, white scarf.

"Stay still," he commanded then wrapped it around my neck and fed it through the spindles on either end of my head board. He pulled a little and it started to choke me, "Papai's in complete control, menina."

He lifted my legs against his chest, my feet on either side of his head. I looked into his deep brown eyes as he pushed his throbbing cock back into me. He did it slowly. I will never get over the pleasure of his cock filling me, packing me, stretching me. He bottomed out a couple minutes later then pulled out leaving just the tip inside, then slammed hard into me. He fucked me like a wild man, occasionally pulling the scarf tight. The oxygen deprivation caused me to feel light-headed.

"You're mine, menina, you're going to take daddy's donkey cock whenever I want. I am in control of you," he was in a trance, completely in control, fucking me harder and harder.

"Oh, fuck. You are amazing." He huffed. Sweat was dripping off his forehead when he bent to French kiss me. I was on the verge of cumming again, "Papai's gonna fill you, baby." He pulled harder on the scarf and slammed hard into me, burying himself all the way. My orgasm ripped through me as his cock dumped another load of daddy spunk deep inside me.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," he roared. I blacked out.

When I awoke my dad was gone to the gym. A pool of cum collected on the bed sheet beneath me. I threw the bed sheets into the wash then went for a shower. I walked into the kitchen wearing just a towel to find my uncle standing, alone, at the counter sipping coffee. He was wearing a pair of sweat pants that did little to disguise what was beneath, there was a clear trace of his cock running over his balls and to the left. I don't think that he was wearing underwear. He smiled and I smiled nervously.

"Good morning, is your dad out?" he asked.

I stuttered, "Um, yeah, he's gone to the gym. He'll be back in a couple hours."

He took a step closer to me and I could see his cock in his sweats growing, inflating. "Is he helping you over at tia' house today?" His cock was huge now. I excused myself to get changed only before I could move he had me in his arms and was kissing me and grinding his hard cock into me.

I was suddenly on my knees, my towel thrown to the side and he was slapping my face with his cock, "You are gorgeous."

His cock was now fully erect, it was thicker than my dad's but it was a good 2 inches shorter. He shoved it into my mouth before I could protest. He was all the way to the balls before I knew it and he was moaning like crazy. I was trying to gab but he held my head tight. He pulled out enough for me to catch my breath then started fucking my mouth. I couldn't believe he got it all the way in.

"I'm going to cum," he announced and pulled out to just his cock head. Stream after stream filled my mouth and I tried swallowing as much as I could.

"I want to fuck you, come on." He pretty much forced me to my unmade bed where he was on top of me in no time sliding his 9 inch fatty up and down my crack. Then a moment later I was being filled with his massive cock. Fuck, I never felt so full.

"You like older dick, girl?" He asked fucking me hard, mercilessly, "Do you like tio's pinga inside you? Do you like older guys? I will be happy to please you." He fucked me harder and faster. "Such a tight little 18 year old pussy, an 18 year old pussy with her uncle's 40 year old pinga pounding it. So naughty. You are a bad little girl."

I couldn't help but cum on his ample prick. "Fabian said that he's been fucking you lately. I figured that we could switch it up a bit." His onslaught continued for nearly 30 minutes before announcing he was going to cum, "Fuck sobrina, I'm gonna cum. I gonna cum. I cumming. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

He collapsed on top of me and started snoring. He awoke a short while later when my clock chimed 10:00. He pulled his semi-hard cock out of me releasing a torrent of cum onto my naked mattress. He fingered my pussy and scooped up some cum and shoved it into my mouth.

"Good girl," he stood up and stuffed his cock back into his sweat pants. Kissed me on the lips and left the house. I had to shower again.

I was angry at Fabian at first but then I realized that I actually liked being fucked by my uncle. I liked being fucked by any male in my family, in fact. I decided not to tell daddy this, of course.

I received a text from my dad around 10:30 to tell me that he was heading over to my aunt's house to help her with some renovations. I thought that it would be a lovely surprise to bring over some lunch; after all I hadn't seen my aunt yet this summer. We swung by her new house once to drop off some paint but she wasn't home.

I made a large ham, onion and cheese quiche in a premade pie crust for lunch then left the house around 11:00 and, taking my stepmom's car, I drove down the highway 20 minutes to the boulevard on which my aunt lived. I saw both dad and my uncle's car in the driveway. I wasn't sure how I felt about seeing my uncle again so soon but decided to go inside any way. Without knocking, I opened the screened door and stepped into the kitchen where I put my container on the counter.

My ears immediately trained to the sounds of muffled grunting, if I wasn't mistaken it was the sound of sex. Surely not, I thought. I sneaked into the barely painted after a month of renovations living room, plastic sheeted still covered the floor and furniture. I crept down the hall to where the sounds of sex became louder. I could hear a woman grunting and two men, my dad and uncle, "Tight pussy, yeah."

The bedroom door was open. I crawled on my knees and poked my head around the corner to see my aunt being double penetrated by the two large cocks of her two older brothers. My aunt was riding my dad's cock while my uncle was on top of both of them plunging in and out of her ass.

"Fuck, little sister, you feel so good. Do you like your big brothers fucking you like this?" My dad grunted.

My aunt cried "Mais, mais! Mais!"

My uncle took his thick cock from my aunt's ass and rammed it right inside her cunt along with my dad's. She screamed. Seconds later both my dad and uncle roared and I watched as both sets of balls contracted. The only cock I could see was my dad's and it was twitching, I knew it was chugging a decent load of cum inside my aunt.

My uncle rolled off and lay on his back breathing heavily. Then I watched as my aunt swung off my dad, his cock taking a moment to be released before flopping on his stomach. Then I saw my aunt and a great big, fat belly step onto the floor. She had to be more than 8 months pregnant. Were her brothers the father of her baby? That's hot, I thought. My dad was apparently all about knocking up the women in his family.

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