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The Special Girls

by skinnysailor 06/28/18

Miss is ready for bed. She's wearing her pink silk teddy. She smiles as she enters her bed chamber and Kim jumps to her feet.

Malissa is the black sheep of the family.

She didn't stay married to the young man from their 'class' for long. Neither of them could keep up the lie.

She was gay. A lesbian. Had always known it. Not one of those silly 'discovered one wild night at school' excuses. She was the predator in the dorm.

In spite of her family's threats to disown her and cut her out of her inheritance, cooler heads eventually prevailed.

Now she lives in her own modest twenty room house located on ten acres of manicured lawns and ornamental gardens on the edge of the city.

With her PHD in economics, and law degree (never dirtied her hands with criminal law) she's a partner in her uncle's law firm, and on the board of several mega corporations.

There are only two things in her life that are not wonderfully fabulously grand.

One: she is not beautiful. On a scale from ugly to stunning she'd barely makes 'plain' if dressed like a 'commoner.'

Two: Her inability to form a lasting relationship.

The former she won't do anything about. She's comfortable with her looks.

The later she uses her wealth to compensate for.

She hires a rotating group of five 'Special Girls' to be her companions. They are paid well and receive a generous 'golden parachute' at the end of their three year contract.

Qualifications? Lesbian or bi. Non smoker or druggie. Pleasant and well spoken, pretty, and age between twenty five and thirty five.

Every Monday one is chosen at random to be her 'wife' for the week. She never knows who it will be until bedtime.

This week it's Kim, the beautiful daughter of Vietnamese boat people.

The beautiful Kim replaced the lovely Judy who's contract ended a year ago.

Kim was an usher at a charity fashion show in Vancouver that one of Miss's companies sponsored. Her 'gaydar' went into alert. Miss got Kim's contact details from the manager of the show and sent the gay lad from the law firm's HR department to interview her.

And here she is. her dark almond eyes. Her sweet little mouth with that smile that always seems to say 'I'm vulnerable, please don't hurt me.' Hurt my Kimmy? Or any of my Special Girls? Never!

Tonight she's dressed so elegantly sexy. Red lipstick matching the varnish on her finger and toe nails. No other makeup needed on her smooth yellow skin (my God, is that politically correct to think?). Her hair is up off her slender neck, held with diamond headed pins so her diamond pendulum earrings and diamond necklace twinkle in the subdued lighting.

Wrapped around her shoulders and flowing over her elbows is a grey fur wedding stole. Her ankle length lace nightie is see through material hinting at lovely, bare, smooth, trim Kim. Her dainty feet are in sexy spike heels with sweet little silver bows.

Miss, of course, pays for all her Special Girl's clothing and jewelry, in fact all their expenses.

Kim lifts and opens her arms, inviting Miss to her embrace. They kiss and hug for a long time. Miss loves the feel of fur. Her darlings had thought of that when they dressed Kim for this week's 'wedding night.' The soft fur against her arms and between her fingers as she gently held Kim.

"You look so beautiful tonight Kim. You always look beautiful."

"You do to Miss."

"Oh sweetie, I know I'm an ugly old fifty year old witch, but thank you for saying it."

"Aw Miss, don't put yourself down like that."

They kiss some more.

"I'm your present. Will you unwrap me Darling?"

Four month's here and Kim still delights her by coming out with phrases like that.

Miss reaches under the fur and undoes the satin bow that closes it over Kim's shoulders.

Kim shrugs it off and snuggles it to her cheek. "I love the feel of fur." She licks her lips.

Miss is momentarily caught in a fantasy. Kim in a full length red fox fur cuddled to Miss's bare body. That would be beyond wonderful

Miss gently takes the fur from Kim and sets it over the chair She takes off Kim's jewelry. The pins removed, Kim's long black hair tumbles down her back.

She wraps Kim into her arms. One hand strokes Kim's bare back while the other undoes the bow behind Kim's neck that holds her lace nothing up. She steps back. It falls to the floor. She smiles. Kim smiles.

Kim, only her white lace panties and spike heels. It's Miss's turn to lick her lips.

She puts her arm around Kim's waist and walks her to the big soft bed. The Russian sable blanket is folded back. The wine red satin sheets are inviting. She sits Kim on the edge of the bed. She sinks to her knees on the thick soft carpet. She strokes and kisses down Kim's legs and removes her shoes. She kisses each red perfect toe. Such delicate little feet. At barely five feet tall everything about her Kimmy is delicate.

She kisses back up Kim, stopping to suck those hard brown nipples. She kisses up to Kim's sweet rose bud lips, then pushes her down onto the soft mattress and kisses some more.

Miss slides back, kissing all the way. Kim lifts her butt so Miss cam slide the lace panties off. Down on her knees she kisses all over Kim's bikini trimmed bush and soft pussy.

Miss stood and dropped her nightie to the carpet. At five foot seven her body shape is 'solid'. Not fat, just strong. Her waist isn't thin. There's little curve to her torso. Her ample breasts are just starting to droop. She has nice legs. Her brown hair is styled to just below her ears.

On Thursday, Clara, last week's 'bride', talked Miss into letting her shave Miss's beaver right off when she shaved her legs. It was still titillating to look at herself in the mirror.

Kim slid the rest of the way into bed and opened her arms. "Please Miss?"

A wonderful manifestation of passive aggressive behavior.

Miss climbed aboard and held her little Kim down. Her kisses became more aggressive. Kim responded in kind. She slid a hand down and began stroking Kim's pussy. She slid a leg over Kim's and they began humping each other's legs.

Kim wasn't a screamer like Ann, but she wasn't silent like Clara.

Quiet little happy sounds. "Ah, mm, oh, oh."

Then when she was close, whispering "Please please please."

Then she came with a sweet, satisfied "Aaaahhhh."

Kim kissed her way down to the smooth shaved pussy. "Mm. Looks like this could use some kisses."

Miss lay her head back on the pillow and pinched her own nipples as Kim kissed her sex. Kim's thumbs spread her open. She kissed and licked. Miss closed her eyes and enjoyed being in the moment.

Soft kisses, tender licks. Tongue lips and fingers. Kim began to hum as she kissed and licked. Her finger stroked the 'G' spot as the tip of her tongue dabbed Miss's clit. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through Miss.

They kissed and cuddled some more.

Kim's head was under Miss's chin and arm over her waist when they dozed off.

In the morning they showered together and dressed.

Miss wore a peach business suit, almond two inch pumps, and a cream blouse with a high collar and subtle diamond earrings with a short matching necklace.

Kim a knee length blue silk, short sleeve silk dress with a scoop collar and little silver buttons every inch down the front. On her feet were tan leather flats. The dress was an Easter present.

Miss gave her Girls, and all the staff hand picked presents often. Unless the economy collapsed completely and civilization broke down she could never spend all her wealth in several lifetimes. So, why not?

Ann and Clara are morning people so they join Miss and Kim at breakfast. It'll be late morning before Tiffany and Bella are seen.

"I've a morning at the law firm. Would any of you like to ride in? We could meet for lunch.

Kim and Clara both said yes.

"Kimmy, call for the car. We'll leave at eight. Clara, make a lunch reservation at 'The Triple Six' for twelve thirty." Mrs. Donovan, the head of the household staff was at the grand entrance to see them off, of course.

"Kelly, could you do me a little favor, please?"

"Of course Miss."

"Could you arrange for a car to bring Tiffany, Ann and Bella to the 'Triple Six' for half past twelve?"

"Of course Miss, my pleasure."

"Thank you Dear, say hello to the family."

The driver got them to the doors of the law office in plenty of time. As Miss went inside the two Girls walked towards the shopping district.

As usual, when the morning's work ended Uncle Willy's secretary had called down for the car. As Miss stepped out to the street the car was at the curb and the driver just opening it's door.

"Could you take me to the 'Triple Six' George?"

"Right away Mam."

When the Bentley pulled from the curb Miss rolled down the smoked glass partition. "George, you know my name is 'Melissa' so please call me 'Miss'. People won't think you're being impertinent."

"Thank you Miss."

"How's that sailor son, Greg, doing?"

"Hardly see him Miss. He's match racing in Puerto Rico, then off to France for the start of an ocean race he's skipper on."

"What an exciting life.

"We'll probably be more than a few hours, so have a good long break. And George, use the damn company credit card for your lunch. That's what it's for, and don't skimp."

"Yes Miss."

"I mean it George. Don't use your own money."

"OK I promise."

Lunch involved a lot of chatting and laughing. All those well dressed pretty young ladies with an elegantly dressed older lady were not exactly invisible to the other diners.

When the check came Miss handed it to Kim to sign. She didn't just glance and sign, she looked it over then called the waiter.

"This line here. A bottle of wine? We had coffee, not wine. And there are six of us. Why are we charged with seven meals?"

"Oh sorry Mam. Minor mistake I'll..."

"Is there a problem Ladies?" The owner.

"Just a minor error." said the waiter.

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