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Like in the Movies

A lesser devil on vacation on Earth attempts to recreate her.

Submitted by Laskald  06/13/19

A Woman Scorned

Tina's taken such abuse, now it's her turn to bring the pain.

Submitted by kurrginatorX  06/13/19

Random Humorous Sex Stories


Two computer programs get it on virtually.

Submitted by e2  05/14/01

The Fourth Trial of Cupid

Antics of Cupid in the modern world.

Submitted by AreUReady  02/04/04

The Restaurant

He remains oblivious to her seduction attempts.

Submitted by Barnaby  02/18/05

Sir Randy and the Dragon

Knight does all (& whoever) for King & country.

Submitted by Ed0613  12/05/05

The Contest Ch. 01

College roommates set eyes on hot freshman Veronique.

Submitted by cheetah83  02/21/06

In a Perfect World Ch. 02

A guide for the Unmarried Woman.

Submitted by Dinsmore  02/24/07

Fishing for Terrans

Aliens hunting humans learn about our mating habits.

Submitted by Sean Renaud  01/17/10

Pledge Drive

Raising money using sex.

Submitted by al_Ussa  12/15/10

Comings and Goings

She tells you her fantasies as she touches herself.

Submitted by biteyspoony  12/26/14

Marty's Last Day

A retiring postman gets an odd surprise with a fun ending!

Submitted by captainhappy  01/06/15

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Humor & Satire Hall of Fame

Faster, Higher, Stronger,…

The most popular Olympics event.

Submitted by seth_perm  08/28/08

The Double D's Play D&D

Two busty cheerleaders are taught the rules.

Submitted by GeorgeTasker  01/12/04

The Judgment of Harris

Citius, Altius, Sexius: one judge, one sorority competition.

Submitted by MarshAlien  08/14/08

The Bra Salesman Ch. 03

The exercises continue, but will his lies catch up to him?

Submitted by bobrobertson  12/10/12

Reality TV

One of the contestants on The Bachelor is not what she seems.

Submitted by thrillerauthor  05/20/11

One Night Stand: FAQ

How to mount your piece.

Submitted by Conversations  07/08/18

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