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Becky's Lips

Professor grows intimate with an irresistible student.

Submitted by HeyAll  11/28/14


A straight virgin joins the cheer team with an unusual pact.

Submitted by pinklilies  11/28/14

Sensuality, Sexuality and the Modern Woman Ch. 02

Jen and Louise find a future together.

Submitted by 62_goo  11/28/14

Silent Love Ch. 02

Diane and Emma continue to find ways to please each other.

Submitted by LeaHarvey1821  11/27/14

Wicked Games in Chelsea Ch. 01

Stephanie will do anything to get her ex-lover back!

Submitted by SinfulPriestess  11/27/14

Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like Pt. 03

Daisy enjoys a one night stand with a sexy blonde.

Submitted by Degausser  11/27/14

Random Lesbian Love Stories

Becoming Lisa's Pet Ch. 02

Chrissie is made to masturbate while Lisa watches.

Submitted by ChrissieLecker  10/29/11


Love, sex, cowardice, death, redemption, and a green scarf.

Submitted by Caroline Covington  08/26/05

Dana & Holly Ch. 04

Holly gets a gangbang for her birthday.

Submitted by Frank_McFilthy  03/04/14

The Norseman Ch. 04

Emma gets a reluctant first taste of another woman.

Submitted by clarabella  05/24/06

Pulp Driving Lesson

James Dean-like Bette teaches Lorraine to shift gears.

Submitted by Lyss  07/02/02

Love is Strange

Two girls who aren't complete strangers find out something.

Submitted by RainbowKnight051713  09/16/13

Shimmer In The Sun

You spend a loving moment on the beach.

Submitted by Pandoras Desire  06/21/05

Lezzie Pet Games Ch. 01

Katryna's further humiliated and treated like the girls' pet

Submitted by Belarus  10/15/10

First Experience with a Woman Ch. 1

Two online female friends meet for their first time.

Submitted by Sweetevil  10/26/02

Christine's Cock

Who needs a man when Christine has her toys?

Submitted by rkm10  03/21/08

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Lesbian Sex Hall of Fame

Hidden Beauty

Kaden and Jess find love beyond what the eye can see.

Submitted by Alex the Cat  03/17/13

Hidden Desires Pt. 03

Jade & Terry's desires are fulfilled.

Submitted by Dru_Druthers  02/09/13

Ch. 07 I Kissed a Girl

I kissed a girl...and said 'I Do'.

Submitted by secretsxywriter  01/03/13

A Stringed Instrument Ch. 13

The aftermath of a lie.

Submitted by Bramblethorn  04/16/13

A Proper Send-off

A gay soldier and straight civilian celebrate Veterans Day.

Submitted by SweetestThing  11/12/11

Such a Little Thing Ch. 02

Amber’s confusion over Milla reaches breaking point

Submitted by ScattySue  08/17/14

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