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Daydreams Pt. 02

Sam is a 33 year old female ready for erotic adventure.

Submitted by SamKirkpatrick  03/28/15

Bar Snack Ch. 01

Gay emerges from seclusion.

Submitted by ShyLibrarianSL  03/28/15

A Surprising First Pt. 05

The wives back at home.

Submitted by Fantastiguy  03/28/15

Adrianna: The First Contact

Her past dictates her present.

Submitted by angelraine89  03/28/15

This Doesn't Mean I'm A Lesbian

Phoebe has fun while Sophia sleeps.

Submitted by ElleEmm  03/27/15

Happy Birthday

Random Birthday Sex.

Submitted by ElleEmm  03/27/15

Random Lesbian Love Stories

Seduced by a Stepdaughter Ch. 04

Michelle shows a friend what she learned.

Submitted by blondesubmission  04/15/10


A delightful start.

Submitted by aa822005  11/24/06

Blind Trust

Two women experiment with BDSM and enormous enjoyment.

Submitted by MorwenElda  05/14/11

My Somali Lesbian Romance

Somali woman falls for Aboriginal tomboy in Calgary.

Submitted by Samuelx  07/30/13

Lesbian First Time Love

Two girls find love for each other at uni.

Submitted by Laurawhore  08/16/09

Chris Comes Undone Ch. 03

Chris kisses another woman.

Submitted by Adalefin  10/12/00

Little Girl Lost

Haunted school brings romance and a mystery.

Submitted by Lisa Summers  04/05/05

An Indecent New Years Proposition

My first lesbian experience.

Submitted by Bazzza  12/29/10

Dream Invaders Ch. 4

Two Kims work out.

Submitted by Wil E. Harden  10/12/00

An Unusual Family Ch. 04

The four women start making plans; the family begins to form.

Submitted by Stamman  12/06/13

More Random Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex Hall of Fame


Two friends fall in love; mad science and lesbian sex ensues.

Submitted by FeatherWatt  06/03/13

A Little Hug

One moment that changed everything...

Submitted by PygmyCoho  10/19/14

Evergreen Kiss

Sarah and Meaghan find love.

Submitted by Salish  01/24/14

Hidden Beauty

Kaden and Jess find love beyond what the eye can see.

Submitted by Alex the Cat  03/17/13

Lost and Found Ch. 02

Vicki & Jo continue to find each other again.

Submitted by LiveCat  05/17/13

Coming to Grips Ch. 04

Can Suzanne find a way to forgive herself?

Submitted by -Ripley-  03/10/15

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