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As I Want You to Be Ch. 04

LJ discovers other women. Mia helps her through a milestone.

Submitted by LesbianChickLit  09/23/17

Dark Desires Ch. 01-02

Her first glimpse at the dark side.

Submitted by sweetelisa  09/23/17

The Arrangement

Sometimes you have to renegotiate...

Submitted by Ann Douglas  09/23/17

After Hours

After hours is when the real fun begins.

Submitted by Ann Douglas  09/23/17

Women's First Division: Maroon

A girl joins a football club. What can possibly go wrong?

Submitted by BloodyIdiot  09/22/17

Curious Jade Ch. 05

Jade and Lynn head out for their weekend trip all alone.

Submitted by JackPorter23  09/22/17

Random Lesbian Love Stories

The Helpful Son Ch. 01

Zack sets his mom up for a life-changing experience.

Submitted by PantyhoseFan  04/22/03

To Serve A Princess Ch. 01

Princess Rosebud meets her true love.

Submitted by velvetpie  03/16/04

Making Us Lesbianese

Arab American young women discover lesbian sex.

Submitted by DeniseNoe  07/02/08

Roomies: Beginnings

Pam, Kim, a bottle of wine & their mutual discovery.

Submitted by patricia51  09/12/06

Janey's Workout

Minx of a client works out on Miss Z.

Submitted by DoItAtTheGym  07/10/10


Conversation with a muse.

Submitted by impressive  11/02/04

Lesbo Slut Wife Real Deal Ch. 01

My wife's introduction to being a lesbian slut.

Submitted by MacAndAnn  09/05/17


A tale in which very little is as it seems.

Submitted by VMKane  02/27/13

A Girl Called Sami Ch. 03

A new semester brings changes and a moral question.

Submitted by t_girl_3  12/07/08


A surprise encounter in a bathroom.

Submitted by Loganberry  05/16/05

More Random Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex Hall of Fame

Haunted by Love

Bethany's research into a ghost story changes her life.

Submitted by ScattySue  10/22/15

Sweet Tooth

An unexpected encounter changes Jules forever.

Submitted by KennaColrite  11/02/16

The Case of the Sneaky Valentine

Mysterious Valentine's cards change single mum Sarah's life.

Submitted by ScattySue  01/24/15

A Gift from The Bard

Will an amateur play production rekindle an old friendship?

Submitted by ScattySue  11/11/16

Cotton Candy Pt. 02

Olivia is falling, but will she take the step?

Submitted by Deceptivedomain  08/17/17


Two friends fall in love; mad science and lesbian sex ensues.

Submitted by FeatherWatt  06/03/13

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