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The Family Pet Ch. 05

A romantic wedding and a steamy honeymoon in Lesbos.

Submitted by Emmainpink  07/22/14

Lady of My Heart Ch. 05

The battle begins.

Submitted by Saxon Stonedyke  07/22/14

Jamie's Encounter Pt. 02

Sexy brunette nympho makes her straight friend turn

Submitted by fiftyshadesofwade  07/21/14

J'ai Envie de Toi

Pub flirting between French tourist and redhead.

Submitted by bi_cathy  07/20/14

Lady of My Heart Ch. 04

Healing a Dragon and sealing a bond.

Submitted by Saxon Stonedyke  07/20/14

Seema's Journey Ch. 05

Out of hiding... Confrontations and warnings.

Submitted by iTaboo  07/20/14

Random Lesbian Love Stories

Forceful Friend Ch. 01

She pushes her friend until she get what she wants.

Submitted by Whinston  02/07/03

Playing Misty

Her first time with friends.

Submitted by Paendora  09/20/05

The Hunter

The tables are turned on your own hunting ground.

Submitted by scheherazade_79  12/08/06

Tingles Ch. 03

Alison starts her education.

Submitted by SuziC  06/09/11

Sharon's Second Taste

Her friend drops over for a visit, and more...

Submitted by Moonlight_33  02/21/01

Forceful Friend Ch. 02

Claire takes it one step further

Submitted by Whinston  02/08/03

Sally Ch. 02

Her second try at being a porn star

Submitted by Rosko Busby 2005  05/25/05

A Girl-Girl Email Exchange

An email exchange between by two women.

Submitted by Shelby W  08/05/01

Two Women on a Harley 883

A lesbian romance on a hawg.

Submitted by Marie Marshall  05/04/05

Annie's Camera

Best friends find each other, and themselves, through a lens.

Submitted by tarkatony  10/17/06

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Lesbian Sex Hall of Fame

Will She, Won't She? Ch. 02

Things between Ashley and bisexual Jeanie are a hot mess.

Submitted by HarmonyHaze  06/20/14

Afterglow Pt. 04

Elizabeth's life will never be the same.

Submitted by GirlintheMoon  06/17/14

A Proper Send-off

A gay soldier and straight civilian celebrate Veterans Day.

Submitted by SweetestThing  11/12/11

My Lana

My long time email contact suddenly shows up.

Submitted by Tantala  09/21/11

Lost and Found Ch. 01

A chance meeting reunites old lovers

Submitted by Pen_dar  03/15/12

Falling For A Girl Ch. 09

The final challenge.

Submitted by BenevolentDCC  07/05/14

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