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Meeting Brooklyn

Beautiful Brooklyn gets more than she bargained for.

Submitted by BadLilKitty  09/29/16

Jenna and I Get Wet in the Shower

The continuing story of Beth and Jenna.

Submitted by BrookeJones  09/28/16

Bad Behavior Ends

Margaret discovers that good behavior is more rewarding.

Submitted by ArikaLee  09/28/16

Prince Gyllen Ch. 09

Climb aboard and bring along all your hopes and dreams.

Submitted by MythMaker  09/28/16

Klutz and the Sympathetic

Hayley meets the clumsiest person in the west coast.

Submitted by Mars_Inamorata  09/28/16

Heather Falls in Love Pt. 06

A long, lonely drive north.

Submitted by LimeyLady  09/27/16

Random Lesbian Love Stories

Adventures of Barberboi Ch. 1

Barber dyke remembers her early haircuts.

Submitted by crewcut2000  09/20/01

Candi & Sister Sara's Diary

Candi reads the journal of a nun with an interesting past.

Submitted by soupwarsproject  09/28/03


A wife's sexy photo shoot isn't quite what she expected.

Submitted by VirtualScott  03/18/12

Wicked Games in Chelsea Ch. 01

Stephanie will do anything to get her ex-lover back!

Submitted by SinfulPriestess  11/27/14

Stolen Moments Ch. 02

Nicole and Cynthia enjoy their Olivia vacation.

Submitted by JayCuck  04/13/14


Lust, alcohol, & money often lead to mistakes.

Submitted by UTOutdoorGirl  04/16/04

Doing Dishes

Butch/femme lesbian couple have a little strap-on fun.

Submitted by kitnkittykat  02/19/09

The Friendly Party Ch. 2

The girls partake of some Twister fun.

Submitted by Night-time  12/11/01

Good Things to Those Who Wait

Ava stops being a bitch long enough to fall for Zoey.

Submitted by juicyj19  10/06/09

The Pull Apart

Two women enjoy some new toys.

Submitted by ecchi_rebirth  11/15/06

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Lesbian Sex Hall of Fame

My One True Christmas Wish

A tale of friendship, love and the magic of a Christmas wish.

Submitted by loverofFUN  12/07/15

Remembering Ava

An unlikely romance in 1950's Manhattan.

Submitted by subtleperfume  06/12/11


A young woman stops pretending she's not queer.

Submitted by KatieAnnBB  02/19/16

Afterglow Pt. 05

Elizabeth's life will never be the same.

Submitted by GirlintheMoon  07/18/14

A Stringed Instrument Ch. 14

The story's end.

Submitted by Bramblethorn  05/13/13

A Proper Send-off

A gay soldier and straight civilian celebrate Veterans Day.

Submitted by SweetestThing  11/12/11

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