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A Loving and Forgiving Wife

by Kayaker 06/06/08

Donna was mad. She'd just been told by a near total stranger at a seminar she had just finished attending that her hubby, Hank, had stepped out on her with the woman's best friend, Wendy, while he had attended a convention several years ago. Donna sat on the bus on the way home and calmed her feelings and thought about what to do.

Her Hank was handsome a 55 year old, he had distinguished silver streaks in his hair, he had a high sex drive and she knew many women were attracted to him. Donna suspected from time to time that he might have had a fling, but now, it had been thrown in her face, unexpectedly.

By the time she got home, she had a plan.

It was Thursday evening and Hank had stopped at the deli on the way home. Thursday was their date night, the night he and Donna made a special effort to have a relaxing evening then have a wonderful sex session. Hank picked up some special food for the evening as Donna was a lot less inhibited after a great meal and he was in the mood for a great evening of sex. With work pressures for the both of them, other than a weekend quickie, they hadn't had a good sex session for three weeks.

Donna seemed distant as they prepared dinner and she ate in silence. Hank knew something was wrong. As they put away the dishes he asked what was bothering her and Donna said she'd tell him upstairs. Donna went up first, then Hank followed ten minutes later.

Hank walked into the bedroom and there was Donna sitting on the bed wearing her sexiest outfit, a semitransparent nightie, the cloth clung to her breasts and outlined their wonderful curves and he could see her hard, long nipples pushing the silky cloth out. Her arms were behind her and she was leaning on them, thrusting her breasts out, her gorgeous legs emerged from under the nightie and were spread out wide.

Hank's eyes followed Donna's legs up and he realized Donna wasn't wearing any panties, not even a thong and he was staring at her naturally blond pussy. She was one sexy stunning sight. So great for a 50 year old woman. He stopped and soaked in the view, letting his eyes slowly caress her face, framed by her blond hair, then down the rounded sides of her breasts. His eyes lingered on her nipples, then down her still narrow waist and flat stomach and then his eyes focused again on her wide apart legs and up to her sweet and warm pleasuring place, that he knew he'd soon be licking and sucking with great passion and enjoyment.

Hank started ripping off his cloths and was soon naked. He moved to the bed and went to get on it to begin the slow and luxuriant ravishing of his sexy wife when Donna spoke in a cold hard tone "Now listen closely Hank".

The tone of her voice alone stopped him in his tracks as Donna continued "I had a very disagreeable woman tell me at that silly seminar I had to go to today that 18 month ago at the Power Supplier's Convention you wildly screwed her friend, a woman named Wendy for two nights straight. You apparently pounded into her so hard, that she was sore for a week afterwards."

Hank stopped at the edge of the bed, he could feel the blood draining from his face and his cock went from hard to limp in a matter of seconds. There he was naked, lusting after his beautiful sexy wife, ready for some great sex and his past was catching up to him. He had no where to hide and his wife's accusative eyes were burning into his nude body, leaving him feeling extremely exposed and vulnerable.

"Take a close look at me, 'cause that's all you're going to get for a long time. I love you, you bastard," Donna spat out, "but I am so mad, so mad at you, so mad at her. Its not over, I'm not going to throw you out, I love you and we can get back together and move things forward, but you will pay and you will be punished."

Hank tried to think of something to say, but she was smart and had sprung it on him at the most unsuspecting time, when he was expecting a great lay, when he was naked, when she looked soooo good and she had not given him any way out. Their marriage wasn't over, and he was very glad of that, they had a very good thing going and he wanted it to continue. He had enjoyed his occasional flings and never thought Donna would find out. But she had and there he was standing naked at the side of their bed, staring at his sexily clad wife, his formerly expectant cock now limp, and he was deep in the doghouse and was going to be punished for his fling.

"Don't try to say anything" Donna ordered, "I can tell by looking at you, that odious woman is right. Just stand there and look at me, run your eyes over me, think of touching me, think of me sucking on your cock, think of your lips sucking on my nipples, think of your tongue flicking my clit, think of your cock slipping into me, into my moist, soft cunt.... because your imagination is the closest you are going to get. Your punishment is beginning now!!"

Donna scowled at Hank and said, "Don't you dare play with yourself, I'm going to grab your balls everyday and if they don't seem as full or fuller than the day before you're in deep trouble. I want your balls to fill up until they hurt, until you get blue balls. And you don't get to touch me at all for quite awhile. Now off to the spare bedroom, I need some sleep!"

For the next 10 days Donna teased Hank, he saw his wife in sheer nighties, in pantyless skirts and playing with herself, but he never got to touch her. Every morning, just as he came out of the shower, Donna would come up and grab his balls, she'd hold them gently, slowly squeezing them, rolling them back and forth with her fingers. Then she'd rest them in the palm of her hand, weighing them. Then she would tighten her grip a bit, letting go just before it started to really hurt. Then she'd again warn him against playing with himself or trying to get any relief at all. She was making sure he had a very bad case of blue balls.

Over a week later on a Saturday Donna had Hank got about both his list of chores naked, and then Donna had him do all hers too while she lounged around in a thin bra and panties outfit. At the end of dinner, Donna said "It is time for us to decide on your punishment. The last ten days has just been me being angry. But you need to be punished now! You need to be taught some lessons!!"

"I was ..." Hank started to say.

Donna cut him off. "You get very little to say in this. I've decided what your punishment and my revenge will be, because yes, this is partly revenge because you hurt me. But I'll give you some choice about your punishment."

"Your punishment," Donna explained curtly, "will also be something I get to enjoy too. You enjoyed screwing that Wendy, so I want some enjoyment too. You put your cock in another cunt and got to feel what that was like. I want to see what it feels like to have another cock in my pussy. I want to see what its like to enjoy screwing other men."

"You get one decision in this" Donna continued in a cold, icy tone "You get to choose your punishment from 4 different possible punishments that I've made up. I'll give you a couple of days to think about it, then you have to choose. And then you have to set it up."

"Your punishment will be your choice and your doing. My pain was your choice and your doing so my enjoyment and your punishment will also be your choice and your doing" Donna said vehemently.

"Now your choices" Donna said slowly, drawing out the tension of the unknown as long as possible.

"The first scenario is I want to be screwed by two young hunks" Donna outlined. "You have to go out and find them, set up a nice wonderful place for this to happen, make sure we have condoms, and sit and watch these two guys screw me for a full day. You get to watch me suck their cocks, you get to watch them shove their cocks into my sweet warm moist pussy. And by the way, I want at least one of them to be a couple of inches longer than you. I've never had another cock in me except yours and I want to see what its like to have a young long hard cock pounding into me, making me sore for a week! Like you did to that Wendy!!"

Hank's face was flushing, the thought of watching his wife take on two young hunks was very exciting. He had a fantasy held deep in the back of his mind of seeing Donna take on some young guy, two guys would be wild.

"The second scenario is that I go out and pick up a stranger. We'll go to Montreal and stay at an expensive hotel, you in another room. We'll go to a bar and you have to point out a guy and I'll pick him up. He and I will go up to my room and screw wildly while you sit in your room. I'll call you on the cellphone and put it near my pussy so you can hear the man you choose pounding his cock into me. So you can hear me moan. You'll know forever that some stranger you choose had your wife. You'll know that somewhere out there, another man pleasured your wife, that another man's cock was in my pussy. You'll have seen him but you won't know who he is, but you'll have heard him fucking me."

Hank again flushed with excitement at the prospect of his wife taking on a total stranger.

Donna continued "Your third choice is a couple of weeks away. Your best friend Ron is coming to visit in three weeks for the weekend. I've always liked him, and I know he likes me, he likes looking at me and our hugs are great. So you will have to offer me to Ron, you will have to ask your friend to screw me, your wife, because you were a jerk. You'll have to beg your best buddy to eat my pussy. And you have to tell him that the catch is that both of you have to do everything I say for the whole weekend."

"Plus you will have to watch it all. You'll watch as your best friend slips his cock into me" Donna smirked unkindly. "I'll let him do me doggie style, your favourite position, and you will watch. I'll suck his cock and you'll watch. Maybe I'll even have you take pictures of us, so you can look back and remember what my face looks like when he brings me to a big 'O'. And to make it more special, as we know Ron and Trudy, I won't make him wear a condom. If you choose Ron, the skin of his penis will be rubbing the inside of my vagina. You know only your cock has done that before."

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