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Another Mom and Son Story

by BardontheHill 01/03/11

"Oh honey, I thought I was doing better than that, I really need this cash for food for the house." A week ago I would have caved immediately, offering to repay some or all, I was now tougher and meaner.

"Tough titties Mom, only play with what you can afford to lose." I was loudly shuffling the playing cards on the bedspread, cutting the deck and shuffling the cards like a real dealer. She lifted her head noting the shuffling and looked straight at me no sound no movement but I thought I saw a little respect in her eyes.

"You are right son, let's play."

I took a lead from her, feeling good and winning for once.

"Mom can you get me something to drink please?" she looked at the bathroom door and started to get up turning away from me as she walked towards the bathroom. I quickly placed the deck we were using in an empty side pocket of my shorts pulling out the other deck I had bought at the weekend putting the top of the deck onto itself to look like I was finishing a cut just in case my Mom was looking. She returned with a glass of water which she handed to me. I took a mouthful and went to place it on the floor next to me.

"I'll take it honey," she leaned forward, took the glass and placed it on the night stand.

"Ten pound ante," I ordered, it was time to push the envelope, she looked at me eyes flashing was that anger or respect. I dealt the cards slowly.

"OK honey, I assume my blouse is still worth five?" it was actually a different blouse than last week, like last week 'buttoned high with long sleeves that covered everything.

"Yes Mom," she slowly unbuttoned the dark blue blouse down the front. Much slower than last week, when she had water on it.

"Did you get the water out of the blouse last week?" I asked hoping the memory of naked me and Mom in a bra would ease any doubts she might have today.

"Yes thanks honey it looks fine" I was hoping for immediate cleavage, I was disappointed. Mom was wearing a silky camisole basically two thin straps holding up a square silky top that crossed her chest and back above the cleavage line, tucked into her skirt. I was sure she was wearing more than 4 pieces of clothing because I could make out the outline of her bra through the very thin silk. Unless she had on no underwear and she had already admitted to wearing my boxers she was cheating. I kept quiet something told me to wait before calling her out.

"Okay Mom, nice top, just add 5 pounds to the pot." I smiled nodding at the camisole

"Thank you sweetie," she threw in 5 one pound coins.

"How much is my skirt worth sweetie?" She took me by surprise, winning Mom was bossy and decisive, losing Mom seemed less sure of herself.

"Well Mom my boxers were only worth four pounds last week, therefore your skirt can't be worth much, how about two pounds?" I am sure her pale skin paled as I watched her face.

"Oh honey this is a one hundred pound skirt, it must be worth more"

"I am sure you got it on sale, just like my 2 pound tee shirt, how about five pounds?"

"Fair enough," she replied quickly.

"I bet five," I said fast throwing in five coins. She was sitting on the bed with her legs folded under her body; we were in the same positions as last week. My Mom with her back to the headboard, now sitting on a pillow, me diagonally opposite perched on the left front corner of the bed nearest to the bathroom.

She reached down to the clasp and zipper on the side of the skirt and undid both. She sat up straight her back against the headboard raised both legs straight in front of her parallel to the mattress and started to slide the skirt down her body jiggling her butt from side to side as she tugged on the skirt. Her breasts were moving around in the bra underneath the camisole. The skirt was sliding down but I was getting tired watching her.

"Mom shall I help?"

"Yes please dear," I leaned forward and pulled the bottom of the skirt with both hands it slid down fast, her legs looked smooth and long. I managed to run the outside of one finger down one leg as I pulled the skirt off. Her skin was smooth.

She was wearing my boxers they were not very long I could see a lot of leg and thigh. Up one leg of the boxers I saw a glimpse of color. Panties of some sort, she was cheating.

She folded the skirt and placed it on the bed in front of us. She had twenty five pounds cash and the clothes she was wearing. I had one hundred fifteen in cash. It occurred to me I could use my clothes to avoid using cash.

"I raise ten," I said ignoring the fact she had not officially called with the skirt. I unbuttoned my shirt. Mom glared at me, I realized she was thinking about the cash, the clothes she had left, the game and the position she was in. I talked fast, I wanted to see skin and win.

"Mom I assume my shirt is worth five, same as your blouse and my shorts are worth five same as your skirt. Although I think you might look better on the beach." I hoped the clothes value statement combined with the vague non-sexual compliment might distract her from her increasingly bad financial situation in the game. When I mentioned the cheating issue things could get ugly.

"Err honey, I thought you were betting with cash?"

"Fair's fair Mom" was all I had to say.

"Yes dear", she looked down at the 25 pounds in front of her, looked at me and peered through me at the wall.

What she did not know was that I knew the cards she was looking at in her hand. I had sorted the cards carefully in my room. It took longer than I expected because I had to be sure of the ones she would discard when we took new cards after the first round of bets. One thing was certain she was looking at three queens and needed cash to raise the bet to win back her losses and I am sure in her mind clean me out and win again.

Mom knew 3 queens was a winning hand. All our previous hands had been won on one or two pairs and even a high card. I had not fixed the first deck because there were not enough cards in the pack to fix that many hands, plan B had been to bring out the crooked deck either if I was losing by too much or as now, winning enough to force a big hand.

Mom was still looking through me, I looked into her eyes bringing her back to the moment and then looked up and down her body, eyeing her long smooth legs and thighs and trying to look through the camisole.

"Mom, I am surprised you had to cheat playing your son at cards," I started.

"What do you mean young man?" knowing she guessed I meant cheating at the cards themselves.

"We agreed to only wear 4 pieces of clothing." Mom looked confused, guilty and then brave.

"Honey I am only wearing" she began

"Mom I can tell you're wearing a bra under the camisole and I know you are wearing panties under my boxers," I interrupted. She looked down at her legs,

"You rushed me when we started, I did not mean to put on too much."

"Well take it off," I exclaimed forcefully. Part of me was worried she would quit and walk away, although neither of us was in any position to 'tell my father' Mom was still Mom, she could quit whenever she wanted I knew I would return the cash at the end of the day if harassed to do so although she did not know that. Attack seemed like a good strategy to go with my cheating.

"Of course if you are holding another crappy hand you could quit," I started

"But that would mean you cheated and quit." Cheap psychology I knew but I had little to lose and Mom seemed very serious about playing to win and following her own advice. Plus I knew she had 3 queens, in her eyes a winning hand.

"Sorry honey you are right, give me a moment."

She got to her feet and put her hands under her camisole. I always enjoy watching women removing a bra from under their top without removing the top. It took me longer than it should to work out how it was done; even now it was very sexy. The bra looked thin but a full cup. She threw it on the floor towards her dressing table, her breasts bounced under the very thin material. Immediately her nipples hardened under the fabric pointing towards my penis now growing in my boxers, I tried to look through the fabric to see nipple.

"Honey, what are you looking at?" she challenged

"Your nipples Mom," I replied looking her in the eye.

"Or at least where they are under the fabric, nice top Mom, you know naked is best"

"Well thank you son but you shouldn't be looking at them, now turn away" I half turned peering out the corner of my eye as she pulled down my boxers and the thong together. I got another great view of her ass. I suspected leaving on the thong was probably an accident as the boxers were there to annoy me; no way was the thong there for me to look at if the game got too intense. It did occur to me that the boxers already had a value from last week only four pounds, if Mom was smart she would keep the thong despite the naughtier view it gave me.

She kept the boxers, the thong flew across the room. Pulling them on as she walked back into my supposed line of sight based on my body position. I could see a lot of leg. My cock was pointing up and about to burst through the fly in my boxers.

"There should be a punishment for cheating," I began, pausing for her to think the worse.

She looked nervous.

"I'll bet again."

"Okay," she said quickly, feeling she had gotten off lightly.

I was sure she felt she was just playing poker with her teenage son, she was going to win my 110 pounds and if I was dumb enough to let her use her clothes to bet showing no more skin than when she wore a bikini, more fool me.

"I bet twenty pounds" I knew the math it took Mom a few seconds. I could not help myself.

"That's thirty to call Mom." Mom had twenty five in cash, a camisole and my boxers. She threw in the cash and I let her remove the boxers completely; she half crouched stayed bent over and quickly placed her legs under her body the camisole providing pretty good cover of her crotch as she sat on the bed. I felt gallant not looking at her body knowing she would hide it. She looked at me the whole time she was undressing.

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