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Another Mom and Son Story

by BardontheHill 01/03/11

I grunted as I continued to slide around to her side checking for any view of her breasts in the camisole opening. I caught a glimpse of boob swaying to the rhythm of our movements.

"Uhh Mom I am stiff," I said groaning as I moved, wondering if she would notice the subtle innuendo- ha ha. I moved away from her rear, down her side. I caught a glimpse of moisture along the length of my erect cock as I moved along her body.

"Are we done son?" she asked abruptly apparently choosing to ignore the minor accidental ass penetration and very funny comment.

"But Mom I need to look at your front," yes I think I whined.

"Oh okay let's get it over with." She turned away from me momentarily putting her ass in my face. I took a breath smelling pussy and a little bit of ass. She moved to the head of the bed, rapidly turned around & sat down facing me her back on the pillow her head and shoulders against the head board, her body straight down the bed, She brought her legs together and up in front, her feet flat on the mattress. I was now kneeling in front of her basically looking at her knees. I had moved up the bed and was inches from her legs but without a view of anything good. I was worried she was shutting off viewing privileges my brain kicked in.

"How about I pay ten pounds for the camisole?" I peered to the right of her legs that were blocking my view of her chest covered by the camisole, she looked straight at me. The camisole was tight over her chest, nipples were straight out and I could see her belly button, an innie.

"If we were on the beach in Spain I would have seen your breasts by now,"

"We are not in Spain son."

"I bet they look great Mom ten pounds is a lot of money." I could see her refocus as her eyes tightened; poker game that was what this was about. Mom knew if the family had gone to Spain on vacation, not only would the family have seen her topless thousands of complete strangers would have as well.

"No way son I am already naked from the waist down you are about to see me completely nude, I am sure I'll be flashing more than a beach view." She was right.

"Alright, thirty pounds?" I countered trying to sound exasperated as if I would give up on the camisole if she did not agree. There was a minutes silence while she thought about it. I had read somewhere about picking the moment to shut up during a negotiation. Apparently this was it because her next words were,

"Okay sweetie."

She sat up crossed her hands in front and grabbed the base of the camisole to the sides and in one wondrous movement lifted the silk item off her body. Her breasts were fantastic, big and heavy large dark pink areolas and pink nipples that were pointing straight at me they rested plump and buoyant on her chest slightly longer than wide very natural.

"Mom you look fantastic," I whispered as I stared at her breasts. My cock was too hard to cum.

"Absolutely beautiful I cannot believe we did not go to Spain." She smiled at my comment; I think she was enjoying the compliments.

Then she surprised me. She lifted her legs still together towards her chest, her feet off the mattress and then spreading her legs wide apart lowered her feet to the bed exposing her entire crotch, her heels barely touched her ass cheeks as they lay on the bedspread.

I stared at her open pussy lips. She looked unbelievable. My eyes moving constantly first at her great tits and then her pussy. Through pubic hair I could see her pussy lips, wet and open. I could see inner flesh of her vagina, not a lot because of the hair but plenty for a first time, she had her knees almost touching the mattress as she lay there splayed open to view.

"Mom I'll cover your ass hole again, I know you don't want me looking at it." Quick as I could, I moved to place my right thumb against her ass hole. I had to wiggle my thumb around to place it on the hole because I could not actually see it from my angle close to her body.

My right thumb was extended out forming a backwards "L" shape with my first finger as far from my thumb as possible. Nevertheless my finger was immediately sitting along her pussy lips lined up exactly with her pussy lips. My thumb tip was covering her asshole but my finger and the fingers above it were gently sliding into the length of her vagina, she was wet and slippery. I sat there looking at her breasts avoiding her eyes. She had to say something

"Sweetie, I thought there was no touching," her voice was neutral.

"Mom I thought you did not want me looking at your asshole, I am looking at everything else and you look fantastic."

"Your finger is touching my vagina and I think it is moving." It was moving, just a little. No man could resist moving his finger sitting in his beautiful sexy mother's vagina. I looked at my mother, sitting up, her back against the head board completely naked, legs splayed out showing me everything. Her head leaning against her own bedroom wall, looking me in the eye, talking coherently and reasonably about my finger gently splitting her soaking wet labia.

It was time to go verbally all in. I needed to do some quick math in my head.

"Mom, I know this is all about the poker game, you want to win I definitely want to win, you are doing what it takes to get an edge." Some bullshit but some truth, I figured she was still listening.

"I have ninety five pounds a tee shirt and boxers, worth over one hundred pounds. You owe a pound to call you have thirty pounds for your camisole and whatever we agree for allowing me to look at your unbelievably hot body and Mom it is a fantastic body." "Problem is I would have seen this body naked in Spain on the beach, the value of your nudity is lower."

Truth was in 19 years of living in the same house I had never walked in on my Mom changing in underwear or less and for what I had just witnessed I would have paid a hundred pounds a month for a year to see prior to today.

"Son this is great talk you need to remove your finger from my vagina and let me get up. Thank you for the compliments." She started to lift her body away from the headboard placing her hands on the mattress. Immediate effect was to lift her crotch a little, allowing my finger to slip a little deeper into her pussy, I nudged the finger in further and spoke immediately.

"Here's the situation, you believe you have a good hand or I would not be looking at your very hot naked body right now. I believe I have a good hand although I am getting a little nervous maybe I should fold?" I paused, she looked back at me, she knew this was the hand she had to win big. If I folded and we dealt new cards, she was in big trouble, the pot was only about sixty five pounds cash and she was completely naked. I continued.

"You have little cash to bet with, I could raise again and you would be in trouble."

"Great talk son what is the deal?' she interrupted & sneered but I sensed she was worried that I might fold. She had gone to a lot of trouble to stay in this hand. My fingers in her very wet vagina moved a little further in, I spoke again.

"Here's an offer." Careful wording this was not a deal, it was an offer she was still in charge, naked, very naked but still making the decisions.

"I go all in ninety five pounds cash tee shirt and boxers you go all in camisole cash naked money and touching money, we change cards and show our hands winner takes everything." She was looking at my eyes that continued to switch between her great naked body parts and her eyes.

"Touching money?" she asked halfheartedly. We both knew she knew I knew she knew where this was going.

"Mom we will never be in this situation again. We may never play poker again. I will never see your fantastic, sexy, unbelievably beautiful body again. I have to do whatever I can to touch those breasts, caress those thighs calves & feet maybe touch those butt cheeks. This is it, I am going all in twice" I think the poker terms helped, after all we were playing poker for pretty big stakes, she had to be very worried I might fold.

"Son you are a pervert and you are correct, we will never be in this situation again and you will never refer to this evening to anyone ever." She was serious and even tempered, she was the adult, she had got into this situation voluntarily and was betting with stakes of her choice. She was in control; I was a teenage pervert taking advantage of the situation.

She was still lying back on the bed eyes laser beaming into mine, legs wide apart, my finger was now two fingers side by side moving very slowly in her pussy she was very wet. My fingers were moving up and down only a quarter inch or so but it felt great my thumb that had been trying to cover her ass hole was now resting on a butt cheek because of the angle created by the two fingers in her pussy.

"Okay son we are both all in you get to touch my tits maybe a little more for a while then we deal and call?" I knew it sounded better to her if she only referred to me touching her tits, I had every intention of touching more than that.

"Winner takes all," I repeated. She looked at me started to speak and stopped as I started to move.

I was still kneeling on the bed in front of her smooth naked body. I removed my fingers from her pussy. I sat up peeled & my tee shirt off, threw it behind me pushing the boxers down to my knees. My cock pointing straight at her face, shiny with pre-cum, nowhere near as wet as her pussy.

"Yes Mom, all in," I shifted weight and slid the boxers down my legs threw them on the floor.

"Sit up Mom let me look at your breasts please." She started to sit up appearing to want to leave her legs splayed apart then she gathered them under her so she was kneeling facing me. I placed my open left palm on her right breast directly over the nipple. The breast was heavy soft and felt great. I gently rotated my hand ensuring I never lost contact with the nipple. It hardened. Mom was staring over my shoulder at the wall. I lifted my right hand and placed both of my very wet with Mom's pussy juice fingers in my mouth, closed my lips around them and pulled the fingers out of my mouth before placing my hand on the other breast and gently started to knead the flesh alternately lifting some of the weight in my hand then pushing back and molding the breast all the time keeping gentle contact with the nipple. She tasted great she had seen me lick my fingers.

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