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I Love When He Calls Me Sis

by addieQ 08/22/13

"I understand."

He went on to tell me how scared Emma was, and how she had sort of irrational fears. He said she was kind, and he really liked her and he wanted to do whatever he could to help her achieve some sort of peace.

I said, "That sounds really nice of you."

He was lying on his side, right next to me with his head on his pillow, focused on my eyes.

"I don't know what think Sis. It was so weird. Emma was so scared of everything, and at the same time, I felt like I was falling in love with her."

"Oh my god, really?"

"I think so, I wanted to help her any way I could. And, the other night, she asked me - well - she kind of begged me - she said she needed help."

"What do you mean?"

"She was, I mean, Emma was sort of nervous about things, and she was acting funny around me."

"What about?"

"Well, we talked a lot about her being so tense, and I really tried to be as supportive as I could, in every way. And I think I was helpful. Emma had a lot of fears and worries, and she told me about some of them."

"Oh Tim, that's really kind of you."

"Well, she was really worried about - well, about sex. I mean, she was so shy and vulnerable, and she had this fear of being touched, it just seemed so scary to her."

"Go on."

"Sis, I don't know. It's really - well - intimate..."

I quietly begged, "Please tell me."

"Emma was so uneasy about being touched that we couldn't ever hug or kiss. But she said she wanted - well, more like 'needed' to do something else."

I said, "Go on..."

He spoke calmly, "Okay, the other night, I knew something was bothering Emma, and she was hiding it from me. Eventually, she told me she never had a - well - had any kind of relationship with a boy. She said she was REALLY embarrassed about it."

"She was embarrassed?" I replied, with surprise in my voice. I was surprised because she reminded me of myself.

"Yeah, and it was something she REALLY worried about."

It was funny to hear my brother share something so personal and he sounded really sad, and I was lying so close - and I was worried about him.

I asked, "What happened?"

"Without hesitation, I told her I would do ANYTHING to help her. I wanted her to know that I would be as supportive as I could."

He carefully explained how they were sitting alone together on her dorm room bed, and how they talked for a long time.

I asked, "What does she look like?"

"Well, actually she looks a lot like you, except you are a little bit shorter, and she has shorter hair. Even though she's 18, just like you, I think you look a little bit younger."

"Are you serious, she really looks like me?"

"She does, except that..."


"She has brown hair, not dark like yours, and pretty dark eyes just like you, and she has beautiful pale skin like you, but..."

"But what?"

"Well, Emma has breasts that are - maybe - a little bit bigger than yours, well - I thought they were bigger, but now I'm not sure."

It was obvious that Tim had noticed that my breasts were bigger when we were together in the bathroom, and it was cute that he would say so like he did. But, it was also really obvious that he was staring at my chest in the big mirror just a few minutes ago when we were both brushing our teeth down the hall.

Somehow, the images of my beautiful brother being kind to this nervous girl made me really aroused. It was weird that she looked like me, and in a way it allowed me visualize them together so clearly. It was so captivating to listen to my brother as he spoke about being so emotionally intimate with this shy girl.

Under the covers my pink nighty was still pulled up above my boobs, and I slowly slid both hands onto my tummy as I carefully watched my brother next to me.

He said, "We talked for a long time, and finally, she sort of gave in. She seemed relieved that I would help her."

I whispered, "Oh God Tim, that sounds really nice."

"But she told me that I couldn't touch her, and that I could only do what she told me to do it."

I asked, "She really said that?"

"Yes, I know it might sound, well - perverted or something - but she was SO scared of being touched or hugged."

"Go on..."

"She asked me to turn down the lights, so the room was almost totally dark. And I got off the bed and did that for her."

"Go on..."

"Then she asked me to turn the little bedside lamp on, right next to her, and I did. I stood there looking at her in the soft glow of just that one light, I and I remember thinking she looked so pretty, but at the same time she seemed REALLY scared."

It seemed funny, because the only light in our room was the little bedside lamp, just like with him and Emma.

"Go on..."

"Emma told me how badly she wanted to feel some sort of intimacy, and she was worried that I would think she was too weird or something."

Then my brother rolled onto his back and looked up at the ceiling.

He went on, "And then she told me stand next to the bed, and to turn around so I couldn't see her, and I did that too. While she was lying there, she told me how scared she was of being touched, but at the same time, how much she really liked me. She seemed really confused. I really needed to tell her, what I was feeling..."

I was looking at my brother as he told me all this, and he was sort of lost in thought, with his head on the pillow and his eyes focused up at nothing.

I asked, "What did you say?"

After a little while he took a deep breath and continued talking. "I told her how much I cared, and I would do anything to help her."

"Oh Tim, I know she must have really appreciated you, and how sweet you are."

Right then we both heard the low droning sound from the furnace in the basement. We both knew what that meant, the heat had just come on.

My brother said, "Oh god, finally! The room should start getting warm."

"Yeah, but it'll be too hot in a little while."

"I'm still cold, so being too hot sounds awesome."

I asked, "What happened with Emma?"

"I was standing next to the bed. As I listened to her talking about her feelings, I could hear her moving around. It took me a little bit to realize that she was getting undressed."

I whispered, "Wow, that sounds really - I don't know - really sensual."

"It was. After a few moments, everything was quiet and Emma was lying still. Then she kind of nervously whispered that she was totally naked."


He spoke nervously, "Oh God Sis, I wanted to turn around and look at her so badly, but she begged me to stay still. So I kept standing frozen with my back to her. It was quiet for a long time, I could hear her breathing behind me."

Now I was listening with an almost hypnotic intensity. I knew this was hard for him to share what happened, I could hear it in his voice. We have talked about pretty much everything over the years, but we've never talked about anything like this.

I asked, "How close were you to the bed?"

"Really close, like just a few inches away."

It felt so exciting listening to my brother talk, especially with him so close to me in my bed. Oh god, I've missed him terribly since he's been away.

But at the same time, I was all absorbed with thoughts of myself. Of my own needs to touch myself under the covers. The yearning in me was really oppressive. I couldn't help it, I needed to touch myself. I just prayed he wouldn't notice.

I asked, "What happened next?"

"Then, she started talking about how she felt and how she needed my help. And her voice sounded different."

"Different how?

"She sounded a little bit scared, but really intense too."

"Go on..."

"She kept going on and on about how she felt. How she was scared I would run away because she was acting so weird. I promised her I wouldn't."

"Go on..."

"Then, she asked me if I was honest about helping her. I told her yes. I would do whatever she needed. And then she said she wanted to watch me take my clothes off."

"Oh God, Really?"

"Yes, I let her tell me what to do, she told me to keep my back to her. And she told me to take my shoes off, and then my sweater, and then my shirt. Until, finally..."


"Well, until finally, I was totally naked, and all I could do was stand there and listen to her."

I nervously whimpered, "Oh God Tim, that seems really - like - wow - like - really exciting."

He kind of laughed and said, "You're right, it was really exciting! After a little while, she told me to turn around and face her."

"What did you do?"

"I did exactly what she told me to do, I turned and looked at her."

I sort of begged, "Keep talking!"

"This gets really - well really intimate - are you sure you want me to tell you what happened next?"

I whispered nervously, "I think so."

"Okay, when I turned around and faced the bed, Emma was lying on there, totally naked, with her legs spread wide, and she was - well - she was rubbing herself as she looked up at me."

I blurted out, "She was masterbaiting?"

"Yes, she told me to stay still and not to say anything, but she told me she needed me to watch her."

I whispered a breathy, "Oh fuck, are you serious?"

It felt so strange to be talking to my brother like this, with both my hands hidden under the thick blankets, and my fingertips pressing and slowly rubbing against my slippery vagina.

Tim said, "I know this must sound so strange, but she seemed really grateful."

"Wait, she was looking up at you from the bed - and you were naked?"


I stammered, "Could she - I mean - from where she was - could see you - like - all of you?"

"Oh god yes."

I nervously stammered, "So - she really saw - like - all of you?"


Then I cautiously asked, "And - were you - I mean - were you - hard?"

My brother sort of gasped, "Oh my God Sis, I was so hard it almost hurt."

The image in my head of my beautiful brother standing naked with an erection suddenly appeared in my mind. It created a strong feeling in me and I wasn't sure what to do. I wanted so badly to rub myself faster. I even thought maybe I could try and reach a climax undetected, but I was right next to him and it would be impossible to even think I could do that in this tiny bed.

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