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Mom went to Work

by DaktoRto 10/29/10

Her boss was pumping in and out as Mom said, "Please fuck me, sir. Yes Sir. Please fuck me Sir. Fuck me please. Oh Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me Sir!" Mom' voice was soft and sultry.

Mom started shuddering and moaning loudly. "Cumming! Cumming! Oh Sir, I'm cumming Sir!"

As her shaking subsided Moms boss said, "Cumming." Mom turned around without hesitation and sucked the dick dripping with her own juices into her mouth. You could tell she wanted the cum that was now flooding her mouth. She forcibly reached around and grabbed her boss' ass and pulled him fiercely to her face. Swallowing greedily she was getting it all. All the while, looking with lust filled eyes, up at her boss' flushed face. She released her grip on him and moved back just keeping the head of his dick in her mouth and slowly milked him with her hand. Yes, indeed, she wanted every last drop. Finally, still looking up at him Mom let his dick fall limply out of her mouth and said, "Are you pleased Sir?

Moms boss said, "Damn girl you're good!" "The best I've had!" "I'm very pleased."

Mom smiled with cum still on her lips and said, "Thank You Sir. I only want to please you, Sir."

(I'm definitely going to have to find out why Mom is talking like that.)

With that he reached down and pulled her up, kissing her long and passionately. He then said, "It's quitting time, get dressed and go home."

The picture faded again.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, Patricia Anne, You're his Goddamn Whore!"

Dad paused the video and Mom was crying and begging again.

(I wanted to run in and pop Dad a good one to rescue Mom. If I had, Dad would have probably killed me.)

But, Dad had Mom by the arm and they headed down the hallway.

Was dad going to rape Mom, now, after watching the video!? I had noticed his hand moving in his lap at the end of the scene.

No, they didn't go to the bedroom. They went to the bathroom. Dad had to piss and he wasn't letting her out of his site. He certainly wasn't going to let her get her hands on the disk either.

"There's more isn't there?" Dad was saying. "You've been doing this for some time, haven't you?

Mom didn't say anything; she just whimpered and looked at the floor.

(In my mind I wanted to stop this and rescue Mom. But, I also wanted to see the rest of what was on the disk. Mom was the object of a lot of my fantasies and I wanted to see more.)

Finally, Dad started the disk again. But, nothing came on screen. Dad muttered something and Mom put her hand to her mouth crying again.

Then the video started again. Mom winced. Dad said," Shit!"

Mom was again sitting at her desk. Some working scenes were followed by her boss calling her again. This time he told her to bring her pad for a letter.

Mom quickly got up and went into his office. She sat down, opened her steno pad, and said, "Yes Sir." The sound went dead but her boss was talking and Mom was writing. Then the sound came back on with the phone ringing. Mom answered the phone and said "Just a moment, please." Mom then told her boss who was on the phone. He motioned her out as he took the phone. With his hand on the mouthpiece he said, "Underwear." Mom immediately stopped and removed her bra and panties. Turning around she went to his desk and lay them down. Then she went back to her desk and worked some more. After a few minutes Moms boss called her again. Mom, again answered, "Yes Sir" and proceeded to his office. As she stepped through the door he tossed her some keys and said, "Take my car and go to the lawyers office and pick up the Ross contracts. He's coming by later. And, oh yeah, give poor little Donny a tease."

Mom said, "Yes Sir," and left.

Again a fade out and fade back in with Mom entering her Bosses office. He told her to show him what she did to Donny. With that Mom deliberately shook her shoulders as she leaned over to place the contracts on his desk. Her tits jiggled and her nipples swung back and forth across the silk top. Then she turned around and dropped her purse. As she bent over to pick it up, she spread her legs and bent at the waist. This made her skirt ride up just high enough to give whoever was behind her a view of her pussy. Then as she stood up she looked over her shoulder and winked. As she walked back to her desk her boss said, "Poor boy, he'll be hard all day."

Another scene change and Mom was at her desk talking to another Black man. "Just a moment Mr. Ross and I'll see if Mr. Ronson is ready for you." With that Mom went to her bosses' office. She quickly returned holding the door open and said, 'Mr. Ronson will see you now, Sir"

Mom was again seated at her desk and she was talking to Donna. They smiled and laughed a few times. Donna asked Mom if she had done a client yet. Mom told her that other than being Mr. Ronson' Sexretary (Yes that's right she plainly said 'Sexretary.') the only thing she did was tease Donny at the lawyer' office. Donna said, "That poor boy. All of the department bosses have him teased. One of these days we should all get together and, Rock His World! Mom just giggled, "It would probably kill him." They talked a little more and then Moms boss called her. They both said, "Later."

Mom said, "Yes Sir." And her boss said, "Bring your seal for the contracts." Mom responded, "Yes Sir," and got the seal from her desk drawer. As Mom entered her bosses' office both men were watching her so Mom deliberately pulled her shoulders back and wiggled her tits for them. Making sure they jiggled as she walked to her bosses' desk,

(Mom looked fantastic.)

"Goddamnit, Patricia! Now you're coming on to another Black man!"

Mom winced again and blubbered, "Oh Please Gene, Please Stop This!"

Dad shot Mom a look and she flinched backward, probably thinking he would hit her.

(I have never seen Dad hit Mom.)

Mom stood next to her boss as both men signed the contracts. Then Mom bent over to sign and affix the seal. Mom had undone a button on her blouse and as she bent Mr. Ross had a good view down her blouse. Moms' boss had run his hand up between Moms legs and was by the way it looked playing with her ass. As Mom stood up, her boss quickly removed his hand.

Mom said, 'Will that be all, Sir?"

Moms' boss said, "Yes. Take these back to the attorneys and don't forget Donny." "Oh, yeah" he handed her some money, "Bring me back lunch." "You know double chicken nuggets."

"Yes Sir" with that, Mom left.

Mom was then coming in the office front door. She walked to her bosses' office and said, "I'm back with your lunch, Sir." Mom handed him his keys and sat the lunch bag on his desk. As Mom set up his lunch her boss moved the stuff he was working on to a side table. Mom said, "Your lunch is ready sir." To which he stood up and walked around to the other side of his desk and sat in that chair.

Mom moved to stand beside him and he rolled her skirt up to her waist. He bent forward and kissed her lower stomach at the hair line. Then using his hand he pushed for her to spread her legs.

(I'm thinking, "Is Mom going to service him while he eats lunch!?" The answer was no. Mom was part of his lunch.)

Moms' boss kissed the creases of her legs as his fingers rubbed her pussy and his thumb rubbed her clit.

Mom said, "That feels very good Sir, but, your lunch is getting cold."

Her boss responded, "I know! But you taste better than food."

"Yes Sir. Do as you please, Sir" was Moms reply.

Moms' boss told her to lean down on his desk and relax.

"Yes Sir, as you wish, Sir" was Moms reply as she lay on his desk and spread her legs.

Moms' boss then stuck his fingers in the chicken nuggets sauce and rubbed it on her asshole and pussy lips. Then he licked his fingers and licked Moms pussy.

(Weird, but it looked delicious.)

He then wiped some more sauce on Moms pussy and picked up a piece of chicken which he wiped in the sauce and between her pussy lips. He quickly popped the nugget in his mouth and moaned, "Delicious." "This sauce should be patented and sold across the country." He said will a big smile on his face.

Mom just moaned and wiggled her ass.

As Moms boss made his way through each piece of chicken like that Moms pussy was dripping. Mom would occasionally ask, "Is your lunch to your liking, Sir?" "I'm enjoying you enjoying your meal, Sir." "Please Sir, eat all you want." "Yes Sir, eat all you want."

As Moms boss finished the chicken he went straight to eating her pussy. He sucked and licked until Mom had a strong orgasm during which her knees buckled.

Mom moaned, "Oh Sir, you are the best pussy eater. You eat pussy better than anybody, Sir. Yes Sir, you may eat my pussy anytime you wish. Yes Sir."

Moms boss said, "Back to work" with a big smile and pussy juice on his face.

Mom went back to her desk and worked. One of the female bosses came in and went straight to Moms bosses' office without saying anything. There was laughter coming from the office and Mom smiled. As the boss lady left Moms boss called her.

"Yes Sir," Mom said as she went right in.

Moms' boss was standing there with his pants down. His dick was sticking out and had something red on it. "I seem to have been left with something on my dick" he said.

"One moment, Sir" Mom said and she went to her desk and got some baby wipes. As Mom returned she said, "You seem to have been marked, Sir" And mom went to her knees and licked the drop of precum off of his dick. He shuddered and Mom took the end of his dick in her fingertips, raising it up and twisting it. Mom then put the head of his dick in her mouth and gently wiped the lipstick off of it. Mom let his dick out of her mouth and asked, "Was she trying to brand you, Sir? Or was she leaving your wife something to see, Sir?"

Moms' boss reached out and moved her face to his dick and Mom opened her mouth wide to allow him easy entrance. Mom had been sucking his dick for a couple of minutes. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of Moms, "Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm," each time she moved back and forth on his dick.

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