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No Longer a Game Ch. 25

by GothicGaGirl 02/14/18

Chapter 25 -- The Lady of Chaos, the Demon Web Pits and Memories Best Forgotten

Natalie bled from her fingers and toes where her nails had been pulled out and she whimpered and cried and gave another scream when Talshal walked to her with a whip in her hand. As the priestess raised her hand Natalie closed her eyes to await the blow but it never came and she caught a foul scent in her nose like sulfur. She slowly opened her eyes and to her surprise saw Talshal and the other drow that gathered to see the elf being tortured on their knees with their heads bowed. She then noticed a grey cloud forming in front of the kneeling priestess and soon a shape appeared.

The form appeared to be about six feet tall and made of a blob of melted wax with one large eye in its center. The thing had eight-tentacles protruding from its body that emitted a foul stench. Natalie thought the creature looked vaguely familiar and then it suddenly came to her where she had seen it before or at least its picture. When she was on the other side and learning about the game she had seen a drawing of this creature when she was reading about the drow. It was a yochlol, a demon, and a Hand Maiden of Lolth.

"Oh great, Hand Maiden, you honor us with your presence." Talshal said with a touch of fear in her voice. Yochlols normally did not leave the Abyssal Plane unless summoned by a priestess of Lolth seeking a great favor from their goddess so it was very odd and frightening to Talshal to see one appear.

The demon ignored the drow and extended one of its tentacles to Natalie, who screamed in fear as the waxy, smelly tentacle caressed her face. The yochlol touched the elf's face and naked body for several seconds and then turned to Talshal.

"Lolth is pleased you have captured this moon elf female and the drow female who serves Eilistraee." The demon spoke not with physical words but could be heard in the minds of the drow and Natalie.

"Thank you, great Hand Maiden. I live to serve the Spider Queen." Talshal smiled. "I will personally sacrifice this surface elf and the traitor to Lolth."

"No." The demon said.

Talshal looked up at the demon. "What? You cannot deny me my sacrifice! You cannot deny me the favor it will give me from Lolth!"

The demon laughed, of one could call it a laugh, "Do not fear Talshal. You have gained great favor with Lolth. She will allow you to sacrifice the female drow but this one....the surface elf our Mistress wants for herself and she wants her whole and alive. Lolth will grant you her favor and will approve of your schemes to murder your mother and become matron of your house."

Talshal grinned, "Thank you, Hand Maiden. I will bring glory to the Spider Queen." She said fanatically.

"That remains to be seen, but for now I will take this one."

The demon once again extended its tentacle and Natalie passed out in fear as it wrapped around her body and the drow saw the yochlol faded in a sulfuric cloud taking the elf captive with it.


When Natalie regained consciousness the first thing she felt or actually did not feel was any pain from where her toenails and fingernails had been pulled out; next she felt a tickling all over her skin like something crawling all over her. She looked down and saw hundreds of spiders crawling all over her body; spiders of different sizes from ones as small as a dime to a few as big as a saucer plate. Natalie fought the urge to scream since she was afraid if she opened her mouth a spider would crawl into it. She tried to move to brush the arachnids away but her hands and feet would not move. She looked up and saw she was stuck in a giant spider web with the silk as thick as rope; she struggled but to no avail.

"Ah you don't like my pets?" A voice asked her. It was a female voice and beautiful but sinister sounding. "Run along, my children."

The spiders suddenly skittered off Natalie's body and disappeared down the web. Natalie looked toward the voice and saw something coming to her and this time she did scream as the voice took shape as it came closer. At first she saw the upper body of a drow female, but more beautiful than any drow she ever encountered. She had perfect breasts, that were bare, and a perfect face with long white hair that flowed over her shoulders but as the drow made her way up the thick, sticky web to Natalie its lower torso too shape and that was what made Natalie scream. The lower torso was of a giant black widow spider. The half drow half spider thing laughed at her and Natalie could not understand how such a horrid looking monster could have such a beautiful laugh.

Natalie turned her head from the creature that made her way to her and looked at her surroundings. She noticed she was in an open space, outside of any building and appeared to be on an open plane and the webs she was held captive to were attached between two large rocks. The land before her looked dead and covered with rocks with chasms and rocky gorges and there were spiders everywhere from small ones like the ones that crawled over her body to spiders as large as houses. It appeared night time but it was not too dark as eight moons illuminated the planes. Off in the distance she could make out a large structure of what looked like some type of citadel made of black iron and formed into the shape spider. Natalie could feel a hot wind blowing through her and it carried what she sounded like wailing moans of tormented voices.

"This form is not pleasant for you?" The creature asked kindly and Natalie's gaze was drawn to the creature and she saw tiny red spiders spill out of the mouth of the thing before her. The creature waved her hand and a dark cloud surrounded the monster and out of the cloud walked the most exquisitely beautiful woman Natalie had ever seen. She was a drow and as she walked her over six foot body swayed so gracefully and naturally it was hypnotizing to watch the seductive movements. She walked along the sticky webs with ease and did not stop until she was within only a few inches of Natalie's bound body.

"This is better I take it?" She asked rhetorically with a smile. "Do you know who I am, girl?"

Natalie nodded, " Lo...Loth." Natalie stuttered in fear.

The goddess nodded and reached out and caressed Natalie's cheek. "Very good, my dear."

" you want and...and where am I?" Natalie managed to ask.

The beautiful drow laughed, "What I want will be revealed in time and as for where you are that should be obvious. You are in my plane where I rule. The Demon Web Pits and here I control all."

"Are you going kill me?"

Lolth laughed her lovely laugh again, "Kill you? If I wanted you dead I would have allowed my priestess to continue to torture you and then sacrifice you on my alter. No my, dear, I want to help you?"

"Help me? Why? I am not even a drow."

Lolth smiled, "No but you are not a filthy moon elf either are you? Yes I know who you are, Natalie, as I know who your friends are." Lolth once again waved her hand and Natalie felt her body tingle. "See this is your true form."

Natalie dared to take her eyes off this goddess and looked down at her naked body and saw she was no longer a moon elf but had transformed back into her other side self.

"That is much better is it not?" Lolth asked kindly. "I find it more pleasing. You are such a lovely female."

"I...I don't understand...are you going to help me and my friends get home?" Natalie asked.

Lolth laughed again this time for longer and with true amusement. "Home? Of course not but I can help you, Natalie. I can offer you so much for just a small price."

"What price...I don't understand...what do you want from me...from us." Natalie asked in a fearful voice.

"From your friends nothing but from you a great deal; as I said I know who you are and what you are and what you can become."

Natalie struggled against the webs, "What do you mean what I am? I don't understand. I....I don't know what you want from me....we just want to go home."

Lolth smiled again and caressed Natalie's face once more. "You will, child, you will understand all but first I need to show you what I can do for help you. You have been hurt terribly as a child and lost so much. You try and block it out, those memories that haunt you, you try and deny what happened to you and made you who you are did not happen; but what you don't realize is your past is what can make you stronger. Your hate can give you such power, Natalie. Power you cannot imagine."

Natalie pulled her head back as far as she could to avoid the Spider Queens touch. "I...I don't know what you mean."

"Oh? Shall I remind you?" Lolth asked and placed both her hands gently on Natalie's face and starred into the girl's eyes. "I admit I was hoping it would come to this. To show you and make you remember so I can use that fear and hate and pain to remold you to serve me."

Natalie felt herself become dizzy and the room started to spin and she felt as if she was going to pass out but did not; instead she found herself in a familiar place.

Natalie found herself back in her world, but she was not the twenty-one year old college student at mercer; instead she found herself in her thirteen year old body and she was on a beach and wearing bright yellow sundress. She felt happy; happier than she had in years. She looked around and smiled when she saw the ocean and thought she was on Tybee Island. Smiling she turned to the mainland and frowned. It was not Tybee; she knew that now. She was on Isle of Palms in Charleston, South Carolina where her aunt and uncle once lived.

"No...oh please God no...not this...please." Natalie begged aloud.

She heard the maniacal laugh of Lolth in her mind. "God? Your God won't help you...he abandoned you remember...or did you abandon him? Either way He won't help you. He had no power here."

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