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Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 03

by MTL17 03/28/10

Trish hangs where she is doing her best not to think about the vibrator or butt plug that are inside of her. She can't help but remember and think about everything that has transpired thus far tonight.

First her and Ashley having to watch as their friend Mickie was spanked and then forced to eat Candice's pussy and then watching Candice return the favour as well as watching Candice fuck Mickie's pussy with a strap on dildo and then fuck her up the ass with the same strap on and making Mickie submit to her completely and not just for that night but for the rest of her life.

Then she had to watch Ashley go through the same thing only with Victoria being the dominator instead of Candice. While Ashley was getting her pussy finger fucked almost fisted by Victoria Candice was having Mickie eat her pussy again and after the finger fucking which didn't make Ashley cum Victoria made her eat her pussy at which point Torrie snuck up on her and dry humped Trish's poor ass until she came, her cum flowing onto Trish's ass. If that wasn't bad enough Torrie then started shoving dildo after dildo up Trish's ass, forcing the helpless Canadian to cum over and over again from the rough butt fucking as her friends were fucked first in their pussies and then in their asses right in front of Trish's eyes. Poor Ashley was fucked so hard she had no choice but to submit.

Never in her life had Trish seen women make other women do such obscene things. She'd never seen people in general make other people do such obscene things to one and other and what she couldn't believe was how her friends or rather her former friends had submitted to Candice and Victoria. Trish had been sure they where made of sterner stuff than that that was why she'd made friends with them in the first place because they looked tough like they could handle themselves. She thought they where like her. Evidently she had been proven wrong.

Neither Mickie nor Ashley where like her because if they had been no matter what Candice or Victoria did to them they wouldn't have submitted or surrendered to either one of them. Seeing them leave the room the way they had on all fours made Trish feel ashamed to call them her friends.

But what sickened and ashamed her the most was her own body and how she could actually get turned on by seeing what she did.

Doing her best to focus on something different Trish once again looks around the still well lit room doing her best to try and find something anything that she can use to help her escape before Torrie and the others come back however like before she see's nothing of use. Despite this Trish is more determined than ever not to submit no matter what Torrie says or does Trish Stratus is not going to become anybody's slave.


Trish hears the door to the basement open and watches as she see's 5 sets of feet walk down the stairs one set at a time with Torrie leading the way behind her Candice with Mickie next to her and behind her Victoria with Ashley next to her. As soon as both Mickie and Ashley reach the floor they immediately both get down on their hands and knees and crawl across the floor next to Candice and Victoria.

Seeing her two former best friends crawl across the floor like a pair of dogs reinforces her determination not to let Torrie turn her into what Mickie and Ashley now are slaves to the their mistresses Candice and Victoria as well as the trio as a whole.

Torrie walks right up to Trish and turns the vibrator down to the lowest setting and then reaches around and does the same thing to the butt plug before taking a step back and looking up into Trish's eyes.

Trish notices that Candice and Mickie Victoria and Ashley have stopped a short distance behind Torrie.

"Now." Torrie says breaking the silence and causing Trish to turn her attention from Candice, Mickie, Victoria and Ashley to her, "I'm going to remove the ball gag from your mouth and after I have done that I am going to ask you if your willing to submit to me and be my slave and if you are willing I want you to say I submit and I will be your slave Mistress Torrie."

Torrie finishes with an ear to ear smile which makes Trish's blood boil with rage before slowly she takes a step forward and removes the ball gag from Trish's mouth. Once that is done Torrie takes a step back.

"Are you willing to submit to me Trish?" Torrie asks looking Trish dead in the eye.

Trish wants to tell Torrie where to go however she decides not to do that instead she simply remains silent feeling that silence is the best answer to Torrie's question.

"I said are you willing to submit to me?" Torrie asks again the smile now gone from her face as she keeps looking at Trish.

Trish smiles as she looks back at Torrie glad to see her defiance is having an affect on Torrie.

Seeing Trish smile at her pisses Torrie off even more than the fact that she has not submitted to her like she told Candice and Victoria she would.

"You know Trish." Torrie says doing her best to keep her cool, "Candice and Victoria actually wanted to leave you up there for the rest of the night. They wanted to go to bed however I told them that you would be willing to submit to me after having seen your two best friends get turned into our slaves, not to mention the fact that you have been up there for so long I bet all your muscles are aching right now, especially the ones in your pussy and ass."

Trish does her best to keep her face as emotionless as possible even though knowing that she is making Torrie look bad in front of Candice and Victoria makes her want to smile and even though her muscles are aching due to her trying to break free of her bonds as well as the number of orgasms the vibrator and butt plug have given her during the course of the night.

"I'm going to ask you one more time Trish and then I am going to leave you up there and us 5 are going to go to bed." Torrie says looking at Trish with a seriously pissed off look on her face, "However I am not just going to leave you up there until the morning. I'm going to leave you up there for the next 24 hours."

Trish looks at Torrie and slowly her emotionless expression changes to one of shock and disbelief.

Candice and Victoria both smile wondering if this idea of Torrie's will work and get the mighty Canadian to submit to her.

"You..." Trish says swallowing hard and taking a deep breath, "You can't do that."

"I beg your pardon." Torrie says with a smile.

"I said you can't do that." Trish snaps.

"Oh I think you'll find that I can." Torrie says her smile widening, "You see Trish the RAW Brand has the next two days off. We aren't going to be needed again until Thursday when we have to do a house show. So if I wanted I could leave you up there for the next 48 hours."

Trish turns her attention to Mickie and Ashley to see if they are really going to stand by and let this happen to her and much to her horror the expression on both of her former friends faces is totally blank and emotionless.

"So..." Torrie says focusing her attention on Trish, "For the last time are you willing to submit to me Trish Stratus?"

Trish continues to look at Mickie and Ashley desperate for some sign that her old friends are still in there somewhere however Mickie and Ashley's expressions don't change which causes Trish to turn her attention from them to Torrie part of her for some reason wants to submit maybe it is just so that she can get down from where she is however another part of her which is stronger than the other part refuses to give in to the blonde American although she knows what her refusal to submit means.

Torrie looks at Trish and is able to see from the look on both her face and in her eyes that she is not going to submit.

"In that case Trish." Torrie says pissed off however comforting herself with the thought that in 24 hours Trish will submit to her, "I hope you enjoy the next 24 hours."

With that Torrie walks back up to her soon to be pet puts the ball gag back in her mouth and turns both the vibrator and butt plug back on to full power at the same time.

Torrie then turns to face Candice and Victoria.

"Let's go to bed." Torrie says looking at her two best friends who's expressions slowly turn from happy or smiling to shocked, "What?"

"You're actually going to leave her up there for 24 hours?" Candice asks the disbelief evident from the tone of her voice.

Torrie smiles.

"I'm a woman of my word. One way or another this Canadian bitch is going to become my slave." Torrie says point to Trish behind her, "Just like Mickie became your slave, and just like Ashley became your slave. Now shall we go to bed?"

With that Torrie heads towards the stairs.

Candice and Victoria watch their blonde haired friend go still shocked by her actions as they look at one and other and slowly turn to look at Trish who still has the defiant look in her eyes and on her face.

"Night Trish." Candice says as she and Mickie turn and head for the stairs.

"Had to do it the hard way didn't you." Victoria says shaking her head as she and Ashley turn and follow the others to the stairs.

Once they reach the stairs Torrie allows Candice and Mickie to go first followed by Victoria and Ashley and once the four have gone up Torrie turns and looks back at Trish.

"Sweet dreams." Torrie says, "If you manage to get to sleep."

And with that Torrie turns and heads upstairs shutting the door behind her.


Once Torrie and the others have left the room Trish does her best to try and think about something, anything she can to keep her mind off her present predicament.

Trish starts off by thinking about what Torrie said about her leaving her up where she is for 24 hours with the vibrator and butt plug on full power. Despite the seriousness she saw in Torrie's eyes she can't believe that the Boise Idaho native would do that and although she does her best to make herself believe that she can survive 24 hours with the vibrator and butt plug inside of her for 24 hours deep down Trish knows she can't due to the fact her two holes are already starting to get sore from all the attention they have been getting from the two unwelcome items inside of her.

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