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Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 06

by Ammavan 04/21/11

Dad's arms encircled Mom's waist and he pulled her back against his rampant prick, while thrusting himself forward with brute force. Mom bucked back against him equally hard, probably feeling his thick prick deep inside her tunnel and sensing that he was ready to fill her vaginal cavity with his male seed.

"Yes Athan.... fuck me.... aaaahhhhh.... ..cum darling.... .fill me up with your love.... ...cum Athan.... fuck meeeee.... aaaahhhhh" she urged him. Her right hand went down between her legs and caressed his hairy balls.

Dad pulled back almost all the way out and with one mighty push plunged his colossal cock deep into her love chute, holding Mom's waist tight. Mom's body jerked visibly with the sheer force of Dad's thrust and her mouth opened wide.

"Ohhhh.... fuck...yes...ohhhh.... fuck.... fuck me.... Raniii yesss.... ..yesss.... nowwwww" Dad groaned.

He held her tight as his 6-foot frame shuddered and his cock spewed his boiling cum deep inside Mom's cunt.

"Ammmaaaaaaa.... ...aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" he growled like an animal, releasing his seed into his lover's tunnel.

Mom raised her torso towards Dad and bucked against his body, shaking and moving her bums, churning and milking his heavenly cock. Dad's fingers grabbed her beautiful tits and mauled them as he continued to thrust in and out of her hairy twat.

"Yes, yes, yes.... .." they hissed together, still bucking like wild animals in a powerful union of the male and female species, their bodies turning and twisting obscenely, to capture the utmost pleasures.

Aayahmah's body again shook in little spasms as Dad exploded. Her right hand was rhythmically squeezing her breasts as she thrust her crotch against my caressing fingers, her panties soaked with her juices. She turned to look at me, her face overcome with lust and desire, her need evident.

I moved away from the wall and gently pulled her left hand out of my shorts. Momentarily removing my hand from her crotch, I lifted up her nightgown. Overwhelmed by her burning urge, she unashamedly pulled her panties down to her thighs and parted her legs, giving my fingers unhindered access to her hairy treasure. She was really wet, her curly hair soaked with her honey.

I rubbed my fingers through her damp forest while she gently humped me, a sultry smile of pleasure on her face. I slid my fingers gently over her swollen pussy lips, already open wide in sexual excitement and felt her gooey, wetness on my fingers. She leaned forward and rested her head on my chest while I fingered her. She moaned softly against my chest, barely audible whimpers, overcome with her sexual urges but conscious of our surroundings.

I slid my middle finger into her love hole and stroked gently, up and down her tunnel like a mini-phallus and then brought my finger to my mouth to taste her. She watched me as I licked her delicious honey off my finger and then kissed my lips in a show of love. My right hand cupped her hairy groin again as we kissed and this time I inserted two fingers up her hairy pussy and stroked her tight, quivering warm flesh.

A few seconds of that and I felt her pussy clamp tight around my fingers, squeezing them in a lovely pattern. At the same time, her lovely feminine form trembled from the sensations she was feeling deep inside her cunt. Her lovely nectar was dripping down the sides of her thighs and she humped my fingers in a steady motion while she licked my chest, teasing my hard nipples with her tongue.

"Let's go to our room, Chellam" she pleaded, panting softly into my ear, her tongue licking my earlobe in the process and her hand sliding down to grasp my rock hard member, tempting me.

I sensed her needs and was conscious of my own aroused state but I wanted to watch my parents some more. Moaning and grunting sounds were still coming from the other side of the wall and I indicated to Aayahmah that we remain there for a little while longer.

I removed my fingers from her soaking twat and sucked on them while I held her to my chest. She too sucked on my fingers and then gave me a cheeky smile and squeezed my rock hard member – pulling on it and forming the words "naughty, naughty" on her lips. She pulled up her panties and let down her gown.

Dad's loud groan of pleasure broke our thoughts for a moment. "Ahhhhhh, darling.... ..keep squeezing my cock like that" we heard Dad say.

We moved towards the wall to catch up on what my parents were up to, gluing our eyes respectively to our peepholes. Dad was still sliding in and out of Mom's pussy albeit slowly, evidently on an extended orgasm. Mom was again on all fours on the mattress, moving in rhythm with his slow thrusts, both whimpering in satisfaction.

"So good, so good, so good, yessssss.... mmmmm" they hummed joyously together.

Dad slowly lifted Mom's torso towards him and she turned her head around to kiss him while Dad's hands groped and massaged her gorgeous round boobs, his fingers pulling her stiff nipples. Dad then slid his right hand to their point of union and rubbed her wet hairy snatch. Dad held Mom tight against his body, enjoying the warmth of their love, as their movements slowed down completely to a standstill.

Dad pulled away from Mom slowly and his semi-hard cock slipped out of her pussy. Mom moved forwards and rested her torso once again on the mattress but her buttocks were raised temptingly towards Dad, showing him her satisfied, cum-filled pussy. He held his wet cock in his fingers and playfully smacked his rubbery manhood on Mom's bums. Mom wagged her bums in response, inducing a smile on both Ayahamah's and my lips. The games my parents played!

Dad repeated the smacking of her buns with his meat and then dropped down to his knees behind Mom. He kissed and licked all over her cum-soaked pussy and ass before he unashamedly lapped up their combined juices from her pussy, his tongue licking with total abandon.

"Yes, darling.... lick me.... lick our love juices.... .. I love you, Athan.... love how you love me" cooed Mom, thoroughly enjoying the attention her man was giving her.

Aayahmah's fingers again clasped my hand tightly and my cock throbbed as we watched their unselfish love play.

After some seconds of that, Dad stood up, his deflated cock now hanging obscenely down, but still of an impressive length and girth. It looked so majestic, so tempting and I had a sudden urge to suck on that magnificent tool – I licked my lips. Aayahmah gulped her throat and looked at me, perhaps with the same thought.

As if Mom had read both our minds, she got on all fours again, staying on the bed, and turned towards Dad, slowly moving towards him. He presented his wet, slippery rod to her. She moaned and then took it all in her mouth at once, her long hair falling over his tool. He pulled her hair back and watched her. Her eyes were locked to his as she cleaned his heavenly lingam.

She lifted his cock to lick their juices that had dripped down onto his balls. Then she proceeded to lick the juices from the inside of his thighs and pubic hair. She again took his meat into her mouth and sucked on it, making loud slurping noises. Finally she pouted her lips to give his perfect cockhead a gentle kiss and then licked her lips in a wanton show of satisfaction, her face glowing with love.

Aayahmah licked her lips in tune with Mom and her fingers clasped mine tight as we watched and felt the love being shared by these two incredible humans – my parents. It was just an awesome feeling and again my cock twitched and throbbed, as if feeling the pleasure Mom was giving Dad – I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I was on the verge of an explosion and I needed release - I was totally overcome by the powerful sexual energy radiating from my parents.

I guided Aayhamah's fingers to my manhood over my shorts and she looked at me, sensing my urgency. Turning me to face her, her fingers hooked the waistband of my shorts and pulled it down my thighs, exposing my erect monster which was pointing straight out of my hairy groin. She squat down in front of me, held my cock, opened her mouth and deep-throated me in one go. The feeling as my length slid down her throat was out of this world.

"Mmmmm.... " I gasped silently, and held her head as she hungrily sucked on my dick, while my eye kept watch on my parents. I was worried if they would hear me.

I started to thrust in rapid strokes inside Aayahmah's eager mouth and her fingers urged my balls to release the huge cum-load they carried. My fingers held her head as she bobbed forwards and backwards, in tune with my rampant teenage cock. I knew a mighty explosion was imminent.

I looked down at this wonderful woman, her mouth serving me the most exquisite of pleasures. I lifted her chin up towards me, her mouth still sucking strongly on my throbbing flesh and her tongue twirling over my bloated cockhead. I smiled in admiration at her beautiful, mature face; her eyes filled with pure love for me.

I pulled out of her mouth and my fingers encircled my saliva-wet prick tightly. I bent my knees slightly and my fingers stroked my blood-engorged prick furiously, pointing it towards Aayahmah who had opened her mouth wide. Her left hand held on to my right thigh while her right hand lifted and caressed my hairy balls. Her eyes demanded me to release my load.

Just seconds and three strokes later, I drove my body forward as the first blast of thick white cum jetted out of my cockhead and shot directly into Aayahmah's waiting mouth. My body trembled with the power of my release and her eyes opened wide as the thick white glob hit the back of her throat. She gulped it down greedily.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh.... ..mmmmmmmaaaa" I breathed heavily, trying not to make any sound, as the second, third and fourth blasts of cum fired in rapid succession into the mouth and down the throat of my lover.

Consciously, Aayahmah raised her left hand towards my face and I immediately sucked on her fingers to stifle any audible sounds. Then she took my throbbing rod into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum direct out of the source, sending me to the heavens of pleasure. I thrust in and out of her oral hole furiously, depositing my last streams of cum down her throat, as powerful sensations vibrated through my whole body.

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