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The Jogger Ch. 04

A Goodnight Could Mean Goodbye.

Submitted by tnhardon  05/27/16

Jae-Sun: Conjugation

Jae helps his Spanish teacher after class.

Submitted by Sarkopheros  05/27/16

Rebecca, the Hot Summer Woman

In this heat, my friend's mom is the hottest around!

Submitted by MrSoftRough  05/27/16

The Quickie

A student develops a crush on his teacher for one quickie...

Submitted by islandchica  05/27/16

The Apocalypse

A young girl has to find safety from the sex-craving zombies.

Submitted by SlyCooper  05/26/16

Double Fantasy Ch. 02

Emma gets down and dirty with Henrik under the bleachers.

Submitted by bbw4youngercocks1  05/26/16

Random Mature Sex Stories

Kait's Story Ch. 07

Kait's world changes, Mel helps out.

Submitted by KaitsMate  09/09/04

A Life With Ups and Downs

Sexually addicted, young Claudette just accepts her lot.

Submitted by egmontgrigor2010  01/20/10

Fantasy That Came True

He lusts for his wife's sexy mother.

Submitted by diamond_dice  11/09/01

Golliwog's Cakewalk

Cougar mom teaches an old frat tradition.

Submitted by Nigel Debonnaire  06/04/10

A Summer Too Brief

Middle-aged man takes on summer intern.

Submitted by shevyone  05/06/02

Married Sex and Our Camper Van

It's a very special time for us.

Submitted by sparktj  11/19/13

Garage Surprises

A spontaneous neighborly encounter.

Submitted by LarsCharles  04/14/06

Librarian Ch. 05

After a lengthy sex session they see her trap was sprung.

Submitted by MungoParkIII  12/12/07

Plumber's Perks Ch. 01

Blue collar men have perks too.

Submitted by PlumberNickNZ  02/02/06

Renter's Insurance Ch. 04

Our tenant's situation becomes truly surreal.

Submitted by Conan_T_Barbarian  11/22/04

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Mature Hall of Fame

My Education Ch. 03

Moving out.

Submitted by NicholasTemplar  07/03/08

My Education Ch. 02

The fantasy becomes reality on his birthday.

Submitted by NicholasTemplar  01/09/08

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 10


Submitted by firstkiss  10/21/07

The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 05

After two years apart, Dan & Ellen find romance again.

Submitted by MasterBates13  04/23/06

Saving the Company Ch. 05

Happy Ending: Big Changes at the Company.

Submitted by JoeDreamer  07/02/06

Life is a Soap Opera Act 02

The plot thickens.

Submitted by HLD  10/04/08

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