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Justin Down The Hall Ch. 01

Obsession with Watching.

Submitted by parker3522  08/25/16

High School Never Ends Ch. 04

Jock bullies classmate senior year.

Submitted by Darkhime  08/25/16

Late Night at Work

A late night at work brings some unwanted attention.

Submitted by MasterBiker  08/24/16

After Hours

A bartender takes a liking to a lonely grad student.

Submitted by upbeatunicorn  08/24/16

Birthday Bound

She's is tied up by friends.

Submitted by Ashson  08/23/16

The House of Teenage Tyranny Ch. 04

The other teens are tyrants; no one's prepared for Ashley.

Submitted by PeterOmez  08/23/16

Random Non-Consent Sex Stories


19th Century woman crosses paths with dangerous outlaw.

Submitted by Constriction  12/15/14

Lamas Night

16th century outlaws turn Lise's Lamas into a nightmare.

Submitted by golden smog  02/28/07

Dominating Mrs. Diaz

Neighborhood snob is forced into taboo.

Submitted by Splunge_Splash  03/05/04

The Horn Of Plenty Club Ch. 2

Karen's first visit.

Submitted by Edwina  05/21/01


Amber wakes up in a strange place.

Submitted by Shilme  02/25/10

The Uninvited Ch. 04-4

The Nanci Report - a fine line between reality and fantasy

Submitted by elausente  03/14/14

A Nurse's Diary Ch. 01

Mary and Vicky are forced into submission.

Submitted by insideviewer2002  08/09/02

An Exchange

Nina must pay her boyfriend's debts with her body...

Submitted by KnottLynnHardey  09/25/14

From Duchess to Concubine Ch. 04

Foul Lord Otto has his way with Fair Mona.

Submitted by Wifetheif  12/06/13

Nisha's Journey Ch. 02

Nisha's journey continues.

Submitted by SweetDivya  03/01/16

More Random NonConsent/Reluctance

NonConsent/Reluctance Hall of Fame

Saving Clara Ch. 09

The Past Comes to Light.

Submitted by winterhunny713  05/21/16

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 29

Home Sweet Home.

Submitted by HisPet21  07/27/14

Being the Maid Ch. 10

The Conclusion for those left alive.

Submitted by Goldeniangel  12/26/12

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 11-12

The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex.

Submitted by Emmeline  05/09/15

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 24

Dancing with the devil.

Submitted by HisPet21  09/10/13

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 21

Relationships grow, but danger is ever present.

Submitted by HisPet21  04/09/13

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