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Siren Ch. 02-03

Kenna wakes up aboard the pirate ship.

Submitted by Eliya  03/27/17

What Could Go Wrong?

Our night at a fraternity goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Submitted by NothingStranger  03/27/17

ROB Inc. Ch. 05

Angela gets a new owner - Cindy and Fran play with John.

Submitted by masterofnymphoslut  03/27/17

A Debt to be Paid

A tale of blackmail; a shy wife pays her husband's debt.

Submitted by sapiosexualmale3699  03/27/17

Accidental Sex

Caught naked and accidents happen.

Submitted by Ashson  03/27/17

The Teaching Ch. 01

Non-consensual lesbian domination by a wrestler.

Submitted by grover10  03/27/17

Random Non-Consent Sex Stories

London Cabbie Ch. 02

Joanna enters his home

Submitted by tryanythingtwice  01/25/03

Amnesia Ch. 10

A second ending.

Submitted by SylviaG  01/04/09

The Mountain Ch. 04


Submitted by MariLeigh  02/15/17

A Stranger Fills a Need...

A stranger knows more about Marie than she does of herself.

Submitted by OvidDominus  01/28/16

The Absentminded Model

Lily was late as usual; this time, she would pay for it.

Submitted by Majorkjm  08/22/08

The Dirty Trick

My boyfriend tricked me into rape by a room of strangers.

Submitted by vickyluv  02/24/12

So You Want To Share Me...

A couple explores wife sharing adventures.

Submitted by JRRoark  12/24/13

The Palmist Ch. 07

Cumming is only for sir and ma'am.

Submitted by PeterOmez  08/04/16

SaM's Place Ch. 01 of 15

Evelyn is invited to join a very exclusive club.

Submitted by The_Technician  04/20/13

The Naturalist

Young women meet a naturalist while camping.

Submitted by Ashson  12/11/13

More Random NonConsent/Reluctance

NonConsent/Reluctance Hall of Fame

Jessa Ch. 14

In which an act of desperation brings change.

Submitted by Chimera44  03/21/17

The Marriage of Doña Catalina Pt. 02

In a savage land, never ride alone.

Submitted by DesiredUsername35  12/10/16

2161 Virtual Reality Slut Pt. 01

A macho guy accidentally switches gender in VR, and likes it.

Submitted by Alaisiagae  05/11/16

Marigold's Undoing Pt. 10

Marigold and Jackson's world shatters.

Submitted by Piper320  11/04/16

Marigold's Undoing Pt. 14

Another adventure begins for Marigold and Jackson.

Submitted by Piper320  12/23/16

Marigold's Undoing Pt. 02

Will Jackson prove to be more than a monster.

Submitted by Piper320  08/18/16

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