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An Erotic Summer Family Vacation

by dave110256 08/21/11

I sincerely hope you read and enjoy my entry in the Summer Lovin' Contest of 2011. With each story I write, I look forward to your comments and reactions to my erotic stories. Your comments help me understand what is expected and desired by readers of Literotica. All of the characters in this story are over the age of eighteen.


The summer of 2011 would be long remembered by the Williams family of New York City. Sam, Nancy, Marcy and Mark would enjoy a lifetime of fantasies in just one summer. This is their story, as told by each member of the family.


We are just an average family of four, a happily married forty-something couple with twins, a boy and a girl.

My wife, Nancy and I, planned this summer vacation as a high school graduation gift to our children, Marcy and Mark, who turned eighteen last month. We decided to rent a house in Cancun, Mexico, for the summer.

Nancy and I were high school sweethearts and married shortly after we graduated. I'm a successful stock trader, and Nancy is a high school physical education teacher. We're both in good physical condition, and have made exercise a way of life for our entire family. We often take family bike rides and hikes as well as being involved with sporting activities year round.

We're so fortunate to have two great kids Mark is a fine, well-mannered young man, Marcy is a lot like her mother, a spitting image of her twenty years ago.

A week after the twins' graduation, we left for Cancun. We have taken few vacations over the past twenty years, both busy with our careers. We chose summer to go as the kids had the entire summer free before starting college.

Stepping off the airplane, we were breathless as the hot, humid air consumed us. The terminal building in Cancun wasn't air conditioned so the process of going through customs and collecting baggage was excruciating. We were lucky it was a slow time at the airport and not many passengers were being processed. Going through customs still took a little time and then we were on our way to our summer home, after renting a car.

The airport was about twenty miles from the beach house, but I had thought ahead to bring my GPS from home. We couldn't wait to get to the house and begin our vacation. Marcy and Mark stared in awe as we passed through the hotel district with the massive hotels and long, sandy beaches lining the route. Our vacation home was just a kilometer outside of town, right on the beach.

We all piled out of the car, not wanting to take the time to even remove the luggage from the trunk as we raced for the front door, eager to see what was awaiting us. The house wasn't fancy but had everything we needed.

The living room was very open with sliding doors facing the beach.. The home had a small, fully-stocked kitchen, two full bathrooms and three bedrooms. It wasn't large but none of us intended on spending a whole lot of time indoors anyway.

Mark and Marcy zipped outside, checking out the beach while Nancy and I finished touring the house.

"Hey kids, go get the luggage from the car before you do anything else," Nancy shouted from the doorway.

The twins ran back, retrieved the bags from the car, and brought them all into the house, each taking their own bags and claiming their rooms. Neither took time to unpack, they just grabbed the first bathing suits they could find. Mark threw on a pair of board shorts, Marcy put on her skimpy little white bikini.

"Young lady, you're not wearing that in public," I couldn't help saying.

"Leave her alone Sam, she's eighteen and we're on vacation," Nancy said as Marcy ignored me anyway.

"Wait until you see some of the bikinis I brought," Nancy said.

"You're going to wear bikinis? You never wear a bikini."

"Why not? I work hard for this body and I'm going to show it off too!"

"I can't wait to see you in them."

"Let's get unpacked."

Nancy and I unpacked, putting our clothes away before changing into our bathing suits, ready to explore the beach. Nancy stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a tiny red bikini, smaller than Marcy's. She turned around to reveal the g-string to me.

"Damn, are you going to really wear that?"

"Absolutely! Does it look bad?"

"Hell no, you look fantastic! You've just never shown your ass in public before."

" Then enjoy the view." She shook her ass flirtatiously.

Nancy took my hand, and led me toward the beach, searching for two available chairs close to the water. Every eye on the beach focused on Nancy. She was sexy, beautiful and confidant as she strutted down the beach, her tits almost bouncing free from the tiny strips of material covering them, her hips swaying with each step, accentuating her gorgeous, tight ass. I was having a difficult time controlling the growing erection I was getting watching my sexy wife. She had never dressed like this in public, at least not since we had married twenty two years ago.

The twins were in the water, making new friends and surfing in the waves. Marcy had attracted attention from a group of college boys. Mark was showing off, no doubt trying to attract attention from the girls with his surfing ability.

"Aren't you worried about the kids seeing you wearing that? We'll have to keep a close eye on Marcy, I don't like the looks she's getting from those guys."

"No, they're adults. After the initial shock of seeing my ass, they'll get over it. Your daughter will be fine, she's a big girl and can take care of herself."

We placed towels on chairs, claiming our spots as Nancy skipped into the water. I followed at a slower pace. Nancy's entry into the water drew the attention of the twins, who ditched their new friends and ran over.

"Mom, you're embarrassing us," Mark said, looking around to see if anyone else was staring.

"Don't talk that way to your mother" I shot him a warning look.

"You worry about you, I'm a big girl," Nancy said. "I'm on vacation and will do what I please so get away, go have your own fun." Nancy ignored the kids, wading deeper into the warm water.

"Mom, can I borrow one of your bikinis?" asked Marcy. She and her mom had almost identical bodies, they often borrowed clothes from each other.

"Sure, they're in the top drawer of the dresser in our bedroom."

Marcy skipped away briskly, toward the house. She emerged a few minutes later wearing one of her Mom's, pissing me off as she ran past, entering the water with a huge grin on her face. Every kid on the beach was staring at her as her firm tits bounced and her tight ass flexed as she ran. She was also wearing a g-string, her ass now totally exposed.

"Look what you've created."

"I think it's cute."

"I give up."

"Good," Nancy said as her hand grazed against my cock. "I thought I asked you to loosen up."

"Hey, the kids will see."

"Nobody's watching."

That was just the beginning of the first day, frolicking and flirting with each other on the beach. Every chance Nancy had, she'd slide her hand into my shorts or flash a tit. I had never seen her act like this and was just hoping the kids wouldn't catch us in the act.

Marcy moved down the beach and settled in with a group of college-age boys, some distance from us. Mark had moved the other way with a girl he'd met.

It was getting late, and the sun was setting. Nancy and I went back to the beach house to have a drink and relax on the deck.


Julie and I flirted all day, exchanging touches and hugs as we played in the water with the other kids. Julie was eighteen, a typical beach babe, blond, blue eyed, big tits and pretty. She wore a tiny yellow bikini and shook her tits to get my attention. She had her sights set on me, as I did her. We were immediately attracted to each other, separating from the rest of the group.

Julie and I searched for a secluded spot at the far end of the beach, looking for privacy. Our all-day flirting had come to a head. It was getting late and I was horny as hell. As we stood kissing in the dark, my hands fondled Julie's naked ass, as our tongues met in a passionate kiss. Her tiny, delicate fingers slid under the waistband of my shorts, finding my growing erection.

"I really like you." I was out of breath, anticipating how far she was willing to take this on the beach.

"I like you too but I can't have sex with you, not now," Julie said.

As the words escaped her, she dropped to her knees, tugging my shorts down to my ankles, exposing my throbbing eight inch cock, twitching with each heartbeat. I stepped out of them as she wrapped her hands around my swollen cock, staring at it, sizing me up.

"Oh God, you have such a nice cock!" Her eyes scanned the length of my shaft, examining every inch.

Her fingers explored the length of my shaft. Her head moved toward my cock, I felt her hot breath. I shivered in anticipation, my cock twitched and throbbed. Her curled tongue touched the tip, tasting my salty discharge- a string of pre-cum glistened in the moonlight, trailing from the tip to her tongue. Her tongue traced the sensitive underside, circling the head, driving me mad with lust.

"I want your cum," she said, her words muffled as her mouth surrounded the head of my shaft.

She started sucking my cock, sliding up and down, slurping and gagging every so often as she forced my manhood deeper into her mouth, touching the back of her throat. One hand cupped my balls, the other stroked me as she rose and fell, her lips wrapped around my throbbing, swollen cock.

I guided her movements, my fingers tangled in her hair, pushing her head downward as she slurped, sucked and stroked me. I was losing control, unable to fight off the impending eruption. My cock swelled, jerked and twitched as I exploded , surprising and gagging Julie. She swallowed, then gagged, unable to keep up with the volume, cum oozed from the corners of her mouth. Each forceful blast gagged her as the hot, salty semen hit the back of her throat.

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