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Family Worship

by Ahabscribe 12/15/12

The air was quickly filled with the scent of wet pussy and human sweat as well as the sounds of obscene slurping and that definitive sound of flash slapping against flesh as my hard thrusts were met by her frantic and determined thrusts backwards of her own. "Jesus, Mom. You can really suck cock!"

Gwen replied with a muffled and appreciative groan and continued to suck her son's erect penis while reaching up to undo and wrestle her son's jeans down to his knees. Forced to release her hold on Kent's cock for a moment to get it clear of his pants and briefs, she let it slip from her lips to bob in the cool air of the basement, dripping with her saliva while gasping, "Mommy loves your cock, baby!" Then she was taking him deep into her mouth again while her hands cupped her teenaged son's ass cheeks, driving him into her mouth with more force -- a hint Kent quickly divined as he began to fuck Gwen's mouth with unbridled enthusiasm. Once he had his rhythm going, her hands slipped back around and began to caress her child's large and heavy balls.

The sheer lewd beauty of this situation began to overwhelm me and I felt the pressure to cum building within me, compounded by already being on edge from masturbating over Gwen's naked body just a few minutes before. My hot seed began to boil out of my testicles as I cried out, "Oh, jeezus, Mrs. Walker! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum inside you!"

My words seemed to galvanize Kent's mom as she seemed to coil and explode, hunching forward frantically and turning, forcing my cock to slip out of her tight, grasping pussy while letting Kent's erection slide from her mouth with a noisy pop! Gwen continued to turn around and she looked up at me with panic or maybe frustrated denial. She reached out to take my cock in hand, her fingers becoming slippery on the thick coating of her cunt cream that covered my erect penis. "Cum on my face, John! Spray your hot seed on my face." There was a brief shadow of embarrassment on her face, maybe from asking me to perform such an obscene and exciting act or maybe a foreshadowing of her next words. "I want...need my son to be the first to cum in my pussy!"

Gwen looked back over her shoulder at her son, his spit covered member waving angrily in the air. In a voice frantic with need, she sobbed, "Put your penis in me, son! F-fuck me, Kent! Fuck your mother now!"

Kent's mother hiked her ass up into the air, wiggling it lewdly as an offering for her son. Kent eyed her open and wet pussy with an expression of wonder and slowly edged towards her. He glanced up at me as his mother stroked my cock and said in an unsure voice. "Man...Mom, I've never..."

As I felt my cum began to erupt from my cock, I couldn't help but laugh as it suddenly hit me that Kent...the bad boy preacher's kid who'd honestly earned his reputation as a hellion had never fucked a woman before. "Between groans and gasps as my climax exploded, I managed to wheeze, "Mrs. Walker...your son is a virgin! You're going to get Kent's cherry!"

Gwen had a sudden look of astonishment on her face that was quickly gone as my hot semen began to spray on her face, splattering across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, before scoring a bulls-eye on her open mouth. Her eyes almost rolled back in her head and she stiffened up and I think had an orgasm just thinking of being her son's first lover. With my hot spunk dripping off her face, she looked back at Kent and beckoned him to her, wailing, "OHHHH YES! FUCK ME, KENT! FUCK MOMMY! PUT THAT BIG THING IN MOMMY RIGHT NOW!"

Suddenly on the verge of tears, Kent sobbed, "Yes, Mom...I love you so much!" and he moved up to her and thrust his cock into his mother for the first time. He moaned as his mother screamed, her body stiffening up as if she was being electrocuted. Her back arched and she threw her head back as she became the perfect vision of a woman having the greatest orgasm of her life. Her eyes glazed over as her face began to almost glow with pure ecstasy that went beyond simple orgasm.

Instinctively, I intuited that this was because of who they were. Mrs. Walker...Gwen was now far beyond a lonely and horny woman yielding to her most carnal desires. She was now in the grasp of incestuous ecstasy, surrendering to the unsuspected intensity that maybe only a mother and son fucking could ever experience. It was the most glorious thing I had ever witnessed.

Before she was lost in her incestuous abandon, I stroked the last few spurts of semen from my cock, smearing them across her sperm smeared lips. I fell back onto my butt, ignoring the cold concrete floor, content with watching the lewd spectacle of watching a mother and son fucking. Kent pummeled his mother's pussy with his hard on, his facial expression locked into one of fierce pleasure and determination. Gwen struggled to raise her head and turn to look back at her son, but pleasure seemed to overwhelm her again and again and she would hang her head or look at me sprawled before her, her eyes filled with love and gratitude and lust.

As one orgasm ebbed and before another could take her, Gwen groaned and dropped her face into my lap, her mouth finding my still mostly erect cock and licking sperm and pussy juice off my penis. With each hard thrust of her son's cock, she grunted with pleasure around my member, her tongue doing wonderful things to my dick

Finally having licked my cock clean, Gwen gave it one last playful lick and sobbed, "Oh Lord...Kent, I love your cock! Never stop fucking your mother, you sinful boy!"

Kent let out a laugh and replied in a voice tinged with strain, "Never, Mom! I want to spend the rest of my life with my dick in your tight pussy, Mom!" As he continued to thrust into her, it became obvious that Kent was going to give his mother the fuck of her life. Having already cummed once, he appeared ready and able to fuck his mother indefinitely. Every few minutes her nipples would seem to swell to the point of bursting and she would wail from the intense pleasure of ever stronger orgasms, once biting her lower lip so hard as she came that it bled.

Finally, her knees aching from the concrete floor, she pushed Kent back, but immediately rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide even as she held out her arms to her son. "Fuck me, Kent...give Mommy what she needs...give me that hard DICK!" Her voice rose and quavered, the naughty words rolling off her tongue with a tone that betrayed her unfamiliarity with them.

Kent obliged her and with his dick glistening with the slick and thick lubrication of his mother's cunt, wordlessly fell between Gwen's thighs and allowed his mother to guide his angry cock back into her pussy. Once her son's cock was completely buried in her pussy, she wrapped her trembling arms and legs around him, tightly holding on to her child in a carnal embrace. Sweat poured off their body as their crotches slammed together again and again before slowly separating and then slamming roughly into each other once more. Kent and Gwen's eyes were locked onto each other and I realized that their world had shrunk to only themselves. As mother and son fucked, even though I was scant inches away from their coupling bodies, I might as well have been on another planet.

I lost track of time, mesmerized by their ardent, passionate motherfucking. Gwen's moans became more shrill and I sensed that she was about to have the mother of all orgasms. Kent's face darkened, then twisted with almost agonizing pleasure as he roared, "Cumming, Mom! I'm cumming in my mom! Love...oh, Jesus, I love you, Mom!"

Instinctively, I think he was preparing to pull out, but just as his balls began to jerk in the act of ejaculation, Gwen tightened her grip on her son and her lovely contralto voice that I had heard beautifully singing so many gospel songs, escalated into a pure, clear note of pleasure as her orgasm exploded, fueled by the sensation of her son filling her mature womb with fiery semen!

They rocked together in the throes of incestuous climax for long minutes and even after they collapsed into a gasping, quivering mass of embracing flesh, it was many minutes before either of them were capable of any kind of speech. Gwen did nothing but cry for nearly half an hour after that and I imagine that Kent and I would have been very distressed by our actions save that his mother's few garbled words between sobs allayed our fears.

I did my best to follow the comments that came from her sperm smeared lips, Love...sweet terrible and wonderful sin...incest-love...son...forever." The gist of her babbling seemed to be that while her mind was blown from having been fucked by her son, in those sweet and terribly erotic minutes of incestuous passion, Gwen had fallen head over heals in love with her son and was addicted to being fucked by such young and eager men.

After moving to the couch, Gwen sat naked between us, her hands constantly caressing each of us while she talked of her passionless marriage to Kent's father. It seemed that even before their son's birth, Reverend Walker had found sex a rather distasteful duty that was to be carried out as rarely as possible. She talked achingly of years of suppressing her own needs and desire and feeling for so long and how having finally experienced what loving with abandon offered, she was barely able to comprehend how she felt, understanding only that she could never return to such a soulless life.

Even as she spoke, Gwen was barely able to focus on anything but her son. Her hands eventually found their way to Kent's crotch, caressing it until it began to harden again and then after giving me a soulful kiss that had my cock throbbing again, Gwen began to kiss her son and they became lost in each other until finally, he was laying her back on the couch and climbing between her legs and as she moaned happily, thrust himself deep into his mother's womb. It was exciting to watch, but I also began to feel as if I was intruding on a deeply intimate moment. I dressed and quietly slipped out through the outside exit.

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