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Lyn is compelled, then expelled.

Submitted by Vandemonium1  04/29/16

Corporate Mergers Pt. 05

Jessica being used by all.

Submitted by barkirk  04/29/16

Living With Lust Ch. 04

The journey continues.

Submitted by vangelsdorp  04/29/16

Cheating Bastard

A group of women want justice for their friend.

Submitted by javmor79  04/29/16

The Traject

For every action and so on...

Submitted by aka_Mike  04/29/16


How does a couple deal with infidelity?

Submitted by bb1212  04/29/16

Random Loving Wives Stories

Preparation to Seduction Ch. 02

Wife prepares to seduce friend.

Submitted by wcuddyf  09/12/06

The Wager

They lost a bet and Emily has to pay up for 24 hours.

Submitted by HGriffin  03/19/13

Struggling to Survive Pt. 01

Financial problems threaten a couple's relationship.

Submitted by javmor79  03/15/16

Wife Secretly Fucks Her Son's Friend Ch. 02

Wife takes fucking sons friends to a new height!

Submitted by SLICKHEAD  12/25/11

Adam's Journey Pt. 05

Adam's lady needs more than he can give.

Submitted by stormdog  04/06/09

Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 02

Scott finally gets what he wanted.

Submitted by MiandEv2007  11/28/13

Our Wonderful Threesome

Seven years to find Mr Right.

Submitted by dave110256  03/02/11

A Stumbling Marriage Pt. 05

And now the end is near.

Submitted by AliHomeygrass  07/23/15

Allan Sells Arta

Allan sells Arta to a stranger.

Submitted by bravo  02/07/02

Sunshine's Realization

Husband watches wife's performance in a porn movie.

Submitted by masterfeedlarry  11/18/09

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Loving Wives Hall of Fame

The Last Chimes of Fall

While suffering a heart attack, Brent remembers his 3 loves.

Submitted by laptopwriter  06/11/14

The Old Man and the Sea

March or Die.

Submitted by dtiverson  06/05/15

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 06

Welcome back, Gwen and Hardy.

Submitted by qhml1  10/11/12

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 05

Will the real Hardy Wilkes please stand up?

Submitted by qhml1  10/08/12

Limbo Ch. 02

The frightful state between holding on and letting go.

Submitted by LaRascasse  01/12/15


Sometimes love adds up.

Submitted by oshaw  02/25/14

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