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Working Late

A man working late gets a visit from his wife.

Submitted by Linus1416  02/19/17

The Helpful Husband Ch. 01

The story of my first time sharing my beautiful wife.

Submitted by GruntLeg  02/19/17

High School Reunion

Wife coming out of her shell at a high school reunion.

Submitted by ussnemitz  02/18/17

Beautiful in Red Lingerie-Ext. Ver.

Every desire satisfied.

Submitted by L0tsaluck  02/18/17

Why are You Trying so Hard? Ch. 03

Can Steve have his happily ever after?

Submitted by bobbythree  02/18/17

My Wife is Finally Fulfilled

Holiday fulfilment of my wife and we got to this point.

Submitted by swalk  02/17/17

Random Loving Wives Stories

Circling the Drain

The end of a marriage from the cheating wife's viewpoint.

Submitted by StangStar06  12/23/10

What Were We Thinking?

Husband & wife seduce a coed soliciting for charity.

Submitted by Max_Maxwell  06/17/01

Sissy Cuckold & The Old Bull Ch. 01

Husband watches wife get impregnated by old bull.

Submitted by DirtyDaddyHunter  12/11/12

First Unfaithful Act

My first venture down the path of infidelity.

Submitted by FillLindaUp  11/17/14

TORN Repairing The Damage Ch. 02

Final part of Jim and Erica's story.

Submitted by artykay63  10/07/13

Claim It!

You can't claim what you don't own.

Submitted by JLRemora2  11/25/14

Choices Ch. 02

We have to live with the choices that we make.

Submitted by Iread2relax  10/13/12

Thanks for the Roses!

Debra rewards her husband for a sweet gift.

Submitted by lovecraft68  01/24/14

The Cheating Game 04

Cheating wife, loving husband, cheating husband?

Submitted by jonthechaosman  03/16/14

Something Out of the Ordinary

A cheating wife and a surprised husband.

Submitted by Katmai  10/21/11

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Loving Wives Hall of Fame

The Last Chimes of Fall

While suffering a heart attack, Brent remembers his 3 loves.

Submitted by laptopwriter  06/11/14

S7: Jihad

The shadows of death.

Submitted by qhml1  10/25/16

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 06

Welcome back, Gwen and Hardy.

Submitted by qhml1  10/11/12


Sometimes love adds up.

Submitted by oshaw  02/25/14


Love hurts.

Submitted by oshaw  05/31/14

The Bar and Grill Pt. 04

Tim finally gets his shit together. Pretty much.

Submitted by Rehnquist  10/09/10

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