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Gesus Ralph

Did he have it all wrong?

Submitted by Mainefiddleheads  09/03/15

Hot Ride

It's hard to be invisible when you drive a muscle car.

Submitted by Magicidan  09/03/15

Know Thy Self, know Thy Enemy

Her actions changed him and not for the better.

Submitted by TCct  09/03/15

Dark Castle Ch. 01

A visit to Dark Castle.

Submitted by Midnightstories2015  09/03/15

On the Road Again

Man meets friendly couple in hotel bar.

Submitted by oldmanriver1  09/03/15

Kristi's Story

Desperate wife, dire situation, drastic solution.

Submitted by Judogeezer  09/03/15

Random Loving Wives Stories

Quench the Deepest Thirst

A truly sensuous encounter described by husband and wife.

Submitted by Nimrod9  12/19/11

I Need To Know

Husband needs to know why wife is killed in accident.

Submitted by DG Hear  05/28/06

I Just Had to Have Heidi Ch. 02

On the eve of her Wedding her Ex shows up.

Submitted by amann52  07/25/10

Fun with a Friend's Wife

Having fun with a friend's wife, unknown to her.

Submitted by phfan  08/31/11

Health Club

Everyone needs exercise.

Submitted by Omega12  01/02/14

Home Movie Has Added Benefits

Payback brings added benefits.

Submitted by midgalbj  05/13/13

Law of the Heart Ch. 03

Lawyer couple attend a party.

Submitted by Headhuntertales  05/15/05

The EMT Ch. 11

Suzanne's adventure continues (at last).

Submitted by absoluterotter  02/07/10

Faithfulness in Fargo

Can a pussy hound reform?

Submitted by MarvinS  02/03/12

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 06

Carmen learns from Jaosn what real lust is really like.

Submitted by bonnietaylor  06/28/09

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Loving Wives Hall of Fame

The Old Man and the Sea

March or Die.

Submitted by dtiverson  06/05/15

The Last Chimes of Fall

While suffering a heart attack, Brent remembers his 3 loves.

Submitted by laptopwriter  06/11/14

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 06

Welcome back, Gwen and Hardy.

Submitted by qhml1  10/11/12

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 05

Will the real Hardy Wilkes please stand up?

Submitted by qhml1  10/08/12

Limbo Ch. 02

The frightful state between holding on and letting go.

Submitted by LaRascasse  01/12/15


Sometimes love adds up.

Submitted by oshaw  02/25/14

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