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"Forever in My Heart" Pt. 03

The story continues...

Submitted by carvohi  05/29/17

Q Without U

The wife and her lover want no consequences.

Submitted by JimBob44  05/29/17

Reunion (the Horror)

Husband wonders what went wrong.

Submitted by BillandKate  05/27/17

Six Degrees Pt. 02

A tale of extra-marital affairs.

Submitted by Jazz_E_too  05/27/17

Twist of the Knife!

A loving couple's eventual fall into madness!

Submitted by hubby77  05/27/17

Next Time

Dinner with the neighbor that leads to so much more...

Submitted by myprivateoutlet  05/27/17

Random Loving Wives Stories

Our First Threesome

The story of our first threesome.

Submitted by RyDub  07/21/13

Life After We Pt. 05

Mike and Jen try to find closure.

Submitted by xleglover  11/17/14

Becoming a Slut Wife Rachel

Hubby wouldn't take care of business.

Submitted by Just Plain Bob  09/29/09


Ever present reminder of other men.

Submitted by steelring  02/17/16

Playing with Bad Boys

The danger is great but the attraction is irresistible.

Submitted by FrancisMacomber  12/12/13

The Casino Weekend

Couple goes to casino resort for holiday weekend.

Submitted by Survivor  06/02/02

Love Rekindled Ch. 02

More of love (and lust too)!

Submitted by VVandana  04/09/14

Showing Off For Chas & Georgie

Couple has threesome in front of friends.

Submitted by marriedpervs  06/28/04

I'm Loving It Ch. 03

Aurora cuckolds Steve.

Submitted by Silkess  07/31/16

Mergers & Acquisitions: My End

Author's sequel to 'Mergers & Acquisitions' by usaftnt.

Submitted by The Erotic Avenger  08/30/03

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Loving Wives Hall of Fame

Nothing as Sexy as a Man in a Skirt Pt. 03

Part 3, The rhythm of my heart.

Submitted by qhml1  03/17/17

S7: Holy War

Sequel to Mr and Mrs America, Aftermath.

Submitted by qhml1  07/29/16

S7: Jihad

The shadows of death.

Submitted by qhml1  10/25/16

The Last Chimes of Fall

While suffering a heart attack, Brent remembers his 3 loves.

Submitted by laptopwriter  06/11/14

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 06

Welcome back, Gwen and Hardy.

Submitted by qhml1  10/11/12

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 05

Will the real Hardy Wilkes please stand up?

Submitted by qhml1  10/08/12

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